New York Trend Seminar

Here’s what happened on the day!
The Bowery Hotel  •  April 12 2018  •  9:00am - 5:30pm

Feeling #SoBlessed to have been joined by over 100 future-focused B2C professionals for an awesome day of consumer trends in New York!

Now: access decks and supporting materials here.


  • 1 The trends

    We heard (and saw) critical consumer trends to 2020, the innovations they are driving and the opportunities they present to smart brands.

  • 2 Our method

    Our guests got hands-on with our end-to-end Trend-Driven Innovation methodology and generated practical innovation ideas to take back to their offices.

  • 3 Toolkit & takeaway

    We unveiled and handed out, our Trend-Driven Innovation Toolkit, an interactive box containing the tools and materials required to apply the consumer trends that matter most to your customers and your business.

A few of the brands that joined us in New York

Feedback from our other 2018 trend seminars

  • “Inspiring”

    “Actionable and inspiring insights, from start to finish. An extraordinary day of trends and opportunities!”

  • “One word: awesome!”

    “From the venue to the speakers, to the consumer trends presented, it was an awesome day from beginning to end.”

  • “Such a pleasure!”

    “Thank you for your hospitality, kindness and all your useful trend insights.”

  • “New, extraordinary and creative ideas.”

    “But we’re not only walking away with new ideas but also with some really great processes and frameworks.”

  • “Exceeded expectations!”

    “All sessions were great with fantastic delivery from a lively set of speakers offering lots of inspiring ideas and valuable insights. Now, back to the office! ”

  • “A fresh look at the connected world we are living in!”

    “Super interesting to examine our customer's behaviors through the lens of their fundamental human needs, wants and desires.”

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