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Nicole Wilson Narrative Strategist 20.20, United Kingdom
"Initial research, best practice docs, inspiration for my team – it’s all there in TW:Premium."
Juan Diego Peláez Planner Pérez Y Villa, Colombia
"We use all that the Premium Service offers to inspire our creative team and to open our clients’ minds."
Deniz Kalafat Uysal Chief Marketing Officer NN Hayat Emeklilik, Turkey
"Premium really comes into its own when I'm working on customer value propositions and preparing stimulus material for brainstorming sessions."
Yonca Misirlioglu Marketing Director NorthStar Innovation, Turkey
"I work in the innovation team and am responsible for keeping an eye on trends, insights and innovations. When building future scenarios and working on our innovation pipeline, TrendWatching provide a good perspective on what is going on in different categories and regions, and helps me understand how trends turn into products and initiatives."
Eva Marques Market & Customer Intelligence Manager NOS, Portugal
"With TW:Premium, I get excellent consumer context for projects and presentations."
Nicolas Rietsch Founder Obalys Consulting, France
"With TW:Premium, I can identify inspiring innovations that could enable me to design smart new business models."
Silvina Cormack Knowledge Manager Ogilvy & Mather, United States
"My favorite Premium features are the Monthly Snapshots and quarterly Industry Updates in PPT and PDF, helping my team’s regular research efforts."
Yoris Sebastien Founder & Creative Thinker OMG Consulting, Indonesia
"Having used the Premium Service for many years, we find the global Trend Report and Innovation Database very good at opening our views as a local consulting firm, while inspiring us to create something new that is relevant to the local market."
Greg Hobby Chief OutThinker OutThinking, Australia
"I love trendwatching.com - seriously, genuinely. A wonderful tool for research, for thought provocation, for developing both strategic and creative direction and for comfort in this fast-evolving, ever-changing world. I'll be renewing my Premium account in a heartbeat. "
Tamara Williams Founder Parker Williams, United Kingdom
"What TrendWatching provide is not only the science, the intellectualization of trends, but a way to ground our design intuition in reality. We think it important for our clients to know the source of our information and, with the Premium Service, we get that credibility."
Andrea Mejía Strategic Planning Director Pérez Y Villa, Colombia
"The main way we use the Premium Service, and especially the Trend Report, is for strategic planning. We offer this info as a part of our internal tools, and approach prospects with trends adapted for their industries. trendwatching.com is very useful to inspire the creative process and provide context and rationale for our presentations."
Stephie Knopel Founder Personal Heroes, Israel
"It wasn’t until we deeply analyzed the drivers of change using the Consumer Trend Canvas that we understood the fascinating nature of the 'kindness' space and the opportunity it gave us to engage with our corporate partners."
Gavin Emsden Consumer Insight, Dolce Gusto Nestlé, Switzerland
"The trends featured in the Premium Service give us a different and refreshing perspective on our consumers and the world we live in. It’s an intriguing and inspiring read each time that helps us to think outside our usual paradigms and challenges us to look at our brands and consumers in new and different ways"
Philippe Delecroix Co-founder PH6, France
"The Premium Service is where I go for personal inspiration and to open my mind to trends and ideas. The Monthly Updates are perfect for a burst of new insights and to take me outside of my day-to-day thinking."
Emilie Frank Account Executive Porter Novelli, United States
"I use TW:Premium when pursuing new business to see what the relevant trends are in the market of interest, to get a sense of the landscape and provoke brainstorm ideas for client-specific activations. I can also see what consumers are seeking from their brands and how we can use that information to help craft corporate narratives or consumer-facing initiatives for clients."
Marta Bosisio Brand Communication Specialist Praesidium, Italy
"Access to lots of great innovations and ideas – this is my favourite thing about the Premium Service! I use the quarterly Industry Updates and Monthly Updates for inspiration when working on new projects."
Ian Zelesko SVP, Strategy Director Publicis North America, United States
"Each month I use the Monthly Updates and quickly pull interesting examples to share with my internal teams and to delight clients."
Mandy van Tilborg Innovation Manager Rabobank, Netherlands
"Keeping an eye on trends is my job, so having access to TrendWatching's Premium Service is invaluable for me. The searchable Innovations Database has many innovation examples per trend that I can easily download to create my own PPT decks for presentations and workshops. I've also used the content to create our own internal trend report."
Sara Onur Head of Research Rapp, United Kingdom
"The Premium Service is my go to place whenever I’m looking for innovative ideas and inspiration. I love the vast amount of trends along with brand examples to back those trends up."
Stefan Swanepoel CEO RealSure, Inc., United States
"Premium’s variety of innovative and inspiring trends help me gain knowledge for my own consulting and speaking work."
David Lillewarg Senior Strategic Planner Rewir, Sweden
"The trends are simple to understand & explain to our clients, staff & department. It is super easy to find relevant content & PowerPoint slides are easy to insert into client presentations. I recommend your service to colleagues for 3 reasons: 1 – it’s money well spent (compared to quite a few of your competitors), 2 – the service is very user friendly & 3 – there's always new & relevant content to explore."
Lyle Goodis V.P. Marketing RioCan Management, Canada
"Your team does great work. I’ve told about 20 associates in various industries to get this service!"
Jamo Woo Chief Strategy Officer NIM Digital, China
"The Premium Service has saved us lots of time - and our clients money too! To a local agency like NIM Digital, it’s reliable marketing intelligence for the global spectrum with local relevance. "
Carolyn Childs Director MyTravelResearch.com, Australia
"I include your innovation examples in my presentations – people say it really brings them alive! To borrow a phrase from Isaac Newton, 'If I have seen further, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants'. Thanks for being one of our giants!"
Alexey Sergeev Sr Research Comms Specialist Russian telco, Russia
"Your content was very useful when we launched our own research into customer trends and attitudes. It was our epic attempt to predict future social and customer trends."
György Balázsi Innovation Expert Magyar Telekom, Hungary
"The best thing about the Premium service is that it helps us to refocus our attention to the big picture of business, which means blending both technology and consumer expectations."
