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You will look at the world differently after reading this book. You will be able to anticipate what your customers will want next.

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  • “An important launchpad.”

    “The team at TrendWatching provides content and tools that capture shifts in consumer behavior. They give businesses an important launchpad to shape ideas, develop new business models, and offer unique value-propositions to customers.”

  • “Entertaining and pathologically precise.”

    “If you’re an innovator, designer, entrepreneur or in need of one, read this book [“Trend-Driven Innovation”]. It is entertaining and pathologically precise, and unveils a simple and elegant system for spotting early trends that may reshape our business, community and life.”

  • “This book I could not turn away.”

    “I normally never promote someone else’s book—but this book I could not turn away—the subject is so current and so relevant, and the writing so captivating. I finished it on one business trip. Read it.”

  • “Gives a well laid out plan.”

    “Love the book, as it's very strategic and gives a well laid out plan instead of a summary of previous trends that worked out well for the companies we all know :).”

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