Ben & Jerry's on why it's time for brands to stand up for what they believe in - whatever the consequences

Images sources in order of appearance: Ben & Jerry’s, Pinterest

Confectionary giant Ben & Jerry’s may be famous for their dessert options, but in recent years the brand have become increasingly active in promoting support for causes they believe in – from climate change to LGBTQ rights. So, as the political discourse in Brazil becomes increasing confrontational, they took action. How? By acting as a RECONCILIATION BRAND, and helping people with opposing views see the other side of the argument (all over a scoop of ice cream, naturally ;). 

What was the inspiration behind the #amoreprogresso campaign?

Like many people, at Ben & Jerry’s we’ve become deeply concerned by the growing divisions in our communities. Pockets of fear and prejudice are on the rise. It’s time to choose unity over division and stand with all flavors, regardless of nationality, race, religion or wealth. Now more than ever, love and understanding needs a megaphone.  

What have been the biggest challenges you’ve faced while both developing the idea and establishing yourselves within the market?

There is no quick fix to building a more inclusive and welcoming society and it will take much more than just ice cream. That’s why we’ll be adding our voice to movements already under way that align with our values, from community projects that bring people together to organisations helping to improve understanding, build common ground and ultimately drive change from the grassroots.

What is your top tip to other professionals who seek to better understand, and stay ahead of, consumers’ changing expectations?

One thing’s for sure: we’re not shy about speaking up, making a case, creating a campaign – or even a flavor – to build awareness and support for the social & environmental issues that we feel strongly about. Over the years we haven’t been shy about taking a stand on issues that we care about, even when they’re controversial. You could say that our passion for justice has been baked right into everything we’ve ever done. Our top tip – stand up for what you believe in and help your fans to take a stand too.

You’re featured in our RECONCILIATION BRANDS briefing – looking at why smart brands are taking action to promote social harmony and repair the bonds of our shared humanity! Where do you see this strand of consumer behavior and expectation heading?

At Ben & Jerry’s we’ve always believed that the potential of our business is bigger than just selling the world’s best ice cream. We use our company to advance issues of climate and social justice and advocate for change. From climate justice to LGBT rights, Ben & Jerry’s has historically stood up for what we believe in. Our mission is to make the best possible ice cream, in the nicest possible way – this is why our fans love us and this is why we will keep standing up for the issues we believe in time and time again.


What is your favorite recent innovation and why?

In 2015, in the lead up to COP 21 in Paris, we created a flavor to bring attention to the historic issue and to send out our own SOS for our planet. It was called Save Our Swirled, featuring raspberry ice cream, marshmallow and raspberry swirls, plus dark and white fudge pieces. But how do we tell the climate change story using ice cream? Dig out a chunky spoonful and you can’t help but notice the unique dark and white fudge ice cream cones that appear to be melting. Our stance on climate change and our ice cream is one in the same: if it’s melted, it’s ruined! Save Our Swirled is more than just a “swirled-class” flavor: it’s a climate change message you can’t ignore.


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TrendWatching’s Insight Network has launched worldwide meet-ups for trend-hungry spotters! Here’s how the first one went down

TrendWatching’s Insight Network (or tw:in for those in the know ;) has always been absolutely packed with inspiring and driven members from all around the globe. These members – or spotters – help us see and understand exactly what is going on in the most hidden and exciting corners of the world, making them a crucial part of everything we do. But, during the last year, tw:in has been growing at a rapid rate – meaning the combined intelligence of our network is greater than ever before.

One result of this? We’ve decided to harness our many members around the world and get them to connect in real life (how’s that for MASS MINGLING ;). After months of preparation, planning and praying our spotters were as excited as we were, the first tw:in meet-ups were born.


Being the HQ of the tw:in team and one of Europe’s most sparkling start-up hubs, it was always clear to us that the launch of our first-ever tw:in meet-up was going to take place in the city of Amsterdam.

Even though part of the tw:in meet-up blueprint is to remain informal and intimate, and reserved for our sharpest Spotters, subscribers and local innovators, we wanted our first-ever event to be launched at the right time and in the perfect place. So, during Amsterdam Capital Week – an annual week connecting globally interesting startups with powerful investors across the city- we took the opportunity to partner up with our friends at WeWork and hijacked one of their local co-working spaces.