Erik V Johnsen Partner KOBRA, Norway
"I'm impressed by the quality of the research, and also the flexibility to use the findings in my own presentations. Working in a customer experience agency, we use the tools available to dive deeper, verify, inspire and drive innovation with our clients."
Wendy Jacobs-Austermann Strategy & Innovation KPN, Netherlands
"We are very happy with the Premium Service. The yearly report and monthly updates constantly inspire us. We use it at the start of our co-creation sessions with customers, partners, colleagues and experts to define the right theme and subject. The reports also give us input for strategy sessions and ideas for our innovation roadmap. "
Helena Starkenberg Head of Group Analytics Lantmännen, Sweden
"We are using the Premium Service within Lantmännen Group and the service is highly appreciated and very useful for us. The insightful trend report in particular serves as a valuable input to our strategic planning work."
Blanca Soler Sales Director Lékué, Spain
"Part of my role requires me to prepare presentations for bloggers, press and sales conferences – being able to download TW:Premium content is very useful for this. On a personal level, I also like having TW:Premium access since it helps to visualize the direction that society is heading.   I love TrendWatching – it's my link to the world outside from my own reality. Great job, guys! :)"
Leslie Eades Creative Consultant Leslie Eades Consultancy, United States
"For some time, I have been using TrendWatching intelligence wherever I could find it. Because of the wealth of social and cultural intel it offers, I signed up for the Premium Service and I was not disappointed! The abstracts help bring my projects to life; the well-defined tools make my work efficient and help me give my clients a unique perspective."
Dong Kwan Park Marketing Manager LG Electronics, South Korea
"The information in the Premium Service is really helpful to my work – planning market research and creating product concepts."
Christin Elvegård Client Director Los & Co, Norway
"While working on new business activities, I explore TW:Premium for case studies and industry updates. Plus it’s a great source of inspiration on trends and behavior for teams I work with."
Alejandra Romero Otálora MKT Analyst PHC Lubrizol, Brazil
"I look to TW:Premium when I’m making presentations about trends around the world, and need to know which behavior or trend can fit and/or can be adapted to different segments or categories of personal care. "
Magda Ropotan Innovation Consultant Magda Ropotan, Romania
"I work as an Innovation Consultant so I support teams to create new products and services. I use TW:Premium to look for various examples of innovations to give inspiration to teams and encourage them to be more brave in their ideation. Also I use the Trend Framework to explain to my clients (and my students too) the key trends behind successful innovations."
Cyd T. Cotingting Mktg Intelligence Associate Meralco, Philippines
"We turn to the Premium Service to study how other companies and industries are transforming their products and to learn from best practice examples."
Toby Reeves Research Manager MTV Europe, United Kingdom
"The Premium Service is packed full of inspiring, easily digestible examples of innovations from many different sectors. We use those examples to guide our teams on brand innovation. That's before I even mention the annual Trend Report - I actually loved it! Just what our business needs at the moment for inspiration / innovation. "
Tony Rizzo Creative Director MARQUIS, United States
"I speak a lot to our clients about trends and the future. Recently a client (at the 11th hour) asked I add three more hours of content to a planning session. I turned to TrendWatching's Premium Service and was able to easily incorporate the prepared information into my talk. This one-time need was EASILY worth the annual subscription investment. THANK YOU!"
Felipe Zeni Planning Coordinator Master Roma Waiteman, Brazil
"As our day-to-day work is to formulate messages that truly speak to people, the Premium Service helps us to understand social trends and their evolution, giving us important directions for each project."
Johanna Stein Sr. Manager Consumer Insights Mattel, United States
"The site and services are put together in an interesting, inspiring and easy-to-access format. I love the tone of voice, the clear overview and the vast amount of trends and cases available. Definitely the best trend resource out there currently."
Zeynep Demirci Senior Strategic Planner McCann Istanbul, Turkey
"TrendWatching's Premium Service is my favourite and by far the most insightful tool around! I think this years Trend Report is the best you have published so far. The trend timelines are a great addition, it is so helpful to see the evolution of the macro-trends in terms of micro-trends through the years."
Andrea Fallas Ferreiro Digital Integration Director McCann Worldgroup, Costa Rica
"We use TW:Premium as a planning tool to validate the proposals and concepts that we present to our clients and create benchmarks by industry."
Christoph Auböck Head of Research and Insights Media1, Austria
"The Trend Report and its many innovation examples help us to think and make things different. A perfect guide for creativity and innovation!"
Aslihan Delice Insights & Strategy Executive MediaCom, Turkey
"We are very pleased to have Premium access. There are so many different and useful reports and tools that enable us to develop our business by collecting insights about the changing trends. These insights enable us to build new ideas leading to customer satisfaction in return. The Consumer Trend canvas and Radar also helps us to define and organise our marketing strategies better."
Merve Alıcı Strategic Planner Medina Turgul DDB, Turkey
"As we work with many clients across different industries, I love that I can find trends & innovations relevant to them no matter the sector from the Innovations Database and Industry Updates. That information then helps us secure new business via pitches and also in our work with existing clients via trend & brand positioning presentations and quarterly reports."
Elena Yepes Director Melborp.co, Colombia
"Because I love TrendWatching so much, I recommended it to my boss so that we can have access to the latest trends. It's perfect for us at this time of year for inspiring our clients with the top trends for the coming year."
Richard El Hachem Knowledge & Intelligence Head Memac Ogilvy & Mather, Lebanon
"We use Premium Service insights as discussion material for our weekly trend sessions to really crack innovative ideas, pushing the creative limits and horizons of our key thinkers and helping them to synthesize trend information to turn it into work we can take directly to our clients."
Elena Kalinina Creative Director Room 485, Russia
"We invested in Premium as a way to achieve concrete results by helping us create innovative concepts and out-of-the-box solutions - the outcome was mind-blowing! We now have quantitative data and in-depth content to win pitches and inspire creative work, while giving us a reason to keep in touch with our most important clients."
Beatrice De Nardi Innovation Specialist Safilo, Italy
"Thanks to the Premium Service I can be updated on the very latest trends whenever I want! I find the content incredibly helpful when seeking inspiration or preparing for a presentation."
