Need some hands-on inspiration? This briefing covers 67 promising 'on trend' innovations, as spotted by our sister company Springwise. Check out innovations number 56 to 67 below:


It’s easier than ever for consumers to reveal their purchasing intentions (in exchange for bids and offers from eager suitors). Here are some fresh examples:

56. [Russian] Website encourages shoppers to preorder new gadgets

E-commerce | Preorder.It is a website based out of Saint Petersburg that allows customers to preorder the latest devices in advance, before official sale starts. Consumers can browse through company press releases or search products by brand or category to locate whatever soon-to-be released device they want, and register their interest with the merchant. Merchants then peruse the unbinding preorders left by customers and send them offers. Preorder.It sends a notification email the moment a device of interest is available for purchase, giving site users early access to online bargains. More »

57. [UK] Travel agents bid on consumers’ dream trips

Travel & Transport | OfferMeaTrip (still in development) aims to provide a service in which consumers dictate what they want from a trip and agents bid for their business. Users of London-based OfferMeaTrip will begin by telling the service what kind of trip they'd like to take and how much they want to spend. The company's network of approved travel agents will then choose to make offers on a corresponding trip, which are presented in personalized online holiday brochures. The consumer in question then chooses the offer that's most appealing to them. More »


As the online world plays an ever-larger role in consumers’ lives, we are seeing more and more 'online' and digital manifestations in the offline world. We featured plenty of examples in our OFF = ON briefing, and they keep coming:

58. [UK] Leasing agency helps tenants connect, online and off

Social Media | UK-based Yourshack offers leasing and house-share services with a focus on community socialization. Yourshack aims to help people in its community find the right property, give them the option to share, and offer the chance to join a vibrant social scene in and around Manchester. The company’s social efforts include a free social membership program for clients, city discounts, a regular events guide and a rapidly growing Facebook group. More »

59. [US] Paying offline for virtual purchases

Financial Services | Kwedit offers a payment service in the United States that enables consumers over the age of 13 to make cash payments for their online purchases at participating offline retail stores. Kwedit issues users with a “Kwedit Score” which measures how reliably they pay when using Kwedit. The company takes a small percentage of each transaction, as do participating retailers, which include 7-Eleven. More »

60. [French] Limited-edition, gadget-friendly jeans

Fashion | French WTFjeans are designed specifically with gadget fans in mind. iPods, iPhones, USB sticks and more can all be accommodated in the jeans, which feature “Twitter bloo” stitching and microfiber lining for extra gadget protection. Along with the mobile-device compartments, there's a special USB stick pocket on the front of the pants, which are sold in men's sizes. WTF plans to make only 1,000 pairs and it's conducting all its promotion through online social media. More »


Serving well-established demographics, ethnograpics and other 'graphics' (and their well-documented desires) in novel ways is an endless source of innovation. In fact, if your next trend brainstorm fails to produce a few smart new products for kids, lads gays, and so on, then you might as well stop reading now: you will sadly never be a trend innovator ;-) It just doesn’t come easier than this. A few spottings:

61. [Taiwan] Color ebook reader for kids

Publishing | The Story Book inColor lets kids enjoy a variety of illustrated audio stories without the risks or distractions of an internet connection. With a book-like form factor including fold-back cover, Story Book inColor comes preloaded with 20 built-in stories including both illustrations and narration. More stories for Story Book inColor are also available on AIPTEK's site, including English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese contents as well as motion formats. More »

62. [Canadian] Toy rental service targets businesses with waiting rooms

Toys | Lucky Duck Toy Box provides a wide assortment of toys for rental aimed at kids aged newborn through five years old. Parents or grandparents simply choose a subscription plan and pick out which toys they'd like to start with. Lucky Duck then delivers those, and a month later customers login once more to choose their next set. More »

63. [Dutch] Philips introduces iron for men

Domestic Care | Dutch electronics giant Philips has created a clothes iron for men. The company felt that men wanted a more robust, heavy-duty tool to tackle hampers of laundry, something with a larger grip and a more masculine look. The result is the GC4490, which offers 'more power, more steam, more performance' and is sold in a solid case, retailing for EUR 79,99. More »

64. [US] Masculine cupcakes for men

Food & Beverage | New York’s Butch Bakery offers cupcakes for men, aiming to be the place where "butch meets buttercream". Butch Bakery's cupcakes are specially crafted confections designed specifically for a man's palate. Varieties include a Rum & Coke version, the ‘Beer Run’, and the ‘Jackhammer’, while designs include woodland camo, wood grain, houndstooth, plaid, checkerboard and marble. More »

65. [US] Subscription service for men’s clothes

Fashion | Manpacks offers Men's undergarments, including socks, T-shirts and underwear, available for delivery every three months. Consumers can choose one of four subscription packages. The JustSocks package, for instance, provides three pairs of socks every three months for USD 7 per shipment, while the MachoPack includes three shirts, three pairs of underwear and three pairs of socks every three months for USD 33 per shipment. More »

66. [Indian] Indian courier service hires only deaf workers

Shipping | Indian Mirakle Couriers is a service provider that hires only deaf workers, offering a pickup and delivery service in Mumbai. The company puts a heavy emphasis on the training of employees—right down to the finer points of professional grooming. Its client list includes Johnson Controls, Bain Capital and the Indian Hotels Company, among many others. More »


67. [US] Wedding mag for same-sex couples

Publishing | Online publication Equally Wed gives gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender couples inspiration, ideas and trends for planning their engagements, weddings and honeymoons. Features include articles and photo galleries spotlighting real weddings of GLBT couples, engagement ideas, a Q&A section, and a section on honeymoon destinations. A community forum lets readers interact, while a vetted marketplace features gay-friendly wedding vendors throughout the US. More »


Schumpeter's creative destruction truly is upon us!

To beat you over the head with it one more time: besides making sure you're forever fine-tuning your basics, you also  have to continuously innovate, by anticipating emerging consumer trends. This briefing has tried to provide you with examples of brands already practicing what the gurus are preaching.

The both scary and celebratory part? Wherever you live, whatever it is you do, you have absolutely no excuse to be unaware of innovations originating in Australia, in the Netherlands, in the US, in Argentina, in Turkey, in Singapore, in South Africa ... It’s all out there, reported 24/7 by numerous sources dedicated to trends and new business ideas.

So, get into gear and good luck! And once you've joined the 'insanity', be sure to let us or Springwise know about your innovative new products and services :-)