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Trendwatching Insight Network’s spotters have provided first-hand insights surrounding the SAVING or SEIZING of local consumers’ attention – with 9 dispatches collated, from Warsaw to Wellington.

As you will see, THE FUTURE OF CX manifests itself differently all over the world.

One way to see how the game is changing? Look at the brands that are already innovating around the issue. And that’s where PULSE comes in.

seizing attention

Marina Machado

Trend Researcher


Mobile restaurant drives to vehicles stuck in traffic

McDonald’s in Brazil created a ‘drive-through mobile’ restaurant that approached vehicles in traffic. Drivers could order from the restaurant on wheels, which was part of the ‘Dia Drive’ campaign to remind Brazilians about the 400 McDonald’s drive-through locations across the country. The vehicles were driven around São Paulo for one day in May 2017.

Marina comments:

McDonald’s is a strong brand that, at its core, has built an intimate and emotional relationship with their customers. Anywhere in the world, McDonald’s is pretty much the same. This brings familiarity, makes you feel safe knowing the consistency of the product and reminds many of home. So, nothing is more effective than creating an experience where the brand will be even closer to you and accompany you in any situation, wherever you go.

Brazilian consumers are increasingly valuing experiences over tangible goods, making right now the ideal moment for this type of attention seizing initiative from McDonald’s.

seizing attention

Tamara Lucas

Digital Insights Consultant

The Conversationalist Agency


Bank’s short film invites discussion about the value of money

May 2017 saw Santander unveil Beyond Money: a campaign aimed at Spanish millennials disillusioned with banks. Promoting Santander’s 1|2|3 Smart Account (aimed at people aged 18 to 31), the campaign included a 17-minute film which takes place in the near future. In the film, the central character (played by Adriana Ugarte) sells her experiences for money, challenging the viewer to question what’s more valuable: money or experiences. According to Santander, the campaign resulted in the fastest sign-up rate in the bank’s 160-year history.

Tamara comments:

“ With this short movie, Santander aims to capture the attention of a young population in Spain who don’t trust the banks anymore. It challenges the viewer to question the real value of money, and seizes their attention to promote the new bank account offering – a more mobile bank experience for the people of Spain.

seizing attention

Darío Reyes Reina

Researcher and innovation consultant



Beer brand’s train transports festival-goers to music event

To transport festival-goers to March 2017’s Estéreo Picnic, alcohol brand Redd’s Colombia launched Redd’s Train. The train ran from the center of Bogota to the city outskirts, where the three-day festival is held, and was an attempt to help attendees avoid traffic jams and start the party before they arrived at the festival. The trip took 30 minutes; a one-way trip cost COP 40,000 (around USD 13).

Dario comments:

In Colombia, any time is a good time to celebrate and spread happiness! The Redd’s train helps festival visitors to not only reclaim lost time from the traditional traffic jams, but gives them the enjoyment of the music festival experience before they even arrive. It invites them to start the celebrations with their friends straight away.

saving attention

Emeka Obia

Strategy Manager

TBWA Lagos


Biometric banking app launched in Nigeria

In May 2017, Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank) unveiled GTWorld: a mobile banking app featuring biometric authentication. Via the app, users can access 90% of the Nigeria-based bank’s services, with the ‘Quick’ feature allowing them to make transactions without signing in. Other features include facial and fingerprint recognition. Small businesses can also access GAPS-Lite: a secure channel enabling them to make and receive payments.

Emeka comments:

The current rapid growth of smartphone penetration in Nigeria (estimated to reach 18 million by 2017, according to Statista) means an increased adoption of mobile solutions. However, security, convenience, efficiency and uncertainty still remain major concerns that keep Nigerian customers from adopting online services, especially mobile banking services. So, brands that demonstrate assurance for these concerns (especially security), and save customers time in the process, through improved innovations will continue to win the hearts of customers faster than competition.

saving attention

Alexey Lobanov

Creative Group Head

The Integer Group Moscow


App delivers gas on-demand

Launched in Moscow in September 2016, PUMP allows drivers to order gas on-demand. Via the app, users select a refuel time and location, and a mobile tanker is despatched. The payable amount is automatically deducted from the individual’s account. PUMP aims to solve the hassle of finding a gas station, a time-consuming process in a city that lacks filling stations.

