Rolling back the years: How brands in Brazil are starting to support an ageing population


The latest feature in our tw:in Twins blog series - where two of our on-the-ground trend spotters from around the world are paired together to discuss a specific trend within their city or region - sees us head back to Brazil. Another of our Sao Paolo correspondents, Guilherme Minuzzi sets about exploring how a country as large as his using SYMPATHETIC PRICING to tackle something that has long been considered a concern of the developed world - an ageing population. 

The ageing of Brazil's population is happening at an accelerated rate. While this is a global concern facing countries the world over, Brazil’s concerns over going grey are particularly unique.

By 2050 Brazil will have 70 million people over 60. Over the next 40 years, the number of Brazilians over 60 will be higher than people under 29 years. For a young country whose average age is currently 29, this is a big leap. The expectation of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) reinforces that Brazil is ageing fast, but the worst bit is before getting rich, different from what happened in developed countries.

Increased life expectancy, provided by better health, brings opportunities and challenges for companies that must prepare to meet these consumers, promote actions to improve their daily lives and also absorb this workforce. Living longer and better, the elderly people begin to have new needs and to remain active professionally, which will require a transformation of society.

This phenomenon known as ageing population has transformed the profile of Brazilian families. Generally, the elderly were seen as dependent beings, but in recent years this trend is changing and a new reality is emerging, and many families are now lead by them.

SYMPATHETIC PRICING & Brazil's ageing population

However, it's important to highlight that getting old in Brazil is still considered a challenge - especially when we talk about public health system, which is not effective, and when people need a better health support they must turn to private care, which is very (very!) expensive.

One of health problems that we face when we get older is related to vision, and this is one area many brands in Brazil are already stepping in to help out the ageing population. It is very common in Brazil for optical companies to offer discount according to the age.

For instance; if you´re 60 years old you'll receive a 60% discount on buying a new eyewear. Two examples of this are by Opticas Carol and Itamaraty, who both offer the same concept. Tapping into consumers need for a discount and recognition from brands for a situation, this kind of campaign is apparently successful and something I've seen a lot of companies offering around the country.


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