On the Road...to Jakarta (via a few stops in Singapore, too!)


Last week was officially the busiest week in the history of TrendWatching Asia Pacific. We had four client engagements on four consecutive days, and one of them involved jumping on a plane to a neighbouring country!

We kicked off the series on Tuesday, with a training for MediaCom’s power users to introduce them to TrendWatching Premium and how best to benefit from our services.

On Wednesday, we conducted a Trend Presentation and Consumer Trend Canvas workshop for a major financial services provider in Singapore. It was for a small team of just ten people, but everyone was so on-trend! I'd even say they were one of the best workshop audiences I've ever had in a while. Needless to say, ideas coming out of the workshop were superb, and I'm looking forward to really see them come to fruition.

The next day we hopped on a 7 am flight to Jakarta for Facebook Open House (see featured image!). It is a quarterly event where they invite their key clients to talk about the latest happenings, and we were there to share some of the latest consumer trends. 

The presentation clicker didn’t work halfway and I was a mile away from the laptop, but Jo saved the day by pressing "next" throughout the rest of the presentation. I think she has heard me present for so many times that she knows perfectly well when to transition between the slides.

Right after the event, we hopped on the latest flight out of Jakarta back to Singapore, as the very next morning we had to do another Trend Presentation for SingTel!

The SingTel folks had attended last year's Singapore Seminar and wanted us to come and present to their team. It was the best kind of client engagement - the brief was basically "to inspire the people about innovations by showing them what others are doing in the market."


The event was held in this lovely building in the middle of Singapore Botanic Gardens (a UNESCO heritage site!) and the audience was fantastic.

All in all it was a super tiring week, but a super rewarding one too. Couple that with the few possible future projects that we are currently planning... well let's just say life is never boring at TrendWatching! Stay tuned for more updates from us ;)

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