Michal Bulirsch Market Research & Consumer Intelligence Manager KKCG, Czech Republic
"TW:Premium is a great tool for identifying new trends & inspiration for our business."
Chris Harris Global Marketing Director Vertu, United Kingdom
"Very thought provoking, we are using the themes with management colleagues."
Babak Behrad Creative Planner & Partner Trigger, Norway
"Finding inspiration for concepts or showing innovations/concepts to prove a point is super simple with TW:Premium."
Caspar Lund Product Innovation Manager TrygVesta Insurance, Norway
"The Trend Report gives us valuable consumer insights and has been a mind breaker for the traditionalists. We’ve used it as a basis for internal seminars on trends. The participants have given great feedback and I'm asked to hold more presentations about trend topics. Currently we're working on several new product innovation projects based on this report."
Molly Ann Baéz Regional Sales & MKT Manager Tupperware, Mexico
"The TW:Premium platform is so useful when working with colleagues to find answers about what our customers want and really need - it means we can be more creative in how we approach them. I think that over the years this platform has become something truly unique and special for those who really want to engage with customers instead of just growing a business."
Piril Tekin Marketing Insights & Intel. Turkcell, Turkey
"I find the Annual Trend Report very inspirational and useful, especially to deep dive into different realities of customer expectations. I also like the Monthly Updates as these allow me to learn more about how different brands execute the trends throughout the year, and create a buzz for their customers. The content is very comprehensive, exciting and fun."
Rasha Rteil Head of Innovation MENA UM Labs, United Arab Emirates
"I’ve been a fan of yours since 2007 and we now use your Premium foresight in many key areas: matching brand objectives with consumer trends, validation that we use to encourage clients to be brave and green light create media strategies, promoting an internal culture of innovation through workshops and commissioning you to create trend-led content for our thought leadership report series."
Joost Houben Marketing Director Unilever, Netherlands
"The Premium Service is so useful in making the trends come alive - PPT's are invaluable too. We’ve been sharing extracts from them with a wider team, using them as inspiration for strategy sessions. Keep the inspiration coming!"
Tammy Fransli ‎E-commerce SEA Marketing Manager Unilever, Singapore
"Trendwatching reports have helped us to put together the landscape of key e-commerce consumer trends - even sourcing from unrelated fields in the region. By not only identifying through observation of trends, but also providing a relevant connection to the industry, it helped us to start applying and identifying the key business opportunities here in SEA to be developed as pilot priorities."
Ana Albino CMI Global Refreshments Unilever UK, United Kingdom
"I use the tangible in-market examples from the Innovations Database to inspire the team when working on our Category Trends and the Apply Toolkit for guidance on trend application into business. The TrendWatching team are always available with handy tips and insights when needed which is so helpful."
Rudy Lefèvre Owner & Founder UNLOCK, Belgium
"The Premium Service gives me the possibility to search for trends & innovations at my own pace and level. The content allows me to inspire my network with hot topics & to power my sales pitches."
Judy Blessing Market Research Manager Visteon, Germany
"Where trendwatching.com help us, is in allowing us to look beyond our industry, to seek inspiration from other industries that we don’t normally come across in our everyday working lives."
Jorge Morfín Managing Partner Travel Studio, Mexico
"My favorite feature about the Premium Service is to be able to search for different trends. I use mostly the Region-specific Trend Reports and the Trend Framework, and I use these tools to share valuable extracts with my clients. I like the platform the way it is, and I highly recommend TrendWatching for people looking for inspiration! "
Anouk Menko Quantitative Consumer Research Vlisco, Netherlands
"I use the Premium Service to keep up-to-date on the latest consumer trends and gain insight from the hundreds of new business innovations you feature."
Tripti Lochan Chief Executive Officer VML Qais, Singapore
"We like how the content is structured by the Trend Framework. This helps us to track what are some great campaigns emerging from these trends, identify underlying shifts in consumer behaviour and how we can apply them for our campaigns."
Willemijn van Bommel Market Insights Analyst Vodafone, Netherlands
"Being able to find consumer trends that are relevant across all markets and segments is very important to us, having these trends backed up by new and fresh innovation examples provides further proof of the trends relevance. I also use the content within the Industry Updates and Monthly Updates when preparing innovation sessions with our clients."
Anais Guillemane Strategic Planning Manager W, France
"There are always fresh examples in the Innovations Database that help in my sector analysis, benchmarking and in building consumer personas. Premium is very easy to use and full of inspiration."
Peter van Lier Innovation Manager War Child, Netherlands
"The trends​​ and worldwide examples that Premium provides is very useful in understanding the fast changing context around us and the different perspectives these trends stand for. For a charity like ours and for me as Innovation Manager the monthly trends and examples are a very valuable source of information."
Cornelius Boerner Head of WMF Innovation Lab & Design Manager WMF Group, Germany
"Once I have finished the urgent and important tasks, I try to 'de-focus' by looking for new contextual information. It’s at this point that I login to TW:Premium to review the latest content. "
Estefanía Frontero Planning and Research Team Y&R Argentina, Argentina
"trendwatching's Premium Service is very useful. We use it mainly for research, to look for examples of trends within the categories we’re investigating. We often use these examples to illustrate our strategic presentations; it gave us inspiration on how to differentiate a certain product and to make recommendations to our clients."
Francesca Arceri Digital Strategist YAM112003, Italy
"I found the annual Trend Report compelling as usual. TW:Premium is fantastic for shaping new business projects. Once again TrendWatching drive us through complexity with simplicity!"
Patricia Grisolle Market Intelligence Manager Yanbal International, Peru
"TW:Premium fills a great role in shaping our innovation process and strategic planning."
Phillipine Wouters Community Manager Yelp,
"I’ve followed TrendWatching for years and I’ve had a great day. My head is buzzing with ideas."