Alexey comments:

On-demand services are still in demand and the global “Uberisation” continues, even in Moscow. The convenience of delivery is the biggest motivation for consumers to purchase online, and fuel is no exception. Pump brings a new type of attention-saving lifestyle experience to their customers, competing with common gas stations on price as well as service.”

saving attention

Natalia Drobniak

Strategic Planner

McCann Worldgroup


Smart bicycle bell alerts drivers to approaching cyclists

In April 2017, AXA Poland unveiled a Smartbell, which is designed to make city cycling less dangerous. When a cyclist rings the bell, the sound is transmitted via nearby car radios, amplifying the sound and alerting the driver to the cyclist’s presence. The bell also clips to the bike’s frame (under the seat), to function as a rear light, automatically flashing when the bell is rung.

Natalia comments:

There is not much harmony between cyclists and cars in Poland – both are busy and time-starved, so AXA provided one solution and gave them safety on demand. A solution that almost allows the cyclist to ‘outsource’ their safety. Smartbell helps both the cyclist and the car rider to communicate with each before a potential accident can occur.”

saving attention

F.Bervan Ince Saygi

Product Design Professional


In-app features speed up mobile banking

Q2 2017 saw Turkey’s Garanti Bank unveil a series of in-app initiatives designed to make mobile banking quicker and easier. The Warranty Pocket Keyboard feature allows Android app users to send money from any messaging or social media app. After selecting the Garanti keyboard icon, users enter the desired amount and enter their password. Money is then transferred to the contact. Other features include voice and eye recognition and QR code withdrawals, which allows customers to access money at an ATM without a bankcard.

Bervan comments:

Issues with security at ATMs has always been a big problem in the larger cities in Turkey. Garanti Bank’s new mobile banking experience uses eye-recognition and QR codes to allow for pin-free cash withdrawals at ATMs, protecting the customer from security problems like robberies and bank card fraud. Furthermore, the Bank implemented an easy money transfer system with an innovative keyboard and voice control features to facilitate the user experience.

saving attention

John Martin Brett

Management Consultant

New Zealand

HoloLens used to anticipate travelers’ needs


In May 2017, Air New Zealand and information technology service provider Dimension Data unveiled a concept project using the Microsoft HoloLens headset. In the accompanying video, Air New Zealand flight attendants use the HoloLens to identify passengers via facial recognition, quickly accessing details about their destination, allergies, and even the time since they got their last beverage. ‘Visual and audio cues’ allow flight attendants to detect the passenger’s mood (calm or anxious, for example) and tailor services to their specific needs.

John comments:

One of Air New Zealand goals is to integrate their product offerings – from physical interactions, mobile phone applications, to online services – to provide a seamless service delivery to their customers. No surprise, then, they keep getting named ‘Airline of the Year’. Their new experience, using Microsoft’s HoloLens’ facial recognition, helps aircrew understand their customers needs and match it to a service.

saving attention

Bela Schweiger

Self-employed entrepreneur


Mapping tool helps users find the shadiest walking routes

Launched in Japan in August 2016, inShade is a free app that helps users find the shadiest walking routes. To determine the route, the app’s algorithm combines the sun’s altitude with the individual’s location and the height of buildings to discern shadow lengths. inShade was developed for Japanese women who are known to avoid the sun to preserve their pale skin. At launch, inShade was available in 23 districts in Tokyo.

Bela comments:

“Japanese women have long been known to take extra care of their skin…avoiding exposure to sunshine whenever and wherever they can. Their quest to avoid all those harmful sun-rays now got so much easier with this new mapping and road planning application.”


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