Izzy Ahrbeck

Trend Analyst

Having lived in eight countries before settling in Berlin, Izzy identifies as a global advocate for future-proofed frameworks. Her time is split between TrendWatching and its sister-brand Business of Purpose, where she publishes innovation insights, researches purpose-driven trends, and assists in various projects including the Purposed Innovation Methodology for TrendWatching’s upcoming Academy.

Since completing her Master’s Degree in Sustainable Business & Innovation in Canada and Spain, she has worked with various European startups to co-create sustainable business strategies and new impact measuring tools.

Izzy loves to deep-dive into topics and has written articles on cases ranging from empathetic leadership to intersectional environmentalism. More recently, she gave a presentation on ‘Building Resilient Strategies’ to over 200 global healthcare professionals.

After having a past life as an award-winning film and music professional, Izzy finds herself knee-deep in trends research, deeming it as the north star guiding businesses towards untapped opportunities and social change.

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