Premium: Unilever deliver glowing testimonial!

Tammy Fransli, Unilever Singapore’s ‎E-commerce SEA Marketing Manager, says that our reports have helped the company “put together the landscape of key e-commerce consumer trends – even sourcing from unrelated fields in the region.” TrendWatching Premium, she says, allows the company to identify industry-specific trends, and helps towards applying and identifying key business opportunities in the region. Find out more about what TW:Premium can do for you here



LIVE: Another busy period for the TrendWatching speakers!

The thirst for trends and innovations is rarely quenched so, as a result, our speakers remain in demand! Recent highlights? Victoria Foster headed to IBIS Hotels in Amsterdam, Victoria Loomes returned to London’s Geovation Hub for a Trend Cafe event and David Mattin touched down in Eindhoven for the NRW Marketing Conference. Want a piece of the action in your offices or at your event? Get in touch.

MEDIA: David Mattin's recent publications

TrendWatching’s guru-in-residence (or Global Head of Trends & Insights if you want his official title) David Mattin has been busy over on his LinkedIn page. From Apple’s Day 2 dilemma to Pepsi’s misjudged ad with Kendal Jenner, there’s some hot-off-the-press insight ready and waiting for your perusal (and don’t forget to give him a follow either – there’s way more to come!).

WEBINAR: Truthful Consumerism in Asia

Today, Asian subscribers were treated to Acacia Leroy – TrendWatching APAC’s Lead Trend Strategist – diving into Truthful Consumerism in Asia. She explored what’s in store for the future of business and consumerism throughout the continent in 2017 and beyond. Check the recording here.

TW:IN PULSE – 12 'truthful' innovations from our network

TrendWatching’s Insight Networktw:in for those in the know – recently published PULSE: an in-depth, global look at Truthful Consumerism from the perspective of our Spotters. We spoke at length with members ofor on-the-ground observations that, taken together, allow us – and more importantly YOU – to take the global pulse of innovation. Check it out here.

Client watch: 8 trends Food & Beverage companies need to look out for

Robert Goluba, Owner & Chief Innovation Guide at Evertouch Consulting – esteemed users of our Premium service – has just published the first in a five-part blog series, detailing the eight trends that US-based F&B companies need to have on their radar. The best part? He’s used our Trend Framework to do it! Check the first instalment here.

Premium: 3 new pieces of regional content published!

Clients of our Premium service now have access to three exclusive reports, presenting new expectation-raising innovations from Africa, Asia and South & Central America – each complete with bonus insights from our respective regional experts. These exclusive reports are rounded off with best-practice examples for 16 B2C industries. Sound like something you, your team or company could use? Get in touch

Premium: new client update!

Over the past fortnight, 19 clients from 12 different countries have joined the club, from Unilever in Singapore to Verizon in the USA. Take a glimpse of what’s on offer to them here.

LIVE: This week's speaking engagements

Another busy week for our speakers. Tuesday (April 11th) saw our regional teams in action, with Acacia Leroy heading to Finland to talk trends with Visit Helsinki and Luciana Stein delivering a workshop to the team at Netza Sao Paolo. Not to be outdone in Europe, Victoria Foster visited IBIS for a workshop in Amsterdam (Weds 12th), and our Head of Trends David Mattin delivered a keynote at the NRW Marketing Conference Eindhoven (Thurs 13th).

MEDIA: Vicki Loomes contributes to Voxburner's 2017 Youth Trends report

Discussing a wide range of topics, from lifestyle to tech, Vicki Loomes highlighted the key issues facing brands and younger consumers alike as we move deeper into 2017. Want a TrendWatching take on your next big idea? Get in touch.

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