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Henry Mason

Managing Director

Henry Mason is an experienced and sought-after keynote speaker and author of Trend-Driven Innovation. In the past 5 years, Henry has given over 100 keynote presentations in more than 30 countries, speaking alongside thought leaders (from Seth Godin to Steven Johnson), ground-breaking entrepreneurs (from Robin Chase to Eric Schmidt), global figures (from Kofi Annan to Muhammad Yunus) and many, many more. Henry was included in GQ's Most Connected Men in Britain list in 2016.

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Some recent love

  • “Captured everyone from the first second.”

    “Henry opened the conference and captured everyone from the first second with sharp, on-point and easily convertible insights into innovation and day-to-day changes in teams and organizations. The feedback was absolutely top across all delegates and I can highly recommend Henry for future conferences.”

  • “Henry was an outstanding speaker.”

    “Henry was an outstanding speaker. He presented at two sessions and received high marks from all in attendance. Representative comments included: 'Very succinct. My favorite breakout session.', 'One of the most interesting breakouts of the 20 sessions I attended.' and 'Extremely interesting. Takeaways really resonated.'”

  • “No hesitation in booking Henry as a speaker.”

    “What I like about Henry's presentations is that they help you put examples into context, and help you understand the ‘why?', essential if you then want to go back and create great work yourself. I'd have no hesitation in booking Henry as a speaker, and I look forward to working with him and the TrendWatching team in the future.”

Media mentions

  • “The Five New Missions of Communications Pros”

    According to Henry Mason from Trendwatching Institute, 73% of millennials don’t believe governments alone can resolve societal issues and 83% expect companies to become more actively involved. Trendwatching Institute calls this trend ‘Branded Government’: consumers are increasingly expecting brands to pay attention to their ethical behavior and environmental responsibility. They want brands with clear values.

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  • “Three things digital marketers need to know about consumers in 2016”

    Look past the clichés about how “business as usual is over” and “the relentless pace of change” and you’ll see the great paradox in today’s business arena: the truly exceptional has become wholly unexceptional. Indeed, the one constant is that customers share a common mindset: astonishingly elevated expectations, applied ruthlessly to each and every business, product, service or experience available.

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  • “Why agencies shouldn't lead on innovation”

    Henry Mason, managing director of TrendWatching, thinks this is critical: “Too many companies forget to answer the real question: why are they doing something? Before you give people the space and freedom to ‘do something’, ask yourself, do you – and they – really know what they are trying to achieve in the medium to long term? ”

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