Roberta Assumpção Founder & CEO TrendBoutique, Brazil
"We use TrendWatching’s Premium Service a lot - from specific trend analysis to the Industry Updates. If we need to do a project for a client, we explore the Innovations Database for different types of trends or industries, to come up with a large range of insights. We also use some of the Apply exercises when doing innovation workshops. It’s a great source of inspiration for us! "
Geoff Turner Senior Insights Analyst Tourism Australia, Australia
"trendwatching.com has proven to be a trusted source to stay relevant and informed about emerging trends across the globe. The information in each report is relevant, up to date and thought provoking, overall an extremely useful research tool."
Felicity Kelly Brand Director Saint Nicks, United Kingdom
"Our clients need to know the crucial trends affecting their business now, and what’s around the corner."
Terri Germain Business Development Manager Stepan, United States
"As an ingredient manufacturer, we are far removed from the end consumers and we tend to be very technical in our thinking. TW:Premium takes me out of the chemical properties of our products and puts ideas and trends in my subconscious to ruminate on."
Jean Dommisse Head: Client & Market Insights Sanlam, South Africa
"The Premium Service gives me great examples of how trends have already been applied. We use a lot of the content in our quarterly forums where we discuss the latest trends and what opportunities they offer for our organisation."
Minna Assman Manager Business Analytics & Commercial Strategy SAS, Sweden
"Within TW:Premium, I find the most relevant trends for us to support strategic choices."
Javier Sastre Martin Partner-Director Sastre & Asociados, Spain
"What I like most about Premium is the Innovations Database, which is both well organised and easy to use. As a consultant, it's a useful resource to turn to when searching for new ideas – especially at the beginning and development phases of client projects."
Cecilie Matheson Business Development Director Schjærven Pilot, Norway
"In my daily work I have to challenge my customers. I have to move them, make them think about innovation. The Premium Service reports give me the proof I need and PPT formats make it easy to present. There’s a large amount of interesting information, that's well presented and easy to find. Everything in there makes sense and I always find either what I'm looking for or get positively surprised."
Whitney Power Innovation & Technology Commercialization – Project Manager Seton Healthcare Family, United States
"What are other – innovative – companies doing that we can learn from? TW:Premium makes finding these examples a quick and easy process."
Tatiana Romão Market Research Manager Sonae Sierra, Portugal
"We see Premium as a way of feeding our inspiration as both a research and call to action tool."
Minsoo Pak VP, Chief Creative Officer Sparks Grove, United States
"We use Premium, and the Innovations Database, to better inform our solutions with practical applications from around the world."
Johanna Hammar Innovation Manager Spendrups Brewery, Sweden
"trendwatching.com is a here-and-now tool for market insights, very contemporary, very easy to digest. I especially like the way the report makes the trends stand out by conceptualising these insights, with a number of varied examples for each trend. I use the report to help tag and sort my own analysis."
Sharmila Martis Head of Knowledge Management Standard Chartered, Singapore
"trendwatching.com has been, and continues to be, my innovation encyclopedia, helping us to build an innovation network. It has been the foundation of idea shops that link consumer and new business opportunities. We’ve also used the report for innovation sessions, resulting in a high energy start of any of our strategy conferences."
Elisabet Sjölund Senior Mgr Business Planning Stora Enso, Finland
"I do like the annual Trend Report and Industry Updates, as well as the search options in the Innovations Database which I find very user friendly. I also like that trends are backed up with data."
Tony Elischer Managing Director THINK Consultancy, United Kingdom
"As a small company we do not have enough time to constantly look at trends across other industries, TrendWatching's Premium Service is invaluable for making us stop and think."
Jonathan Album Global Marketing Director Strauss Water, Israel
"I have used the innovations communicated by TrendWatching to act as a catalyst for creative thinking within my company. Categorization by trend, industry and region makes it easy to find relevant examples."
Bruna Mainente Strategies & Innovation Symnetics, Brazil
"What I find most useful about TrendWatching’s Premium Service is the access to different types of material that help us a lot on a daily basis - PPT presentations about the trends, Apply Toolkit for group exercises, explanations of each trend, innovation examples etc. "
Sawyer Lahr General Manager Teak Research, Thailand
"TW:Premium comes into its own when I’m seeking examples to use as inspiration during ideation sessions for our clients."
Ouke Arts Partner Thaesis, Netherlands
"Keeping up to date with trends is not a luxury but a necessity... TrendWatching has proven to be our most reliable and inspirational source via the annual Trend Report and Innovations Database."
Market & Industry Insight Manager The Edrington Group, United Kingdom
"I've just renewed my Premium access. We look forward to receiving more thought-provoking content from the TrendWatching team over the next 12 months!"
Sterling Doak V.P. Consumer Behavior The i.d.e.a. Brand, United States
" We love the fact that we can provide a global view of trends to our clients. We're often tasked with looking at micro-trends, but TrendWatching gives us the unique ability to also draw on macro-trends that spark new and innovative thinking. It helps our clients see 'beyond the bubble' and get a sense of greater purpose in planning, ideating and communicating."
Andrea Pérez-Albert Founding Partner The Mood Project, Spain
"What I find most useful about the Premium Service is the Preference Center. It allows us to select our main interests in terms of regions, industries and mega-trends, and filters the information in order to show us the latest innovations according to our preferences. Thanks to this, we can collect data in a faster and more effective way."
Chris Ray CEO The Ramey Agency, United States
"I find myself logging into TW:Premium when I need to inspire and inform my team with insights that we can apply to our clients' business."
Susan Briggs Director The Tourism Network, United Kingdom
"The Premium Service gives me a huge range of trend information, in an easy-to-read format, supported by great imagery."
Steve James-Royle Founder & Creative Director The Yard Creative, United Kingdom
"I’ve impressed on my business that they need to go and discover trends and innovations within the Premium Service - that’s where the answers are!"
Kim McKay Director Klick Communications, Australia
"We've really enjoyed our Premium Service and I know we’ll get a huge benefit next year also."
Linda Watts Strategic Innovation Manager Kimberly-Clark S. Asia, Australia
"We’re very happy with the Premium service - we’re currently using the trends and examples to generate innovation ideas. "
Nikolai Khlopov Managing Partner 42 Agency, Russia
"TrendWatching helps us immeasurably not only in coming up with ideas but, crucially, in communicating and getting backing for our ideas with our clients."
