• Transform your class
    into an instant innovation lab

The Key Benefits

  • Use our end-to-end methodology to turn your students into trend spotters.

  • Unpack trends, prototype innovations and cultivate entrepreneurship using our in-book tools.

  • Diversify your courses with curriculum that can shift the way your students see and relate to the world.

  • Create a better future—for yourself, your students, society and the planet.

Used By

Some recent love

  • “The swiftest way to get the answers.”

    “Some of the smartest thinking about the swiftest way to get the answers to what drives consumers in the hypercompetitive, hyperconnected era where the customer isn't just always right, they are ahead of the commercial producer almost ever time.”

  • “An enormous boost!!!”

    “Our Entrepreneurship bachelor students are charged with developing products, services, or campaigns that delight customers. Our students find this extremely difficult, and traditionally 80% of them come up with copycats, like umbrellas, pens or t-shirts. This year, we have incorporated TrendWatching’s Trend-Driven Innovation methodology into our startup curriculum, and the number of "me-too-products" has dropped to 40%. A staggering result. ”

  • “Gives them a competitive edge.”

    “Trend-Driven Innovation was the most actionable approach out of all the different methods I reviewed. It brings the students further in their capability to do innovative design work, and thus gives them a competitive edge. ”

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