Following the US melting pot, many Western European nations are rapidly (and quite successfully) becoming more multicultural, with countries like Germany, The Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Sweden and the UK now boasting populations that are 10% or more foreign born.

Within Europe, many of these 'immigrants' are from other EU states, but asylum policies, former colonial ties and migration laws for skilled labor contribute to multi-ethnic societies which are starting to resemble the vibrant make-up of the world in general.

Which isn't to say that these 'new' citizens have forgotten where they or their ancestors came from: ties with the motherland are closer than ever. In fact, any excuse to visit their country of origin is welcomed by these HOME TROTTERS. Vast groups of immigrants now travel back and forth between their old and new homelands, opening up many opportunities for travel and telco industries.

Fueling the HOME TROTTING phenomenon:
-- Immigration is here to stay, with various countries taking turns in attracting large flows of immigrants. (For example: the Indian government estimates the number of Indians living outside of India at 20 million+, and there are 300,000 Aussies living in the UK alone!)
-- Air travel has become much more affordable, with a slew of competing low cost carriers and charters making every corner of the earth accessible and affordable to get to.
-- Frantic email traffic, an enormous fall in telephone costs, and an overwhelming number of satellite 'domestic' TV channels and websites make it possible to maintain almost real-time relationships with people back home, encouraging the need to eventually see each other face to face.

TRENDWATCHING.COM foresees increased surges in HOME TROTTING coinciding with dozens of national and public holidays around the world, from the 4th of July to the start of the Chinese New Year (during this year's Spring Festival, more than 2 billion family trips were made within China, and scores of the 55 million Chinese overseas joined in, clogging airports and railroads).

So whether you're in transportation, telco, accommodation or theme/diversity marketing, this is one trend you don't want to miss out on!
Note: another cool opportunity for governments: manage your 'Diasporas' as community representatives in major trading nations across the world. India has already taken the lead. More on this in DIASPORA MANAGEMENT.


SEPTEMBER 2003 | It's now official: London is the world's premier HOME TROTTING capital! The Economist reports that, as a proportion of its population, AND in absolute numbers, London now attracts more foreigners settling down temporarily or permanently than New York or Los Angeles. The city is such a cosmopolitan mix -- from the 100,000 Russians to the 300,000 Australians who call London their home -- and geographically better positioned for 'coming and going' than for example New York, that London resembles a giant beehive, with low-cost airlines, ferries and 'chunnel' trains shuttling back and forth HOME TROTTERS like there is no tomorrow.

Madness? True, property prices continue to rise into the stratosphere, public transport is screeching to a halt, and the West End and City districts rank number one and two on the list of the world's most expensive office locations. But with 67% of all new immigrants coming from high-income countries, there's still enough money going around to fund multiple trips a year (if not monthly ones) to the home country.

A global bonanza for anyone in transportation, telco, travel, accommodation... Or real estate, as the 'native locals' increasingly cash in on their sky-high valued property and move to smaller towns in the region. And let's not forget IMMI-MERCE: Russians feeling homesick will want their pickled herring and Georgian wines, and Aussies will surf to 'In London' to get their community-fix (and their Australian beer).

'Cool Britannia' may have lost a bit of its shine, and the city's hustle and bustle may not appeal to lovers of NATIONS*LITE*, but London is still the city to watch if you want a glimpse of the HOME TROTTING future!
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