Changhong — Smartphone features molecular scanner

Where is the relentless drive towards transparency ultimately heading? If this innovation delivers on its promises, science fiction may soon become science fact…

Who are we to question a breathless product launch? Either way, we want the H2 cellphone – unveiled by Chinese mobile brand Changhong at CES in January 2017 – to be true. The phone claims to feature a molecular scanner enabling people discover the chemical composition of various objects and materials. Priced at USD 435, the device has a sensor which can be used to scan anything from food to cosmetics via near-infrared light. Once users have opened the appropriate app on their H2 and specified what they’re scanning, the device analyzes the material, sending the data to a cloud database before providing more information – such as calories or carbohydrates, for example. The feature can also be used to verify a drug’s authenticity or even generate body mass index data.