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Plans & pricing

  • Essential

    Self-service access for a single user




    Billed annually

  • Pro

    Enhanced team access & personalized onboarding




    Billed annually

What's included

  • Essential

  • Pro

    • Users
      Up to 5
  • Trends & insights

    • 2021 Trend Report
    • Trend Framework
    • Quarterly Industry Updates
    • Localized Reports
    • Innovations Database
    • Innovations Lab
  • Trend tools

    • Strategy & Ideation
    • Trend Mapper
    • Trend Fundamentals
    • Industry Heatmaps
  • Analyst assistance

    • Message an Analyst
    • Call an Analyst
      3 personal 1:1 calls
  • Customization & collaboration

    • Custom Alerts
    • Projects
      Up to 3
    • Shared Projects
  • Training

    • Academy: Purpose-Driven Innovation Online Course
    • The A-Z of what needs to be on your radar for 2021.

      Our unmissable guide to 2021 and beyond is packed with all the biggest innovation opportunities and critical trends shaping your customers' expectations. You'll receive it as an easy-to-read PDF and a ready-to-present PPT.

    • The trend landscape decoded.

      Your big-picture view of the slow moving “currents” shaping the future of business & consumerism in 2021 and beyond. Also included: Asia, Africa and South & Central America views on the Trend Framework.

    • Keep on top of the latest industry innovation.

      Receive quarterly reports on 16 key B2C sectors from Beauty to Food & Beverage, Retail to Financial Services and more. Featuring game-changing innovations and relevant key trends, these reports provide invaluable cross-industry insight (and yes, you get access to all 16 Industry Updates!).

    • Get a local deep dive.

      In addition to the global Trend Report, you’ll recieve reports exploring how the most relevant trends are playing out in Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Africa. Filled with rich insights and on-trend innovations, they’ll bring you up to speed on key developments in these markets!

    • Search 25,000+ trend-driven innovations from brands in 180+ countries.

      All innovations are indexed by type, industry, country and trend, bringing you instant best practice and hands-on inspiration.

    • Step into the Lab and see what’s under our microscope!

      Updated weekly, Innovations Lab allows you to monitor the latest, most exciting niches in your industry…. In total, 50 meaningful niche markets across 13+ industries are waiting to be explored, monitored and tapped into.

    • Move from trend thinking, to trend doing.

      Our online videos, proven step-by-step workshop manuals, and interactive tools will turn you into a successful trend-driven innovator!

    • Pin-point the trends most relevant to you.

      Use our easy-to-use tool to select your key areas of focus and connect them with relevant consumer trends. A simple, straight-forward way to instantly zero in on the trends which you need to be tracking.

    • Get started with consumer trends.

      Get a comprehensive overview of the basic human needs and drivers of change that underpin all of our trends. Understanding these elements will help you turn trends into opportunities!

    • Benchmark your strategy against your peers.

      Tap into the collective intelligence of the 4500+ professionals using our online platform. Our Industry HeatMaps aggregate user data to give you unique insights into the direction of an industry, and enable you to see at a glance how your strategy compares.

    • Get help. Fast.

      Got a question about TrendWatching’s methodology, the trend framework or need help navigating the platform? Use the online chat tool to message our analysts and get a reply with 24 hours.

    • Personalized guidance, when you need it.

      Up to three consultancy calls with TrendWatching’s experienced analysts are included. Use them to go deeper into the trends and insights, explore how they relate to your industry or talk through your trend challenges.

    • Receive relevant inspiration in your inbox.

      Save searches that match your criteria. Email notifications give you weekly digests of new content.

    • Work in projects.

      Save relevant trends & innovations to Project folders and download as PPT.

    • Collaboration made fast & simple.

      Collaborate on and share your trends and innovations projects with your colleagues.

    • Learn everything we know about watching and applying trends

      Across 5 modules of pre-recorded sessions designed to be completed at your own pace, Academy will teach you how to be a Purpose-Driven Innovator – condensing 10+ years of honing our end-to-end PDI trend methodology into one course

    Have a question?


    What's the difference between Essential and Pro plans?

    Both plans give access to the core content and tools in our Premium Service. The Essential plan is a self-service, single-user solution. The Pro plan is for those who want (part of) their team to also have access to the platform. It also offers more 1:1 analyst support.

    Can I subscribe to Essential and share the login with my team?

    No, our Essential account is for a single user licence only. If you'd like your team to have access, you can sign up to our multi-user Pro account which holds up to 5 total users.

    Can I have more than 5 users?

    Yes, absolutely, we'll be happy to provide you a quote for that. Many of our clients have larger teams signed up, sometimes even entire departments. Especially for agencies and consultancies, we also offer competitive agency-wide licences that reflect widespread, high-frequency usage of the service. Nation-wide or even globally.

    Can I pay monthly?

    No, our subscription is on an annual basis and thus billed annually.

    Can I pay by bank transfer?

    Yes, just click on 'Instant access' on your preferred account type above and select the option to pay by invoice instead of credit card. An invoice will be sent to you within 24 hours with details on the bank transfer.

    What if the service isn't for me?

    No worries, we offer a no-risk guarantee: if, after purchasing, you feel Premium is not for you after all, then just let us know within four weeks of your purchase and we will refund you in full.