Susanne Walloscheck Account Manager CarterJMRN, Japan
"TW:Premium is most useful to me as stimulus for preparing market research pitches and ideation workshops."
Elles de Vries Director Boender & de Vries, Netherlands
"Being involved in an energy startup, the Premium Service gives me a great starting point for new business development. For sales pitches, I inspire myself by looking in the Innovations Database on what's happening in this field."
Marianna Boguslavsky Managing Director Boguslavsky & Co, United Arab Emirates
"Premium was an invaluable tool for us when working on an intense 3 month social media strategy for a major film! "
Michalis Krokidis Head of Planning Bold Ogilvy & Mather, Greece
"The Premium Service is a mine of useful information - especially the annual Trend Reports & Industry Updates. It gives us the opportunity to identify global megatrends & the paradigm shifts happening at the intersection of cultural, social, marketing & technological forces…& how these shifts impact long-term consumer behavior. We've a diverse client portfolio & the service is essential for new business projects & rebranding/repositioning work for existing clients."
Jason de Kauwe Global Innovation Manager BP, United Kingdom
"Very happy with the service! The presentation format worked well for me in explaining and giving working examples of the trend. The information forms a very important element of our Innovation Pipeline."
Michael Snow Director of Insights BPN, United States
"TrendWatching’s TW:Premium service inspires new ways of thinking, a better understanding of people and how companies and brands fit into their lives."
Elaine Cameron Director, FUTURE Perspective Burson-Marsteller, United Kingdom
"As a futurist, I want to give our clients a clear sense of urgency about the future, about how dramatically the world and technology are changing and the new business models that are springing up. We combined TrendWatching's global insights with our local expertise to identify these new, actionable trends."
Tyler Maltbie Senior Consultant, Client and Consumer Services C Space, United States
"As part of initial desk research on an industry or topic, or when I’m looking to share new industry news with my clients, I like to refer the Industry Updates or annual Trend Report. TW:Premium is also a nice stop for when I’m perusing for creative inspiration."
Troy Flower GM, Business Devt & Comms Cancer Council SA, Australia
"I look forward to receiving our copy of the 2015 Trend Report – it’s one of my favourite reads of the year."
Oi-Lin Man Market Intelligence Canon, United Kingdom
"We just finished giving a trend presentation internally, incorporating Premium’s trends and inspirational examples, and as always the presentation was very well received."
Mike Cook Market & Client Insights Manager Center for Creative Leadership, United States
"TW:Premium allows me to better understand our clients and helps uncover opportunities to better meet their shifting needs."
Thomaz Malan Strategy Coordinator Binder, Brazil
"“We use a lot of the exercises within the Apply Toolkit to engage our team, and the Trend Mapper helps us to focus our research when working on client projects”"
Reinaldo Campos Marketing & Strategy Director CIN, Portugal
"TrendWatching’s Trend Report has been a useful source of insights that enabled us to have a better understanding and approach to customer expectations. Simultaneously it helped us to reinforce our internal analyses and construct more robust solutions to target our market."
Doug Flockhart CEO Clubs Queensland, Australia
"TW:Premium is key in motivating staff and our members in terms of what is happening and what they could be doing to remain relevant and current."
Hilvan Usta Research & Insights Coca-Cola Services, Turkey
"I am looking forward to receiving the print copy of the 2015 Trend Report, it's a great treat!"
Nuria Vila Research Manager Coleman CBX, Spain
"I have been diving in to the Trend Report, it looks really great! Good job….as usual ;)"
Nele van den Broeck Market Researcher Colruyt, Belgium
"The Premium Service helps us look beyond our walls and see what the world is doing."
Natalie Gaisser Membership Chair Columbia Women's Business Society Leadership Conference,
"Ellie Damashek's insight into global trends and how they impact the digital space were invaluable to our conference's digital innovation panel. She inspired attendees to see the bigger picture and look toward the future instead of just focusing on today. "
Oedsen Boersma Head of Research & Concepts Corio, Netherlands
"We are very happy and satisfied with the Premium service - we highly value it. The Innovations Database (and especially the easy-to-use search functionality) help me keep up-to-date on the trends our business needs to be aware of...and acting on!"
Kristel van Dam Sr Investment Strategy Analyst Corio, Netherlands
"trendwatching.com’s Premium service is so useful for us to adapt our shopping malls to changing consumer behaviour and to take advantage of future opportunities. Their Trend Report helps us define future drivers for our FMPs."
Karsten van der Donk Partner & Trendcurator Cosight, Netherlands
"The Inspiration Dashboard is perfect when I’m searching for manifestations of trends to include in our Cutting Edges Detector prospective products. It’s also a useful source to for when we’re looking for evidence of societal patterns for our clients. I love the platform, keep up the good work! "
Camilla Birch Consultant Birch & Birch, Denmark
"The Premium Service provides easy access to trend-related business cases, plus a whole framework of mega-trends. Conducting market research in the retail industry, I use it as a tool to quickly dig out examples which are relevant to our customers."
Maija Bigestans Market Intelligence Manager BillerudKorsnäs, Sweden
"TW:Premium allows us to add a different dimension to development projects & presentations - getting the 'outside in' perspective. It means we can also spice up ‘traditional' presentations by blending established market views with new consumer trend thinking."
Saisin Sinsuk Head of Strategic Planning Creative Spike, Thailand
"Why did we buy TrendWatching’s Premium Service? We love the way you take data from around the world and turn it into very simple yet insightful reports. Understanding consumer trends is very important to us, but being a small local agency makes it challenging to invest in any resources without justification, therefore we treat TrendWatching as part of our team resources, giving ease of access to specific information we need, and not just another general report."
Charles Awad Marketing Comms Director Al-Futtaim, United Arab Emirates
"The Premium Service is very informative and exhaustive. I use the content within the annual Trend Report and Industry Updates to help with business planning, the global spread of innovation examples within the Innovations Database is also very helpful."
