Pushing forward with purpose: Jacqui Hocking talks storytelling & sustainability ahead of her appearance at our Singapore Trend Event


Photo credits - feature, VSS; profile below, Mathew Lynn

The list of speakers for our 2016 Consumer Trend Events just keeps getting stronger (and longer!). Each city will see leading innovators join our own trend gurus as we get to the heart of consumerism's most pressing topics - from AI to big data, demographics to Big Brand Redemption. 

We're super excited to invite Jacqui Hocking, a visual storyteller and social entrepreneur currently working on a new project, VSS (more on that below ;), to our sold-out event in Singapore. We managed to grab some time with her to shed some more light on what we can expect as she pulls up a chair to our Branded Infrastructure panel - exploring how smart brands are making Asia a better place to be. 

Jacqui Hocking

Can you tell us a bit about your day-to-day life? What do you enjoy the most, and what do you find the most challenging?

My day-to-day life is always a total adventure! Everyday is a new story. I live and travel all over South East Asia, so I spend a lot of time in transit. When I’m not filming, editing or writing new stories, I work every day using
ASANA to manage my team and projects. Coordinating shoot dates, locking in content schedules or pulling the pieces together for Singapore’s first Eco Film Festival; it can all be done remotely… as long as I have my laptop and a strong wifi connection!

As someone that’s speaking at our Singapore event, what do you find about the region that make it such an important place for innovation?

Singapore is my favourite city in the world. It gives me so much hope to see such a fast-moving urban city take its environment into consideration so much. Things like water and waste are topics that need innovation as fast as possible - and Singapore is really leading the way.

Being a hub for the rest of Asia, Singapore is really the testing ground for social entrepreneurs to come up with new technologies and scale them fast throughout the region. It’s such an exhilarating place to live!

Without giving too much away, what topics, issues, trends or challenges are you excited to share with our audience at the Singapore Consumer Trend Event?

I’m SO excited to share more about the B Corp movement into South East Asia. It’s something that’s really made HUGE waves throughout Europe and the US, so to feel it making an impact here is so exciting. The only question is: which companies in Asia will lead the way?!


You feature on our Branded Infrastructure panel. Can you share a favourite innovation or initiative that you feel embodies this subject matter?

Purpose has been a driving factor for me my entire career, and it’s so awesome to see that “brands with a purpose” are starting to really become the leaders throughout the world. I think integrating more sustainable innovation, humanizing your brand and becoming more authentic - all these things are really driving a paradigm shift in the corporate world. For example, brands in Singapore like Bettr Barista (above) are making such a huge positive impact while at the same time creating a solid brand for themselves - “changing lives through coffee”.

What trends do you feel that your organization are pursuing in your work? They don’t have to be TrendWatching trends! They might be very broad trends such as ‘the sharing economy’ or ‘the rise of artificial intelligence’. How do you think those trends are set to evolve, and what challenges lie ahead for you?’

My new company VSS (Visual Story Strategy.com) is focusing on discovering the authentic human stories behind the world's most exciting innovation. This means that we are closely following all the new trends in innovation and storytelling!

Every trend that touches on solving the global goals is something I’m keeping an eye on too. Whether that’s helping companies get their B Corp Certification, building new platforms to fight for gender equality, or finding ways to connect with my clients consumers in a more authentic way. I also love the technological trends in Visual Storytelling such as VR and 360, which is something I’m playing with right now.

If you had to pick one trend that you think everyone should be paying attention to now, what would it be?

Getting B Corp Certified!


TrendWatching's 2016 Consumer Trend Events head to Singapore (27 Oct), Sydney (3 Nov), Chicago (10 Nov), London (16 Nov) and Amsterdam (23 Nov). Ready to unlock and experience the trends set to shape 2017 (and beyond)? Find out more here