Trend Tour: Manila
Penbrothers Makati  •  20 November 2018  •  08:30 - 13:00

2019 is on the horizon, are you well prepared for it?

After running sold-out global trend series in the past three years, we are excited to take our Trend Tour for the first time to Manila!

Gather your team, and be the first ones to gain key insights into winning the hearts of consumers in Manila and the region.

Inside one super-focused, trend-driven, half-day session, Acacia Leroy, Victoria Loomes, and Nathania Christy will get you completely in-the-know, prepped and ready to prosper in 2019.

What 20 November will bring

  • 1 Trends for 2019

    Deep dive into the most impactful consumer trends for 2019 and get inspired by best-in-class innovations from all over Asia that are setting consumer expectations in the region.

  • 2 Insight to Innovation

    Identify actionable opportunities specifically for you and your team then unpack the trends most relevant to your industry and apply our insights to your own pursuit of trend-driven innovation.

  • 3 A Fast Track

    Save time on reading endless trend reports; simply spend three hours to get you and your team on the fast track to winning consumers and hitting goals in 2019.

  • 4 Digital Download

    Receive the complete deck of all materials from the day, for you to take back to your own planning session!

  • 8:30-9:00


    Registration, coffee or tea

  • 9:00-10:45

    10 TRENDS FOR 2019 Part 1: Expectation Avalanche

    Your sector has gone through a relentless transformation, but another wave of change is on the horizon. Join us as we identify 5 urgent trends reshaping consumer expectations in 2019.

    Brands will FUTURE PROOF employees and customers disoriented by the pace of change. Consumers seeking to reconnect will congregate around VILLAGE SQUARES. And for 2019’s LAB RATS, the pursuit of peak performance will mean endless experimentation.

  • 10:45-11:30


    Quick break!

  • 11:30-12:15

    10 TRENDS FOR 2019 Part 2: Walking the Tightrope

    Modern society is rife with tension. Brands must find their place between cultural, social and technological polar extremes. We will take you through 5 trends that will empower you to walk the tightrope that is 2019.

    In a world of shaken trust, subversive innovators will fly UNDER THE RADAR to find success. Learn how brands must cultivate ever-more polished and ethical AI-fueled IN-HUMAN RESOURCES, and see how your data-powered, INTIMATE CX can survive in a landscape of heightened privacy concerns.

  • 12:15-13:00


    We will unveil and unpack a 2019 selection of tech, retail, fintech and customer experience trends (from ELECTRIC CITIES to OMNICHANNEL WELLNESS) that are reshaping Asian consumerism and destined to have a global impact. Miss it and miss out!

Some of the brands (and agencies) that joined our past events in Asia

Here's what some of them said

  • “So important”

    “It's so important to understand what’s coming next and events such as these help us to look backward but also to project forward.”

  • “The best”

    “The best trend event I've been to with an engaged, open-minded crowd and extraordinary networking opportunities.”

  • “Inspiring”

    “Actionable and inspiring insights, from start to finish. An extraordinary day of trends and opportunities!”

  • “Actionable”

    “A wonderfully actionable and immersive day into what is impacting the lives and behaviors of consumers globally. ”

  • “Thought-provoking”

    “A thought-provoking, actionable and highly relevant set of new ideas and insights that we will put to use immediately.”

  • “Great speakers”

    “Our team gained new perspectives, fresh insights and the speakers were great.”

For you, and your team

Joining us in Manila on 20 November will give you and your team the inspiration, foresight and focus required to glide through 2019 planning, and get ready to execute.

From the latest CX innovations to Chinese retail developments to 2019's social, cultural and demographic shifts, our speakers will deliver a 360° view of the consumer landscape, in just one morning. No paid speaking slots, no sales pitches, no panels.

If you think you will benefit from new, actionable insights from TrendWatching's core teams and 1,000+ global trend spotters, and you're forever short of time, this morning truly is for you.

Manila Tickets

Early Bird ticket price for Manila is only PHP 8,599!

For group rates, payment queries, or anything else, please contact our Event Producer, Dee G, at dee@trendwatching.com.


Penbrothers Makati

An interactive space that combines working and events spaces, Penbrothers Makati is hosting our Manila event on 20 November 2018.

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