As you know, attention is a rarified natural resource these days.

You’ve read the briefing, you’ve checked out regional take, now what? No more reading. It’s time to turn theory into action.

How? Max Luthy – author of The Future of Customer Experience – has created a CX-specific trend canvas for you to print out and plot the attention seizing and saving moments across your customer’s journey – from awareness to advocacy.

Once you’ve had a look, it’s over to you. The blank canvas – complete with instructions and an example version – is primed and ready for you and your team to ignite your own creative fires* and generate game-changing innovations of your own.

We’ve even created a handy two minute explainer video to ensure you get off to a flying start:

Download the Canvas here:

*Disclaimer: once printed onto paper, it will be flammable, so please keep away from naked flames 😉