Michael McGuire President and CEO 88 Brand Partners, United States
"Premium is at the heart of critical initiatives within our agency - our agency’s lead generation program, our social networking activities and for internal creative inspiration."
Kevin Cahalin Content Specialist 88 Brand Partners, United States
"I like using TW:Premium for a couple of reasons: when I need to bring fresh ideas to our clients, and also when I’m looking to create thought leadership for our blog posts. For me, the Inspiration Dashboard and Industry Heatmaps are particularly helpful in these scenarios."
Yves Calmette Principal Planner ACON, Australia
"TrendWatching provides us with instrumental resources for our planning process. The Trend Report, Monthly Snapshots and the planning tools give us invaluable insights we would not be able to find otherwise. As a non-profit organisation, watching and understanding new trends from the corporate sector is extremely valuable and enables us to harness new ideas to strengthen engagement with our target audiences. TrendWatching's services are unique and by far the best in the market."
Jose Roberto Alvarez Rueda Executive Director ACOPI, Colombia
"I invested in the Premium Service because easy-to-access, constantly updated trend information is vital for me as a consultant with limited time to research. I'm really excited about using the Apply Toolkit to spur innovative ideas."
Sherry Sabbagh Design Manager Adient, United States
"As a trend research manager I am always on the look out for what is happening in the world around me, to feel the pulse of the latest movements and disruptors in various industries. I often search TW:Premium for the latest reports on a topic or tradeshow event."
Claudia Bhugra-Schmid Cultural Analyst Adjust Your Set, United Kingdom
"I am already enjoying having Premium access, I actually whooped when I logged in! :)"
Fatima Alimohamed CEO African Brand Warrior, Ghana
"In defining trends across categories and markets in Africa, TW:Premium brings an interesting dynamic & mind shift to the marketing strategies and approach towards the brands we work with."
Kirsten Holmes Production Manager Aimia, Australia
"The direction of world thinking is captured in the Trend Report – it helped us understand that the aspirations of our customers and our own business are actually the same!"
Cagla Demiralp Trend Management Manager AKBANK, Turkey
"We find the Premium Service a great resource for tracking today’s and tomorrow’s trends, and a valuable guide for understanding consumer behavior and expectations. It also helps us to see how each trend relates to each other, and how they form the bigger picture. The monthly updates double the service’s value. We share our summary of the highlights directly with our top management."
Kristina Hännikäinen Director of Insight & Analytics Aller Media, Finland
"Premium is an important stop for me when I’m looking to understand the relevant trends which are related to key issues surrounding our industry. "
Jeffrey Veffer Innovation and Strategy Bell, Canada
"This format works well as we can use it to support our thinking and quickly integrate the insights into our presentations. I have used it mostly as a tool to demonstrate other companies' approaches in different markets."
Arne Fangberget Market Research Director Allergruppen, Norway
"Really inspirational - I felt that many of the trends were relevant for our line of business, and visually very strong. I presented parts of the report at a strategy seminar for the top management group in our company."
Jill Trefz Senior Analyst Alliance Data, United States
"I like that Premium allows you to find additional content on entire industries. The clients we work with can vary, so the quarterly Industry Updates really help us drill down to the items that would benefit them. The annual Trend Report is also helpful with more general requests within our company."
Jevto Dedijer President Améo, Canada
"Before client meetings we dig deep into the reports to present excerpts of them to our clients who look at us in awe, because we are (or seem to be) so educated about consumer trends! They continue doing business with us and then we have to renew our Premium membership because our clients are used to us being so smart :) Guys, if you stop your good work we're dead!"
Elena M. Garvey Strategy Director American Express, United States
"I've enjoyed the service as a free subscriber and even more so as a paid customer given the added features you have for Premium. My favorite feature is the searchable database of trends, by keyword. I love that you put the articles into PPT templates and that I can come away with a ready-to-go presentation. This makes my life so much easier."
Jared Dallas Marketing Manager AMKA Products, South Africa
"Premium allows me to stay current around the world – it's inspiration at my fingertips. Using the Industry Updates and Monthly Updates, amongst other features, I am able to check our own thinking against other innovative companies around the globe."
Antonella Broglia Consultant Antonella Broglia, Spain
"I have been a Premium Service client for a few years now, and very much enjoy the annual Trend Report and find the examples in the Innovations Database of great value!"
Apoorv Dwivedi Director Market Insights ATB Financial, Canada
"We were very pleasantly surprised by the breadth of reporting and supporting material, and we continue to be pleased with the ongoing updates. The trends and supporting materials are insightful and thought provoking, and to have one source for this information is very time and cost effective for us."
Alessandro Biggio Innovation Manager Autogrill, Italy
"The best thing about Premium is that it's so easy to use! The Industry Updates, Monthly Updates and Region-specific Trends are all extremely useful for my work as an Innovation Manager."
Dayna Fawkes Sr Customer Experience Manager Aviva, United Kingdom
"The best thing about Premium is the Innovations Database – it’s a brilliant resource, especially as a way to find thought provoking ideas for presentations or reports. The Monthly Updates and quarterly Industry Updates are also great prompts for inspiration and to make sure we don’t get complacent. I'm so glad we came across your service when we did – it has been very helpful so many times."
Justin Stone Research Director Bauer Media, Australia
"TrendWatching's annual Trend Report is one of my favourite research tools. Its clever articulation of trends is not only entertaining but invaluable in providing us insights into both consumer behaviour and product development (and what is driving what). It is easily the best trend report I have seen."
Brent Turner SVP Solutions Cramer, United States
"We use Premium in many ways. Most prominently, it is critical for presentations with clients, internal agency meetings, and project brainstorms. The individual examples within the Innovations Database are amazingly helpful -- and brilliantly packaged for our search, discovery, and consumption. Huge, huge fan of this service!"