We’d planned a small scale event for our first outing, and that’s what we were greeted with – 12 of our Amsterdam-based spotters, both experienced and burgeoning tw:in users, were in attendance.  And, with an engaging introduction of our session held by our Head of tw:in, Victoria Foster, we also unintentionally managed to capture a few extra curious faces from one of Capital Week’s other presentations. Win-win ;)

Following Victoria’s presentation explaining TrendWatching’s unique trend-driven take on innovation, we switched the focus to involve everyone in a challenging workshop designed to help them tie together how spotting innovations and trends fit perfectly into TrendWatching’s bigger methodology.


With the use of our Consumer Trend Canvas (and some chilled prosecco ;), we brought to life a lively table-discussion where we encouraged the audience to break down, and then deep dive straight into, one of TrendWatching’s latest trend briefings, AUTONOMANIA.

As a major takeaway from the meet up, our participants took not only their personal canvas full of post-its and new ideas, but also plenty of new insights about how to better spot innovations and trends, as well as how to apply this to innovating in their own lives.


But it doesn’t end there for tw:in! Our meet-ups have already started to roll out across the globe (that’s you, Lagos and Singapore!), with each one different from the others but always fresh with TrendWatching’s most recent (and often unpublished) trends.

The meet-ups are an informal forum for the most switched-on and curious members in our community to meet up with all the amazing people in our network, and to share the unique ideas and knowledge they have with us and each other. And, after three successes in just over a week, we can’t wait to get more set up.

See you soon in a city near you!


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Your trend taster: Browse four all-new, super-fresh trends from our upcoming 2017 Trend Report!

From VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE ECONOMY to MOTIVATED MINDLESSNESS, in 80+ pages we’ll showcase where the consumer landscape (and your customers’ expectations) are headed in 2017.

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So, without further ado…

Four all-new trends from our 2017 Trend Report!

twp-4trends-highlights-trend1 (1)

Fears around human redundancy are just one fall-out of the revolution in AI development. Smart brands will prove they understand that tech can, and should, RENEW us all, with tech-powered solutions that enrich human life. Featuring brands including Puma, X2AI and Zenbo.


Pokémon Go was the success story of 2016. But what does it really mean for brands and marketers? As experiences become the primary focus of millions of consumers seeking their next status fix, it’s time to welcome the VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE ECONOMY. Google, The Void andAlibaba are already riding this trend. How will you respond?


Consumers on a quest for more meaningful consumerism seek big brands who are willing to leverage their resources and respond near instantly with crisis solutions. In 2017, it’s not what you say; it’s what you do that counts. What can you learn from Coca-Cola Ecuador, Maxis Malaysiaand Verizon?


Dare we say it: self-improvement and willpower don’t always go hand-in-hand. But now, AI-enabled tools, products and platforms are helping consumers outsource the discipline needed to reach their goals. All the gain with only some of the pain. Featuring brands including Vi, AVA and Boltt India.

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'The most powerful trend taking shape right now? Personalization.' Local Measure's Sara Axelrod talks data ahead of her appearance at our Sydney Trend Event

It’s no longer about personalised items – it’s about personalised services and experiences. Image courtesy of Major Drop

In little over three weeks, we return to the inimitable Museum of Contemporary Art for our Sydney Trend Event on November 3rd. One of the panels, The Data Divide – tackling the ever-growing conflict between privacy and personalization – includes Sara Axelrod, COO of social media monitoring startup Local Measure. Here, we get an insight into Sara’s day-to-day, as well as getting a sneak preview of what we can expect in Sydney. 

Can you tell us a bit about your day-to-day working life? What do you enjoy the most, and what do you find the most challenging?

I manage all of the commercial operations for a 40-person technology startup, which includes our overseas offices in Singapore, London and Miami. It is an incredibly entrepreneurial, fast-paced environment! The global element is what I enjoy most, and also what lured me to Sydney from the more insular environment of Silicon Valley. I travel regularly for conferences, client meetings and strategic partnership discussions, and I try to visit one of Local Measure’s international offices each quarter. 

