São Paulo Trend Event
Unibes Cultural  •  4 December 2018  •  13:15 - 19:00

We know that, for many of you, 2018 has been challenging. With 2019 now on the horizon, let us assist you in turning the next 12 months into opportunity instead of stagnation.

How? Join us in São Paulo on 4 December, when our trend analysts, as part of a global tour and in collaboration with Grant Thornton, will bring you and your team the most impactful 2019 consumer trends and actionable insights.

This super-focused, trend-driven, half-day event, with sessions by Luciana Stein, our São Paulo-based Lead Trend Strategist South & Central America and Lisa Feierstein, our Senior Trend Strategist from New York, will get you completely in the know, prepped and ready to prosper in 2019.

What 4 December will bring

  • 1 The trends for 2019

    Experience the most opportunity-rich consumer trends for 2019, brought to life on-stage; big picture, tightly curated, and ready to apply as you make plans to prosper next year.

  • 2 Insight and opportunity

    Grasp the opportunities that next year presents to your organization, illustrated across dozens of real-world innovation examples, neatly wrapped up inside three future-focused sessions.

  • 3 A fast track

    Save time reading endless trend reports; just spend three hours to jump on the fast track to ideation nirvana for 2019.

  • 4 Decks

    Receive a digital download of everything presented on the day.


  • 13:15 - 14:00


    Registration, coffee or tea.

  • 14:00 - 15:45

    10 Trends for 2019 - Part 1: Expectation Avalanche

    Society is rife with tension. Brands must find their place between cultural, social and technological polar extremes. Lisa Feierstein will take us through 5 trends that will empower you to walk the tightrope that is 2019. Includes tons of innovation opportunities from other parts of the world that are begging to be applied in Brazil.

    In a world of shaken trust, subversive innovators will fly UNDER THE RADAR to find success. Learn how brands must cultivate ever-more polished and ethical AI-fueled IN-HUMAN RESOURCES, and see how your data-powered, INTIMATE CX can survive in a landscape of heightened privacy concerns.

    This session will be in English. Simultaneous translation to Portuguese will be available.

  • 15:45 - 16:15

    Quick break!

  • 16:15 - 17:00

    Specialist panel: What to expect from Brazil in 2019?

    Brazil has (to say the least) gone trough a powerful period of change, and brands must adapt to new consumer market expectations. Join our specialist panel and be guided through the key trends that will be driving your business for the years ahead.

    Hosted by Daniel Maranhão, Grant Thornton's CEO.

    This session will be in Portuguese.

  • 17:00 - 18:00

    10 Trends for 2019 - Part 2: How to save the world

    Your sector has gone through a relentless transformation, but another wave of change is on the horizon. Join Luciana Stein as she identifies 5 urgent trends reshaping Brazilian consumer expectations in 2019.

    Brands will FUTURE PROOF employees and customers disoriented by the pace of change. Consumers seeking to reconnect will congregate around VILLAGE SQUARES. And for 2019’s LAB RATS, the pursuit of peak performance will mean endless experimentation.

    This session will be in Portuguese.

  • 18:00-18:15


    Final words and highlights-wrap of the day.

  • 18:15 - 19:00


    Drinks and networking.

Some of the brands (and agencies) that joined our past, sold-out event in São Paulo

Some feedback from earlier global events

  • “Insightful”

    “A series of insightful sessions that will help us to cut through the noise, now and going into a new year. ”

  • “So important”

    “It's so important to understand what’s coming next and events such as these help us to look backward but also to project forward.”

  • “Super inspiring”

    “I will thank my boss for a super actionable, inspiring day. We are leaving with so much to work with!”

  • “Head spinning”

    “My head is spinning with all the trend goodies. Can't wait to dig into the decks and share the love!”

For you, and your team

Joining us in São Paulo on Tuesday, 4 December will give you and your team the inspiration, foresight and focus required to to make the most of 2019.

You'll get the latest CX innovations to worldwide tech developments to 2019's social, cultural and demographic shifts in Brazil and South America. A 360° view of the consumer landscape, in just one, intense afternoon.

If you're craving an unholy quantity of actionable insights and you're forever short of time, this event truly is for you.

São Paulo Tickets

Super Early Bird ticket price for São Paulo is only US$230

For group rates, payment queries, or anything else, please contact São Paulo Event Manager, Anton Björklund, at anton@trendwatching.com.


Unibes Cultural

A celebrated hub of culture, creative entrepreneurship and social causes, in the center of the city, will host our São Paulo Trend Event on Tuesday, 4 December.

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