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December 2012

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Knowing what shoppers will want requires understanding what they're missing.

What you'll shop for in 2013

by Julia Savacool

Knowing what shoppers will want requires understanding what they’re missing. “We are always asking, ‘What basic need does a product fill?’” says Henry Mason, who is the global head of research for trendwatching.com.

Here’s what he predicts we’ll shop for next.

Latest tech: Expect devices to coordinate in customizing your daily life. Mason’s example: “A new app syncs your alarm clock to the local weather on your Internet and adjusts your wake-up time on days when it’s extra rainy or snowing, predicting a longer commute.” Genius!

Personal training: This year’s fitness trend is all about using your own body weight and gravity to build strength (think push-ups and sit-ups), reports the American College of Sports Medicine. Simple, but form is everything, so invest in sessions with a certified fitness professional who can help you keep good form.

Local produce: A growing concern over obesity and a mistrust of big farming methods will drive consumers toward local food stands and farmers markets. Find one near you at a USDA site, search.ams.usda.gov/farmersmarkets.