When I’m not traveling, I am at Local Measure’s HQ in Sydney and spend most of my time in calls and meetings supporting my team with global client-facing strategies, driving the company’s marketing efforts, and recruiting and hiring great people to keep pace with our growth. As a global team, maintaining strong communication is critical to our success, but that means that there are a lot of late night and early morning calls. In that sense, managing teams in literally all corners of the globe can also be the most challenging aspect of my role – but I love it!

As someone that’s speaking at our Sydney event, what do you find about the region that make it such an important place for innovation? 

I moved to Sydney two years ago from San Francisco, so it’s been interesting for me to get to know the city with a fresh set of eyes and compare the startup ecosystems in both markets. There is a huge amount of interest in startups and innovation here in Australia at the moment, perhaps in part due to the decline of the mining sector which has catalysed the country to find a new source of economic growth.

For that reason, I feel like we (Local Measure) have received a lot of attention and opportunities here that may have been less accessible to us in a market like Silicon Valley, where there are so many startups that it is hard to break through the noise.

Without giving too much away, what topics, issues, trends or challenges are you excited to share with our audience at the Sydney Consumer Trend Event?

Location, location, location.

Local Measure 2

You feature on our ’The Data Divide’ panel. Can you share a favourite innovation or initiative that you feel articulates the direction this issue is heading? 

Personalization is, in my mind, the most powerful trend taking shape right now. It’s something that people have been talking about for a long time but only recently, with the ubiquity of mobile devices and the intelligence of big data, are we at a point where we will start to see experiences meaningfully tailored to individual preferences at scale.


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See how Xiaomi, ING, Google, Insurify, 20th Century Fox and more are serving the new customer thirst for AUTONOMANIA!

The autonomous solutions that experts forecasted for 2030, 2040, and beyond? They’re already here!

Yes, it’s happening: automated and AI-fueled innovations are enveloping the lives of consumers, bringing with them new expectations of convenience, value and delight.

For brands, the message is clear: serve or get served!

Prefer the former? Then start by taking action on one or more of the five key trends in this new Trend Briefing, AUTONOMANIA:

  • Find out how chatbots, robots and more will prove to consumers that AUTONOMY > MONOTONY in 2017
  • Learn how artisanal makers will do battle with products that are smarter, more beautiful, just better, because they are AI DESIGNED
  • See how rising numbers will turn to AI to improve their SOC-AI-L SKILLS

... and much more! Dive in right here.

Featuring brands from all over the world already putting these trends into action, including Xiaomi, ING, Tate Gallery, 20th Century Fox, IntelligentX Brewing Company, Google, ZENTA, Vi, Insurify, and Ghostbot.

As always, we’d love to hear if you have any comments, questions, suggestions or spottings. Otherwise, good luck with launching your next wave of trend-driven innovations!


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'We've always been driven by a desire to show that business can be a force of good' - The Body Shop's Kate Levine talks BIG BRAND REDEMPTION ahead of our London Trend Event

Image credit, in order of appearance: The Body Shop, Guitar Planet

With our London Trend Event (taking place at Kings Place on November 16th) just around the corner, we managed to catch up with Kate Levine – Director of Commitment & Corporate Communications at The Body Shop, and guest on our ‘Can Big Brands Be Redeemed?‘ panel. Here, Kate talks us through a day in her life, as well as looking ahead to next month’s event (via an honourable mention to London, Cool Britannia and why the city still has so much to give). 

A typical day at The Body Shop for me usually involves a ton of meetings…but all about topics I’m fascinated by – in fact, we’re all pretty passionate about what we do, so it’s never dull. 

Many of these meetings try to identify issues and risks with the decisions we are making as a business – both from a communications and an operational point of view. The Body Shop is and always has been driven by its desire to show that business can be a force for good, so it’s vital to make sure we’ve thought through the ethics and sustainability angles of everything we do. 

Of course, it’s not all risk management. Over the last two days, I worked with our designers and copywriters on stories and images for our Community Trade programme. This is at the heart of our business and was set up by our founder Anita Roddick in the 80s as a response to what she saw as a very unfair world trade system. Not only is it still going strong, but we’ve just pledged to double the size of it by 2020.


