Taking the Pulse of the Trend Community


As social animals, it’s in our DNA to communicate. To interact and share experiences with those both in our immediate circles and further away. Tech is bringing down previously impenetrable communication barriers - we’re moving towards a world where real-time multi-lingual translation for voice and text is almost within reach, as tools such as Skype’s Translator are opened up to everyone. Bridging worlds is becoming easier and we now expect the heavy lifting to be done for us.

As part of our rolling program of reaching out to our Premium Service clients to find out how their needs are shifting, we were hearing their expectation that we help them map their way of seeing the trend world to ours.

So we developed our Trend Mapper, which seamlessly translates natural language areas of interest related to consumer trends to our mega-trends. These are 16 longer-term themes that speak to the fundamentals of human wants & desires and therefore tend not to change year on year – such as our need for status & self-improvement, that eternal desire for connection, attachment to place and to have joy in our lives. Analysing our Premium content, crunching stats on user behaviour within our Innovations Database and replaying hundreds of client interactions, we distilled a list of 45 focus areas from personalization to health & wellness, sharing economy to transparency, internet of things to authenticity. Our clients could then select their (or their clients’) industry, choose from this focus area list and instantly find the relevant mega-trends.

We found that user engagement went up and new clients could get their head round Premium content far faster.

And what are the key themes on their minds at the moment? From 8000 Trend Maps created, the top 5 are:

  1. Brand personality / loyalty / customer service
  2. Social media / community / connection
  3. Purpose / sustainability / ethical business
  4. Technology / connectivity / internet of things
  5. Health & wellness / self-improvement

Is that true for you too?

The Trend Mapper is available to users of our Premium Service, sitting alongside even more tools, content and expert support designed to help you succeed at every stage of your innovation journey.