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For consumers, securing the best deals is fast becoming a way of life, if not a source of pride and status.

Image courtesy of thinkcvox

Deal hunting has become an integral part of daily life for millions of consumers. Yes, there are many new and innovative ways in which brands are using promotions and offers, but consumer attitudes to discounts and deals are what’s really changing.

Obviously, consumers have always loved getting good deals or exclusive rewards, but rather than having to hide one’s haggling, securing the best deal is now accepted, if not admired by one’s fellow consumers. In fact, it's now about more than just saving money: it’s the thrill, the pursuit, the control, and the perceived smartness, and thus a source of status too. Just three reasons why DEALER-CHIC is set to get bigger and bigger in 2012:

  • MORE FOR LESS: While many people in developed economies may have less money to spend right now, consumers everywhere will forever look to experience more.
  • THE MEDIUM IS THE MOTIVATION: Consumers are now being alerted to, using, reusing and sharing offers and deals via new (and therefore infinitely more exciting and attractive) technologies.
  • BEST OF THE BEST: With instant mobile or online access to not only deals but reviews as well, consumers can now be confident they’re getting the best price for the best product or service.

And next? An even bigger 'deal ecosystem', more personalization, more loyalty schemes, more pressure on brands to deliver deal-immune brilliance as an integral part of everything they sell and promote. Some examples:

  • Notikum is a real-time, location-based app for Singaporeans which enables users to find deals near them, organized into categories of "Shop", "Eat" and "Play".

  • Brazilian Daitan (a dealership selling used Honda cars) gave customers the opportunity to propose prices for cars on a "Faça sua Oferta" ("Make your offer") page.
  • American Express Link-Like-Love social commerce program gives AMEX cardholders relevant deals and experiences based on their likes, interests and social connections on Facebook.

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