I also spent time with NGOs discussing campaigning; I spoke to journalists, giving them some new stories; I met with my PR agency to plan for 2017 and then worked on our next press trip to India. One of the highlights of my week was a trip to the brilliant Moniker Art Fair to check out some artists we’re thinking of working with next year.    

I love working and living in London. For me, it’s always been cool, been different… I remember when I first moved here from Sydney in the 1990s, it was the time of Cool Britannia (even though that sounds super cringey now – it’s so uncool to state you’re cool!) with a great boom in art, fashion, music – but I had always thought of London as cool.  Before my time, there was the Swinging London of the 60s, punk of the 70s, then clubbing and music and magazines like The Face in the 80s.  A lot of that, for me, was about culture and the arts but also about freedom of spirit, confidence and an attitude that you can and should try new things. 

Noel Gallagher

At work, what’s great is that these creative elements influence business to come up with exciting concepts – whether they’re models of working or products or marketing concepts that your customers and colleagues will really connect with. I also love the British self-deprecation and irreverence. I do think that gives the UK an edge and for The Body Shop, that particular humour has always been an important part of our brand expression.

If there’s one trend that everyone should be paying attention to now, it has to be the health of our planet.  Every shred of evidence points to it being in a pretty dire place now so it’s absolutely imperative that protecting our planet underpins all thinking. 

What is great is that this ‘trend’ doesn’t have to be boring or worthy… it can be anything from Zipcars to Stella McCartney’s latest collection. The health of our planet is not an issue that’s going away, so in that sense the issue isn’t a trend; what’s interesting is how engage and motivate people in exciting and stimulating ways.


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Our US team is freaking out about November

On November 10th, TrendWatching’s global event series makes its debut in Chicago. After a sell-out North American showing in New York last year, we’ve been working on an extra-special line-up of speakers, panels and deep-dive trend sessions to take this year to new levels for all in attendance. Lauren Williams, one of the Trend Analysts from our NYC office, explains why the US team is freaking out (and why it’ll all be worth it in the end ;)

I started in TrendWatching’s New York office back in March and my colleague Max kept telling me how he couldn’t wait till November. Not because he’s placed a bet on the presidential election, or because he’s obsessed with pumpkin pie, but because on November 10th our global event series on The Trends for 2017 stops in Chicago. Max must have told me 100 times how much fun he had during last year’s event in New York.

While TrendWatching has used the written word (so old-fashioned!) as our primary channel since 2002, we absolutely LOVE presenting our trends in person. Since my first day, almost 8 months ago, my presenting work at TrendWatching has taken me from Brooklyn – delivering an opening keynote at Voxburner’s YMS event – to Bangalore, facilitating an innovation workshop. And there’s still much more to come before the end of the year, including a session I’m presenting at the Chicago event and a keynote at the Color Marketing Group conference in New Mexico.

Personally, I am so excited to see all of our hard work, long meetings and analyst team debates come to life in Chicago. Beyond all the deep research that goes into uncovering The Trends for 2017, an unimaginable amount of behind the scenes work has gone into planning the day – from determining how to deliver a buzzworthy networking session, new ideas for the notebook layout (I’m told the gorgeous notebooks from last year’s tour set the bar very high) and a whole slew of logistics that, frankly, boggle my mind.  

I am particularly pumped to hear from our guest speakers and panelists, joining us from exciting companies including Google, Cotopaxi, Leo Burnett, Samsung, Exubrancy, Mattel, Southwest Airlines, Paribus and more. And we’re looking forward to revealing trends like INTERNET OF CITIZENS and VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE ECONOMY.

Chicago is an awesome city and we cannot wait to see all of you there – whether you’re a local or coming from further afield – so we can enlighten and inspire your winning strategies for 2017. We have been prepping for months (literally – the team have been working on the events since before I started) and have an eye-opening day planned. Check out the agenda here.

See you in Chicago!



If you still haven’t purchased your tickets – there is still time (and a handful of spaces left)! And Chicago isn’t the only city we’re stopping at ;). Check here for the full tour.

Trends Go Visual: Getty Images on what STATUS and BETTERMENT mean for the visual sphere

All images appear courtesy of Getty Images. 

