The Future of Customer of Experience? We’re not done yet.

The second issue of TrendWatching Quarterly explores the perennial battle between saving customers’ time and seizing their attention. But you already knew that, right? 😉

As any future-focused professional will know, while the main article features 18 killer innovations to articulate the saving and the seizing, these examples only begin to paint the full picture.

So we’ve handpicked four more game changing examples to articulate each strand of customer experience even further. Dive in right here.

And finally…

It’s fair to say that almost all of the content we produce comes from the brains, mouths and fingertips of our analysts.

From each edition of  TrendWatching Quarterly, to the 80+ reports clients of our Premium service get throughout the year, to the keynotes and workshops delivered worldwide, the Content Team certainly know how to pump it out.

From Design and Development to Marketing and Client Success, our teams work round the clock to ensure our clients, readers and partners get the materials they need to succeed. Part of that means knowing our methodology inside out. And part of that means being able to spot an innovation when we see one.

So, analysts, take a step out of the limelight. It’s time for a whip round the world to see The Future of Customer Experience through the eyes of the teams behind the scenes. Check it out.

Next up: time to launch your own attention saving or seizing innovations! If you need a hand with that, or have any other questions, just let us know.