Your trend taster: Browse four all-new, super-fresh trends from our upcoming 2017 Trend Report!


From VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE ECONOMY to MOTIVATED MINDLESSNESS, in 80+ pages we'll showcase where the consumer landscape (and your customers' expectations) are headed in 2017.

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So, without further ado...

Four all-new trends from our 2017 Trend Report!

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Fears around human redundancy are just one fall-out of the revolution in AI development. Smart brands will prove they understand that tech can, and should, RENEW us all, with tech-powered solutions that enrich human life. Featuring brands including Puma, X2AI and Zenbo.


Pokémon Go was the success story of 2016. But what does it really mean for brands and marketers? As experiences become the primary focus of millions of consumers seeking their next status fix, it’s time to welcome the VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE ECONOMY. Google, The Void andAlibaba are already riding this trend. How will you respond?


Consumers on a quest for more meaningful consumerism seek big brands who are willing to leverage their resources and respond near instantly with crisis solutions. In 2017, it’s not what you say; it’s what you do that counts. What can you learn from Coca-Cola Ecuador, Maxis Malaysiaand Verizon?


Dare we say it: self-improvement and willpower don’t always go hand-in-hand. But now, AI-enabled tools, products and platforms are helping consumers outsource the discipline needed to reach their goals. All the gain with only some of the pain. Featuring brands including Vi, AVA and Boltt India.

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