Danielle Hervey Owner Dani Hervey Brand Activation, South Africa
"I've been buying the Premium Service for 5 years now & will continue to! The combination of theory behind why these trends are happening & the examples to back them up is great! I recommend Premium to everyone I work with & present to, I am one of your evangelists! #loveit' "
Cassandra Kaul Marketing Insights Manager Kerry, Thailand
"We love to use TW:Premium as a library to help inspire and shape our own, growing our repository of trends and insights to feed into our very own Trend Framework. We've pulled quite a bit of inspiration from your framework, as a way of shaping our trend conversation. The 2017 Trend Report was a bit of a revelation; how the trends were presented gave us an 'Ah ha!' moment to show us how we should be talking about our MicroTrends. Thank you for the inspiration and being one of our go to providers of inspiration. There are many options for trends in the market - many of which we subscribe to - but TrendWatching is consistently where I turn for inspiration on how to shape the way we create our trends, framework and how they are communicated."
Tracey Keys Program Manager IMD Business School, Switzerland
"Thoughtful, thought-provoking & extremely well presented. One of the best sources available on emerging consumer trends, your annual Trend Report has been very valuable for how organisations translate global trends reshaping the business world into today's decision-making. Our participants have also responded to your insights with great enthusiasm! "
Tina Zhao Designer Haier, China
"We are very happy with the Premium service and always look forward to the monthly updates for the Innovations Database."
Matthew Fitzsimons Strategy & Innovation Director Havas EHS, United Kingdom
"TrendWatching's excellent Premium Service is one of the best sources for inspiration I have found. We use the tool a lot, so renewing was a no-brainer!"
Mänty Vappu Marketing Director Helsinki Marketing,
"Acacia was absolutely brilliant and inspiring. Her session on Asian trends gave us new ideas from elsewhere in the world - opened our eyes and made us think differently."
Jens Bode Global Strategic Management Henkel, Germany
"TrendWatching’s annual Trend Report is more than a wrap-up – it’s colourful, visual, inspiring and provoking! Also, the PowerPoint format means all the content can be used straightaway by our innovation teams."
Dora Heinkel Marketing Intelligence Manager HERE, Germany
"Compiling information on key trends for our decision makers is much easier now we’ve access to the Premium Service. Quarterly Industry Updates mean we can keep an eye on the latest innovations in consumer tech and beyond."
Kevin Dunckley Chief Digital Officer HH Global, United Kingdom
"When we’re pitching to clients and running research and innovation sessions, the Premium Service is fantastically useful – especially sector specific innovation snippets!"
Gary George Global Head Technical Services HH Global, United Kingdom
"I use TW:Premium to explore interesting innovations and trends across the globe."
Rebecca Huston Strategy Director Huen, United States
"In today’s world, where we don’t always have time to research everything we need to, TrendWatching is my go-to idea bank!"
Bianca Cassarino Innovation Manager Iguatemi, Brazil
"What I like the most about the Premium Service are the real examples that are shown to illustrate every trend. When looking for innovative projects of other companies, we mostly use the Industry and Monthly Updates, the Personal Innovation Feed and the Trend Mapper – we also use these tools and content when looking at recent trends relevant to the retail industry. We would definitely recommend the service for other companies! "
Christoph Hunziker Innovation Consultant Input Consulting, Switzerland
"Compliments to TrendWatching! I find the Premium Service very helpful and inspiring - above all it is very user friendly and well designed!"
Sylvia Krönke Studio Design Manager Grohe, Germany
"The Premium Service offers a wide range of comprehensive but very detailed information, which enables us to find interesting data and solutions for future design concepts. It also adds new insights and innovations which we take into consideration and provides us with new ideas and a different way to look at things. "
Kim Rivielle Managing Director, Marketing & Business Strategy Institute for International Research, United States
"Consistently content-rich and delivered in an inspirational meets authentic style. Genuine and fun – Henry is a rare blend of approachable and brilliant making him our trusted resource for bringing new ideas to attendees around the globe."
Bruno Dollo CEO iris router, Brazil
"We use the Premium Service as a key source for our innovation-focussed activities such as our internal blog and client innovation workshops. We also explore TrendWatching’s trends whenever a new brief comes in, to understand the forces shaping consumer behaviour in each case – so that we can always create the most relevant and surprising solutions."
Flávio Particelli Innovation Coordinator iris router, Brazil
"We always keep TrendWatching’s current and previous annual Trend Reports on our table within arm’s reach to flick through when looking for inspiration or for new perspectives on how to solve client challenges."
Maisa Gennari Research and Market Itaú Unibanco, Brazil
"Being part of the Marketing Intelligence department, we use TrendWatching’s theory and innovation examples to illustrate our internal reports, helping us tell the innovation story to our staff. "
Rosana Neves R&D Manager Johnson & Johnson, Brazil
"We are very happy with the annual Trend Report - we’ve been using it to inspire people, and set up monthly brainstorming sessions to come up with new products."
Kelly McKnight Head of Culture & Trends Join the Dots, United Kingdom
"TW:Premium gives me trend examples for projects and deep insight from the annual trend report."
Vincent de Groot Ops & Experience Manager, APAC Jones Lang LaSalle, Singapore
"I've just read the latest Industry Update & loved it! I'm so impressed with Lauzon's Pure Genius Smart Floors - an incredible innovation for offices, particularly where clean indoor air quality is a challenge. I'm looking forward to gaining more insights & inspiration from all the awesome trends & innovations you're uncovering!"
Kristie Goshow Group Director of Innovation Jumeirah Hotels, United Arab Emirates
"A comprehensive & stimulating report! On a personal level, it was probably the most exciting read so far this year. Packed with useful information, further references & thought provoking content. Within 24hrs, we'd deployed the report within our organisation to support our innovation framework & fuel new ideas. The results speak for themselves."
Krittima Nat Thammamitr Planning Director Indochina JWT, Thailand
"We are very pleased with the Premium Service - great content & brainstorming ideas. Our strategic planners use it to come up with fresh client strategy, while our creatives, designers & activation teams turn the insights into creative campaigns for the Thai market."
Britta Kautzky Senior Manager Business Innovation Kao Germany GmbH, Germany
"I dive into TW:Premium to get inspired for my frontend innovation work namely to collect, grow & ground ideas. It also allows me to translate these into actual concepts & business cases by learning from other categories and industries."
