TrendWatching’s Insight Network has launched worldwide meet-ups for trend-hungry spotters! Here’s how the first one went down


TrendWatching’s Insight Network (or tw:in for those in the know ;) has always been absolutely packed with inspiring and driven members from all around the globe. These members - or spotters - help us see and understand exactly what is going on in the most hidden and exciting corners of the world, making them a crucial part of everything we do. But, during the last year, tw:in has been growing at a rapid rate - meaning the combined intelligence of our network is greater than ever before.

One result of this? We’ve decided to harness our many members around the world and get them to connect in real life (how’s that for MASS MINGLING ;). After months of preparation, planning and praying our spotters were as excited as we were, the first tw:in meet-ups were born.


Being the HQ of the tw:in team and one of Europe's most sparkling start-up hubs, it was always clear to us that the launch of our first-ever tw:in meet-up was going to take place in the city of Amsterdam.

Even though part of the tw:in meet-up blueprint is to remain informal and intimate, and reserved for our sharpest Spotters, subscribers and local innovators, we wanted our first-ever event to be launched at the right time and in the perfect place. So, during Amsterdam Capital Week - an annual week connecting globally interesting startups with powerful investors across the city- we took the opportunity to partner up with our friends at WeWork and hijacked one of their local co-working spaces.


We’d planned a small scale event for our first outing, and that’s what we were greeted with - 12 of our Amsterdam-based spotters, both experienced and burgeoning tw:in users, were in attendance.  And, with an engaging introduction of our session held by our Head of tw:in, Victoria Foster, we also unintentionally managed to capture a few extra curious faces from one of Capital Week’s other presentations. Win-win ;)

Following Victoria’s presentation explaining TrendWatching’s unique trend-driven take on innovation, we switched the focus to involve everyone in a challenging workshop designed to help them tie together how spotting innovations and trends fit perfectly into TrendWatching’s bigger methodology.


With the use of our Consumer Trend Canvas (and some chilled prosecco ;), we brought to life a lively table-discussion where we encouraged the audience to break down, and then deep dive straight into, one of TrendWatching’s latest trend briefings, AUTONOMANIA.

As a major takeaway from the meet up, our participants took not only their personal canvas full of post-its and new ideas, but also plenty of new insights about how to better spot innovations and trends, as well as how to apply this to innovating in their own lives.


But it doesn’t end there for tw:in! Our meet-ups have already started to roll out across the globe (that’s you, Lagos and Singapore!), with each one different from the others but always fresh with TrendWatching’s most recent (and often unpublished) trends.

The meet-ups are an informal forum for the most switched-on and curious members in our community to meet up with all the amazing people in our network, and to share the unique ideas and knowledge they have with us and each other. And, after three successes in just over a week, we can’t wait to get more set up.

See you soon in a city near you!


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