Drive the trends. Don't chase them.

Brands + TrendWatching

Four ways the world’s most innovative brands are using trends to stay ahead.

Anticipate and innovate

Understand the trends set to shape (and disrupt) your customers’ expectations. Spot opportunities and turn challenges into winning new products, campaigns and concepts.

"The Innovations Database is a brilliant resource, especially as a way to find thought-provoking ideas for presentations or reports. The Monthly Updates and quarterly Industry Updates are also great for inspiration and to make sure we don’t get complacent. I'm so glad we came across your service when we did."

Dayna Fawkes
Senior Customer Experience Manager

Get on the same page

Make sure everyone in your team has a coherent and comprehensive view of the big forces impacting your customer (and your business!).

"We are surfing the Trend-Driven Innovation wave! The support we've received throughout this year and a half via workshops, custom deep dives and tailor made presentations has been a fundamental pillar of our success. We are launching new products born in the cradle of consumer trends."

Nicola Belli
Front End Consumer & Product Innovation Director

No more tunnel vision

Break free from conventional thinking by seeing how innovators in other industries and markets are responding to the trends you're tracking.

"The Premium Service is packed full of inspiring, easily digestible examples of innovations from many different sectors. We use those examples to guide our teams on brand innovation. That's before I even mention the annual Trend Report – I actually loved it! Just what our business needs at the moment for inspiration/innovation."

Toby Reeves
Research Manager

Instantly actionable

You won't simply find endless 'interesting' reports in Premium. Instead you'll find relevant and actionable insights, delivered in practical formats that will save YOU time.

"I use the tangible in-market examples from the Innovations Database to inspire the team when working on our Category Trends and the Apply Toolkit for guidance on trend application into business. The TrendWatching team are always available with handy tips and insights when needed which is so helpful."

Ana Albino
CMI Global Refreshments

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