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“Brands’ wishes will be consumers’ command.”

Expect to witness a daring change in the relationship between ambitious, responsible brands and their customers in 2013. Switched-on brands that are embarking on the much-needed journey towards a more sustainable and socially-responsible future will demand that their customers also contribute, and in doing so earn the respect of even the most hyper-demanding of consumers.

But consumers aren’t going to put themselves out for brands unless they truly believe in the bigger vision. So, in positioning yourself as a DEMANDING BRAND, make sure you’re 100% transparent and sincere. Otherwise, it’s time to stick to being a SERVILE BRAND ;-)

One more thought for DEMANDING BRANDS in 2013: it’s one thing being temporarily demanding as a stunt to grab consumers’ attention, but quite another to make meaningful demands on an ongoing basis. Hey, no one said it was going to be easy.

Here are just two blood donation-related examples to get you thinking, but keep an eye out for a dedicated, full Trend Briefing on DEMANDING BRANDS in Q1 of 2013.

Vitoria: Give blood to restore football kit colors

To promote its charitable blood donation campaign, Brazilian soccer club Vitoria unveiled new player uniforms in July 2012. Although the team’s shirts are usually red and black, the soccer uniform was released in white and black stripes, with fans all over Brazil encouraged to donate blood to restore the shirts to their regular colors. Over the 2012/2013 soccer season the four white stripes will return to red one at a time, as the Brazilian blood bank achieves key blood donation target levels.

Tata Docomo: The Bloodline Club

On a related note: Tata Docomo now runs 'The Bloodline Club', a blood donor social network to participants from around the world. Upon registering, users give their blood type. In an emergency, members contact Tata Docomo on Facebook and the brand will send the appeal to suitable members.