'Who you gonna call? Trend Watchers!' Our NYC team's verdict on the Ghostbusters VR Experience 👻🚫


Even the most dedicated of trend watchers will find they're often too busy to try the newest products, services or experiences that are changing the consumer landscape. To that end, we wanted to make sure our New York office was clued up on the potential of VR and the VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE ECONOMY.

On a recent Friday evening, our team traversed the busy streets of Manhattan en route to Madame Tussauds in the heart of Times Square. Our mission? To test out the museum’s latest exhibit: a virtual reality simulation of the 80s cinema classic Ghostbusters.

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The simulation itself is tucked away a few floors below thirty-something Denzel Washington and follows a short exhibit highlighting some of the sights and sounds of the 2016 reboot of the film.

To the museum’s credit, the wax figures of stars Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, and Melissa McCarthy were truly life-like (almost alarmingly so), and the holographic projections of ghosts and ghouls and eerie player piano were nice touches. Pro tip: sing along to the theme song, the staff totally love it 😉.

Once through these haunted corridors, you enter a waiting area with four monitors where you can enter your personal details and select a virtual avatar. After setting up your profile you are led to the gear room where you are strapped into a chest piece fitted with haptic feedback sensors, given a large VR headset, and handed a pretty menacing blaster rifle (oh yes, it recoils when you shoot).

As you prepare to enter the arena you feel well-equipped to take on whatever’s going to be thrown at you…

... and you quickly discover that assumption couldn’t be further from the truth.

To put it frankly, this is laser tag on steroids, and we mean that in the best way imaginable. The Void’s VR experience is unbelievably immersive. A couple of us had our doubts going in, but once inside the adventure is captivating.

At one point you and your fellow ghostbusters find yourselves on a ledge high above sprawling New York City, and the though the objective is to vanquish countless flying gargoyles you’ll undoubtedly find yourself simply looking around and admiring the view. (OK, one of us was screaming the whole time because he has a fear of heights, but we couldn't possibly reveal their identity). Manage to fry the final boss and you’ll even smell burning marshmallows. No joke.

If you happen to find yourself ghost busting in Times Square and doing some VR team bonding then let us know if you beat our B+ score!


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