First published: March 2007 | Hate the name, love the trend. TRYSUMERS are transient, experienced consumers who are becoming more daring in how and what they consume, thanks to a wide range of societal and technological changes. Here’s our stab at defining the phenomenon:

TRYSUMERS: “Freed from the shackles of convention and scarcity, immune to most advertising, and enjoying full access to information, reviews, and navigation, experienced consumers are trying out new appliances, new services, new flavors, new authors, new destinations, new artists, new outfits, new relationships, new *anything* with post mass-market gusto.”

To get you going, here’s a list of observations on what's encouraging a growing number of consumers to morph into TRYSUMERS:


Here’s a list of (mostly recent) TRYVERTISING spottings that deserve attention if not copying, er….creative replication:

The list of TRYSUMER observations goes on:

So... Not every consumer is going to be a TRYSUMER. And not every TRYSUMER will be trying out new things all of the time. The inevitable counter trend (in this case: choice fatigue and lack of time) will see to that. But it's a safe bet that more consumers will venture off the beaten track in 2007, in 2008, in 2009 and beyond.

Which creates excellent opportunities for niche-players and nimble Big Brands to introduce more daring and more unusual goods, services and experiences.

Or to initiate more TRYVERTISING campaigns. (By the way, who's going to set up the first dedicated TRYVERTISING agency?)

Or to figure out which other product categories lend themselves to new-style rental concepts.

Or to introduce virtual versions of real-world products for avatars to try out.

Or to dive into the still wide-open market for intelligent review sites, opinion and rating sites. Surely books and hotels aren't the only products worth reviewing on a mass scale?

Time to try out some new brainstorming techniques and get going?