This is the first in a series of four blog posts created in collaboration with our partners over at Getty Images. Each post will see us share two of the 16 mega-trends that form part of our broader Trend Framework. These are the big, slow-moving currents in the consumer arena – that, taken together, form our complete picture of consumerism today and where it’s heading.

Below, Jacqueline Bourke – Senior Manager of Creative Planning for Getty Images London – showcases the most aesthetically stunning representations of the trends that are shaping the future, and how these trends translate to the visual sphere.


To develop truly relevant, meaningful (and successful!) innovations, you need to understand the bigger picture. The trend ecosystem as it were…

Enter the Trend Framework – an insanely comprehensive (and actionable) overview of the the 16 mega-trends TrendWatching track.

Ready to explore the first two mega-trends and their visual accompaniment? Read on!

STATUS SEEKERS: What, why & what next

STATUS SEEKERS entails the relentless, often subconscious, yet ever-present force that underpins almost all consumer behavior – based around the fact that the desire for status and recognition is a deep and universal human need.

In consumer societies, people traditionally derive much of their social status through the goods, services and experiences they collect and share. And with so many choices available in modern economies, consuming is as much a statement about who I am as what I have.

As status becomes more diverse and traditional status symbols such as cars, houses and designer handbags lose their allure, status is accrued through knowledge, skills, expertise, connections and more. And the most important facet of the post-material statusphere? The ability to tell and share ever-more interesting stories on social platforms.

The Getty Images perspective

Humans are contradictory, and the contrasts faced by the modern consumer is equally a yearning for extremes – from a desire for either luxury, convenience or individuality outside the mainstream – to a genuine need for interconnectedness, community, acceptance and journey.

Ultimately, our STATUS is to seek an audience to share our stories. We want to be seen, we want to be recognized for who we are and our continual process of learning and evolving. As more and more of us use social media to share our stories with the world, we are overwhelming choosing to do that through visuals.

The way that we share and use imagery continues to evolve and the kind of imagery we like best changes at a dramatic rate. From the authenticity of everyday smartphone realism to seeking something more aspirational, surreal and imaginative, we are now living in a world craving visuals that go beyond the norm, expanding our understanding of who we are and the way we interpret the world.

(You can view the complete STATUS SEEKERS collection by Getty Images right here).

BETTERMENT: What, why & what next

BETTERMENT is the universal quest for self-improvement – show us a consumer who doesn’t aspire to doing so!

The desire to improve can manifest in many ways: the desire for better health, for greater knowledge, the development of new skills and much more. The products, campaigns and services that enable the realization of these goals will simply appear ‘better’ than those that don’t.

Consumers now seek a deeper, lasting personal impact from their purchases, wanting a sense of personal growth (think emotional, spiritual or ethical) that is not always easy to quantify. It’s time to think beyond BETTERMENT devices and tools of convenience to services that truly facilitate a higher version of the self.

The Getty Images perspective

As brands start to focus on values, as we shift our focus to more meaningful consumption, a surge of concepts such as goodness, intention and interconnectedness play out in the visual landscape. People are searching for something more mindful and spiritual and are purchasing with purpose. In an overwhelming visual world, brands and storytellers are placing purpose at the core of their narratives and must now appeal to our sense of worth, inside and out. 

We are seeing imagery representing contemplation or introspection and imagery showing a god’s eye view via aerial photography. 

Imagery is uncomplicated but beautifully executed to stand out against imagery that’s more frantic and busy. Less is more in both composition and colour with pictures that are often quiet and restrained.

(You can view the complete BETTERMENT collection by Getty Images right here).


Getty Images is the world’s leader in visual communication, with over 190 million assets available through its premium content site and its leading stock content site. They are an official partner for both our Singapore (at the National Design Centre on October 27th) and Sydney (November 3rd at the Museum of Contemporary Art) Trend Events. Want to see what’s going down? More info and tickets here

Our newly-launched tw:in meet-ups are heading to Lagos on Saturday 8th October!

TrendWatching’s Insight Network – or tw:in for those in the know ;) – has recently started to organise exclusive meet-ups for like-minded trend enthusiasts all over the world. Having already hit Amsterdam and Singapore, Saturday 8th October sees the platform’s first foray in Lagos, Nigeria, for a dive into TrendWatching’s methodology as well as key trends and innovations shaping both the region and the world. 

