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“Why consumers want ‘good’ data not ‘big’ data.”

If data is the new resource, expect consumers in 2013 to start demanding their share of its value.

To date, the ‘big data’ discussion has focused on the value of customer data to businesses. Now, increasingly savvy consumers will start to reverse the flow: seeking to own and make the most of their lifestyle data, and turning to brands that use this data to proactively offer customers help and advice on how to improve their behavior and/ or save money.

Of course, this is nothing new in the world of entertainment (think film recommendations and re-read our TWINSUMER Trend Briefing from 2005 ;-) but in 2013 expect even 'mundane' industries to start taking consumers' data and making it useful.

A word of warning: brands will have to walk a fine line between offering consumers a valuable (and ideally seamless) service, and freaking them out with aggressive if not downright scary 'services'. Yes, consumers want to feel served to, but they don't like to be watched.

Movenbank: CRED score rewards savers

Movenbank launched in October 2012 with the aim of creating a financial services platform that encourages customers to improve their financial behavior, and rewards them for doing so. The service is based on a user’s CRED score, which is boosted by managing spending and saving, as well as by 'social influence'. Customers with higher CRED scores can benefit from reduced fees and access additional products.

Cignifi: Credit scores from mobile usage data

Cignifi is a US firm that has developed analytics technology which uses mobile usage patterns – calls, messages and top-ups – to assess someone’s lifestyle and subsequent credit risk profile. The service recently completed a pilot in Brazil, and is now targeting the 100 million people that make up Brazil’s emerging middle class; who currently have limited access to financial services products due to their lack of traditional credit data.

Kroger: Personalized supermarket discounts

August 2012 saw US-based supermarket chain Kroger introduce a personalized discounts scheme, generating coupons based on shoppers’ loyalty card usage data. Kroger said that 70% of shoppers who received personalized coupons redeemed at least one of them.

Opower: Social app creates energy usage competition

Launched in April 2012, the Opower energy app is the result of a collaboration between Facebook, the Natural Resources Defense Council, energy information software maker Opower and 16 US based utility companies. Users can connect their energy account to the app, and see visualizations of their energy usage throughout the month. They are able to compare their usage to that of friends and other households in the US, and engage in competitions to reduce household energy waste.