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How TrendWatching Premium can help you, your team, or your clients:

Endless meaningful opportunities

Our world leading business intelligence and content gives you a world of trends including over 24,000 innovations, 190 sub-trends and endless meaningful opportunities to act upon before anyone else.

Bring ideas to market inspired by real innovation

A supremely easy to use platform gives you the inspiration, tools and knowledge you need to design a deeply customer-centric strategy or product concept with speed and agility.

Stay on trend with regular industry insights

Our analysts and global tw:in network equip you with time-sensitive and relevant insights on your industry’s most important trends and innovations with focused reports and updates – covering 16 industries-at-large.

Become a trend-driven thought leader

Explore credible, actionable trend insights, reports and tools and blow away your co-workers and clients with presentations chock-full of world-class thought leadership and inspiration – creating your own trend department has never been so exciting!

Carve a purposed strategy with our methodology

Align your innovation to emerging consumer needs and carve a powerful, well-informed and rapidly-formed plan of action to respond to global shifts with the help of our proprietary Purpose-Driven Innovation (PDI) methodology.

All 6 features you'll get access to:

1. Trend Reports

The year’s most meaningful trends & opportunities help you get ahead when planning for the next.

When you sign up to TrendWatching Premium, you get exclusive access to:

* Our 2021 Trend Report, coming 25 November 2020.
* All of our other topic-specific and localised reports, spanning half a decade.
* Premium-exclusive digital content from our monthly Make→Shift publication.

Brands like Henkel use our Trend Report for strategy

"TrendWatching’s exclusive annual Trend Report is just one of the excellent reports you will have access to."

Jens Bode
Global Strategic Management

Henkel, Germany.

2. Industry Updates

Get regular, informed insights on the key developments that are affecting your industry, worldwide.

Every quarter, our analysts release Industry Updates for 16 key B2C industries – from retail to entertainment to food & beverage to travel to automotive.

The most recent Q4 2020 updates were dedicated to COVID challenges and solutions.

AirFrance use Industry Updates to stay informed on opportunities

"The Industry Updates keep me well-informed on the new shifts and opportunities in my industry."

Stéphane Cretel
Innovation Manager
Air France, France.

3. Innovation Database

Our world-leading global database of innovations – to inspire your innovation.

Find, organise & share 25,000+ 'on trend' innovations, segmented by 16 major B2C industries and 90+ countries.

Dozens of new examples are added each week from our expert analyst team, AI-driven research tools and our global spotting network – giving you a fully featured view of key meaningful innovations happening around the world.

Ogilvy research new market insights with our Innovation Database

"The possibility of going deep into a market I barely know and finding interesting insights is what makes Premium a very valuable resource for me."

Maria Herranz
Client Services Director
Ogilvy & Mather, Spain

4. Trend Framework & Trend Mapper

The agile key to unlocking your own trend research department.

Our proprietary Trend Framework revolves around 16 mega-trends and 190+ emerging ones, letting you track trends specific to you and keep a top-level overview of the consumer world – all while remaining laser focused on rapidly adapting to changing customer needs.

Vodafone use the Trend Framework to find relevant consumer trends to them

"Being able to find consumer trends that are relevant across all markets and segments is very important to us, having these trends backed up by new and fresh innovation examples provides further proof of the trends relevance."

Willemijn van Bommel
Market Insights Analyst
Vodafone, Netherlands.

5. Industry Niches

Stay pioneering with the most up-to-date, insightful intelligence on emerging and sustainable industries.

Hone in on some of the most promising industry 'niches' (30+ and growing!). From biodegradable materials to eco-hospitality and from carbon recycling to plant-based eggs. Hosted in Slack and updated weekly.

MTV guide their teams with opportunities from our Industry Niches

"The Premium Service is packed full of inspiring, easily digestible examples of innovations from many different sectors. We use those examples to guide our teams on brand innovation."

Toby Reeves

Research Manager

MTV Europe, United Kingdom.

6. Trend Training & Workshop Tools

Run workshops with best in class trend exercises to turn your team's insights into action.

From inspiration to action, TrendWatching’s methodology, online training & workshop tools (with easily downloadable materials) will also guide you or your team how to apply key insights and come up with your own impactful innovations.

Companies like Google use our tools for training and workshops

"Personalized and fully relevant. We saw many new trends and, more than that, now we can work with the Consumer Trend Canvas and find new ways to apply the trends."

Keith Matsumoto
Senior Industry Analyst

Google, Brasil.

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How much does Premium cost?

Please view the plans and pricing page here.

Does your platform provide data and statistics?

No. Premium is a qualitative service. However, our trends and insights do come with curated, illustrative key numbers.

How do you analyse trends and innovations?

We have a proprietary methodology we use to identify, analyse and spotlight all our trend content, called Purpose-Driven Innovation.

What if the service isn't for me?

No worries, we offer a no-risk guarantee: if, after purchasing, you feel Premium is not for you after all, then just let us know within four weeks of your purchase and we will refund you in full.

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