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Change will only accelerate in the coming decade. Our Premium platform will give you and your team the content, practical tools and the customer-focused mindset to get - and stay - ahead!

1/ Provocative yet practical insights on what your customers will want next
Get exclusive access to our 2020 Trend Report, a complete download of the most impactful and opportunity-rich consumer trends for the next 12 to 18 months.

"TrendWatching’s annual Trend Report is more than a wrap-up – it’s colourful, visual, inspiring and provoking! Also, the format means all the content can be used straightaway by our innovation teams."

Jens Bode
Global Strategic Management

Henkel, Germany.

2/ Design a winning customer-focused strategy
Premium's comprehensive Trend Framework gives you the big-picture overview while keeping you laser-focused on genuine customer needs and wants.

"Being able to find consumer trends that are relevant across all markets and segments is very important to us, having these trends backed up by new and fresh innovation examples provides further proof of the trends relevance."

Willemijn van Bommel
Market Insights Analyst
Vodafone, Netherlands.

3/ Dive into industry-specific trend reports
Let us do the work for you! Clients get 50+ curated reports per year, including quarterly updates on 16 B2C industries and reports on key consumer trends.

"The monthly reports keep me well-informed on the new shifts and opportunities in my industry."

Stéphane Cretel
Innovation Manager
Air France, France.

4/ Find, organize & share relevant best practices
Premium's database contains 20,000+ examples from 16 major B2C industries and 90+ markets. Integrate our content into your knowledge management platforms via our API (Enterprise clients only).

"The possibility of going deep into a market I barely know and finding interesting insights is what makes Premium a valuable resource for me."

Maria Herranz
Client Services Director
Ogilvy & Mather, Spain

5/ Get instant on-the-go inspiration
Our exclusive client Slack workspace brings you mobile-friendly feeds of Premium’s innovation examples. Perfect for your morning commute or a quick pre-meeting innovation intelligence fix.

"The Premium Service is packed full of inspiring, easily digestible examples of innovations from many different sectors. We use those examples to guide our teams on brand innovation."

Toby Reeves

Research Manager

MTV Europe, United Kingdom.

6/ Empower and apply
Winning teams know how to spot – and then seize – tomorrow’s opportunities. Premium's accessible online training & workshop tools turn your team into Trend-Driven Innovators.

"Personalized and fully relevant. We saw many new trends and, more than that, now we can work with the Consumer Trend Canvas and find new ways to apply the trends."

Keith Matsumoto
Senior Industry Analyst

Google, Brasil.

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