Emeka Obia, Nigeria’s most prolific Super Spotter, will be providing support on the day, and here he provides a quick run through of what the people of Lagos can expect come the weekend. Want to register? You can sign up right here

There’s a big argument that Africa at isn’t quite ready for trends yet, but it’s quite interesting to see that businesses in this part of the world and constantly looking for new ways to stand out, and meet customers increasing needs. Information and communication technology has ushered in a new wave of technological advances and is creating novel opportunities for businesses (as TrendWatching covered in recent briefings AFRICA INSIDE OUT and  THE FUTURE OF AFRICONNECTION).

Hosted by TW:IN, the session will see TrendWatching’s Africa Regional Director, Lola Pedro, set the scene for savvy professionals, who share an insatiable curiosity in understanding the direction of key trends, by providing them with an overview of TW:IN, and helping them better understand how the network fits into TrendWatching’s bigger methodology.

The interactive session, taking place in Yaba – an upcoming start-up neighbourhood and Lagos’ answer to Silicon Valley, will give attendees a chance to ask critical questions, meet and network with other trend enthusiasts, as well as highlighting the insights crucial to understanding customer expectations in today’s fast-evolving world.

Want to join? It’s not too late – registration is still open, and there’s a handful of spaces remaining. For those who have already signed up, see you on Saturday!



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Santiago: The South American city that embodies the (G)LOCAL mindset

Our LOCAL LOVE series invites one of our Super Spotters from TrendWatching’s Insight Network to explore the trends and innovations that are shaping their local environment (previous editions include everywhere from Lisbon to New Delhi). The next stop on the trip? Santiago, Chile, where Rotterdam-born spotter Jeanine Leenheer is now studying.

Over to you, Jeanine!


What is your favorite thing to do in the city?

The most important thing for me to do in a city I’m not familiar with is discovering hidden places. I arrived in Santiago over two months ago without any expectations. For me, that’s the best thing to do: being open-minded and go with the flow. I like to take the side streets and discover local spots; Santiago is a huge city compared to Rotterdam, where I was born, so there is plenty of opportunities to do so!

One of my favourite things to do here in Santiago is to take a random bus to an unknown place to discover the lovely local restaurants and shops. Last time I ended up in Barrio Lastarria – which turned out to be a lucky pick as I tried the tea from Elefan-té and ate something from El Chilean Way Foodtruck. Plus, I found myself in the herd of the Ruta Diseño market.


Are there any specific consumer trends you’re seeing in your local area right now?

Chileans attach value to their roots & wings, which is wonderful to see. They are super friendly and always willing to help, and love to share their cultural habits with foreign people.

On the one hand a consumer trend I am discovering in Santiago is LOCAL LOVE, but on the other hand I see the growing desire of the habitants to be more connected with the world. I would say that this fits the (G)LOCAL mindset – whereby Chileans strive to be more connected with the world while still remaining fiercely proud their own cultural traditions. What I also noticed here in Santiago is the influence of Americanization, Easternization and Westernization.


What major changes are you most excited about over the next 5-10 years? And how do you think it will change the consumers in your city?

I believe that a lot will change over the next 5-10 years! Santiago is now at the beginning of a new era of innovation, but Chileans are never in a hurry – they do everything ‘tranquillo’! This means that innovations will come, but in their own time.

Just over a month ago, the first smart city event in Santiago was organised with more than 60 experts from over the world. At the event, the experts spoke about innovation, resilience, green buildings, the Internet of things, digital transfers and the public order. The event is a good example of the new way of thinking in Santiago about resources, climate change, inequality and an increasing population.

As well as this, last June saw Santiago win the Sustainable Transport Award – showing how, in recent years, a lot of improvements have been made: increasing the number safe sidewalks for pedestrians, more cycle paths, cycling educations programs in primary school and more trees being planted (to name but a few!).

Another cool example is Awto, a car sharing website where you can rent a car for minutes, hours or days. I’d be thrilled to see more infrastructural changes over the next 8 years. More changes will come, but always in the Chilean way. The city is developing itself to a more innovative, smart sustainable, self-expressed, forward-looking city.


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