Isabel Freire Planning Director Grupo Creativo Herrera, Ecuador
"As an Account Planner, I find that most of the time clients don’t have the time or money to invest in market research. TW:Premium is my gateway to inspiration and a resource which allows me to develop brand strategies that are based on trends and collective human behavior. This kind of combination is an effective way to both sell an idea and yield results too."
Uroš Štajner Market Research Gorenje, Slovenia
"Premium is the place where I can find the latest innovations. When embarking on a new project, we need to check up on the latest consumer trends - I think the Innovations Database is most helpful in this search."
Brynjólfur Borgar Jónsson Founder & Lead Data Scientist Data Lab Ísland, Iceland
"I use TW:Premium for inspiration to get new ideas for myself & colleagues, across industries from insurance to telcos. I always find hugely interesting and relevant trend & innovation stories."
Bill Hill Founder/Designer Experience Design, Inc,
"As a small business owner, I find TW:Premium incredibly useful when working with major clients looking for the big trend picture. Rich in visuals, a huge timesaver & deep in rigorous insight, it helps us get right up-to-speed very quickly."
Nassia Karanikoli Senior Strategic Planner DDB Athens, Greece
"When planning pitches for new business in unknown categories, I often need to understand the category in a snapshot – TrendWatching Premium gives me that. For current clients, I can also understand how the category is evolving overseas and find ideas and inspiration for my client's next campaign."
Sarah-Ann Brittain Account Manager DecPR,
"Great seminar, lots of inspiration and plenty of food for thought back at the office."
David Helps Group Director of Innovation Design Bridge, United Kingdom
"TrendWatching is one of the ways we can expose our clients to alternative views of the trend landscape that compliments their own. The Premium Service gives us access to the depth & content that we need."
Deidre Samson Front End Innovation Manager Distell, South Africa
"I find the content within the Premium Service is both up to date and relevant. The annual Trend Report, Industry Updates and Innovations Database are also great for brainstorming and strategic idea generation"
Paul Freeman Marketing Leader Douwe Egberts, United Kingdom
"We are very pleased with the report: the content is great and is a good start for idea brainstorming — for individual use and for our whole team."
Mark van de Grift Consultant DR Brand, Netherlands
"Premium is a very good service – there is so much valuable information in there! I especially find the Innovations Database useful to search for particular innovations from around the world. The Monthly and Industry Updates keep me right uptodate too on evolving consumer trends."
Sabien Vanlangenaeker Market Insights & Trends DS Smith, Belgium
"Premium is full of great innovation examples we can be inspired by!"
Gordon Achola Head of Insights & Measurement EXP Group, Ghana
"The Premium Service is my go-to place when looking for inspiration. I use the content to inform experiential marketing strategies, the ease of navigation is a great time saver too."
David Boon Group CMO EXP Group, Kenya
"I mostly use TW:Premium for access to the Regional Trends and associated Regional Trend Briefings. There are also many related innovation examples available in the Inspiration Dashboard which help to provide a useful background to the trends themselves."
Flavia Nogueira Planner F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, Brazil
"We are all big fans of TrendWatching here! In the Planning team, we’re constantly researching trends & looking for different innovation examples to inspire our clients - the Premium Service is our main source of trends, examples and analysis."
April Bertram Innovation Management Director GOJO Industries, Inc., United States
"I regularly use the Monthly Updates and Innovation Database to understand trends that impact our active portfolio of innovation projects."
Alejandro Lozada Founding Partner FARO - Insight + Estrategia, Mexico
"We use trends and innovations to set the scene in a lot of our consulting projects, to establish the environment in which we operate. Sometimes, we use them in product innovation sections of our brand / portfolio reviews with clients. I like the level of detail in the trend descriptions within the Premium Service - the Region-specific & Industry Updates and Trend Mapper too! "
David Espeso Gil Corporate Director Findasense, Costa Rica
"What we like most about the Premium Service are the Monthly Snapshot and Innovation Database. The scenarios in which we use the tools include running research programs, when preparing a pitch or to produce and send newsletters either to clients or to the team, just to name a few examples."
Ekaterina Smirnova VP, Head of Client Relations FleishmanHillard, Russia
"We use the insights and innovation examples from the Premium Service when developing strategies and programs for client prospects, within pitches and planning sessions, sharing best practices and award-winning innovations with them – and even within team performance evaluations."
Mitja Tuskej Strategist Formitas, Slovenia
"The materials within Premium are perfect and so useful! I tell all our clients and colleagues in the advertising world about the powers of TrendWatching. Your content is a great base for creating a bright future for different brands!"
Colin Ledwith Director, Strategy Futurecity, United Kingdom
"The site is an incredibly thorough and user friendly resource by the way. It holds invaluable insight – pleased I joined!"
Marta Martín Knowledge Manager Gallina Blanca Star, Spain
"TrendWatching’s Trend Report is an inspiration source in many ways: for innovation, for understanding lifestyles, for design... it really makes you think about new possibilities for your business."
Rick Holman Head of Global Trends Network General Motors, United States
"TrendWatching’s strength is that they keep moving, keep showing me the latest trends and how existing trends are evolving as consumer needs and desires change."
Jérôme Charlez Research & Strategy Director GeoPost, France
"It enables us to be one step ahead and work on future expectations rather than just fulfilling current needs. In a way, I wish we could keep the report the best-kept secret in the world, so we get to spot the silver linings when everybody else is still looking at the clouds."
Yanina Guerzovich UX Designer Globant, Argentina
"We usually use TrendWatching Premium for benchmark and desktop research. My favorite thing about the service is the huge amount of content available in the annual Trend Report & regular Industry & Monthly Updates. "
Edson Cabrera Junior Planning Director Yes Promoções, Brazil
"What I like the most about the Premium Service is the amount of data available. I like the Annual Trend Report, regular Updates and Region-specific Trends, and I use the platform on a daily basis. As a Planning Director, I use the features to find inspiration for my clients. "
Gabriela Vasileva Marketing Analyst Ford Motor Company, Canada
"I’m always sharing the variety of insights and stories from Premium with my team, and have found the Monthly Updates particularly powerful."


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