The Launch of Trend-Driven Innovation Take 2 - New York Style


Last night, TrendWatching’s New York team was thrilled to host the next big event in the string of launches to celebrate our new book Trend-Driven Innovation. We treated a select group of local clients and TW:IN spotters to attend a Trend-Driven Innovation Masterclass, hosted by Maxwell Luthy, our Director of Trends & Insights and one of the book's authors.

The event took place at the Center for Social Innovation - a co-working community of nonprofits, creatives and social entrepreneurs - which provided the perfect venue for our back-to-school workshop format. The building had just the right amount of industrial vibes required for our kind of party.


Knowing how famously time-pressed New Yorkers are, we were grateful so many were able to get to the venue in time to enjoy a drink and a bit of networking before class started! The workshop kicked off with a quick introduction from Max, covering why the time was so right for this book and why TrendWatching was perfectly equipped to deliver the book's message. 

The central idea of Trend-Driven Innovation? You must watch out for innovative businesses – within your industry and beyond – to identify consumers' changing expectations. Combine that with an exploration of two trends that Max presented - STATUS TESTS and a sneak preview of our as-yet-unpublished AMBIENT WELLNESS - and you've got some serious food for thought. 


After soaking it all in, we got to work. Ellie Damashek, Client Services Director for North America, walked the class through the Consumer Trend Canvas (the key tool from the Generate section of the book). She was flanked by new recruit and Trend Analyst, Lauren Williams, who stepped in to divide the class into groups to try out the canvas themselves. Six teams broke away and unpacked one of the two trends for a chosen brand (choices included Hermès and Monocle - it was a classy crowd!) before pitching their new innovations to the rest of the audience.

As always, the ideas the canvas helped uncover were fantastic! And while a brilliant idea for Trader Joes (Wait Lifting - pass the time waiting in line by lifting heavy items from your basket with training from "Trader Bros") looked like it would be the winner, Swatch the Clock (a wearable that discouraged tardiness by rewarding the wearer with discounts and points for punctuality) took the crown. The winning innovators all earned a copy of Trend-Driven Innovation to take home! 

Once the winners were announced we stuck around and clinked glasses to a fun & thought-provoking masterclass! 

Some love from the night

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Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 16.27.48

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 16.28.13

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