On the road in…Oslo, Norway @ Avinor’s internal Trend Seminar.


Recently I was in Oslo for a 2-day Trend Seminar and workshop with Avinor, a state-owned enterprise which operates 47 airports across Norway serving over 50 million passengers annually.

Avinor’s mission is to ‘create valuable relations’, and Ina Eldøy, 
Head of Marketing and Brand Management
 arranged the Trend Seminar for her team in order to examine where the industry is headed and highlight best practices in relevant consumer-facing innovation, customer service and compelling air travel experience.

The first day showed the diversity of the word ‘trend’! One session focused on the macro economic drivers shaping the airline industry, another looked at changing local customer demographics (although regular readers will know our view that these are becoming less relevant for those looking to generate actionable foresight around less obvious future opportunities), another looked at retail design trends in the airport context, before a fantastic closing case study session from the Finnish airport operator Finavia and Hellon, a service design agency.

My session zoomed in on the consumer mega-trends that we’d agreed were most relevant to Avinor’s customer-focused strategy: UBITECH and INFOLUST looking at the new expectations technological changes would create; HELPFULL and more convenient new retail channels; before wrapping up with a look at HUMAN BRANDS and the opportunities to inject brand personality.

Specific trends included BENEFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and CONTEXTUAL OMNIPRESENCE (available in our 5 Trends for 2016) as well as INFORMAL INFO, END OF WAITING and more. These were illustrated by over 30 recent innovation examples from the travel, retail and other sectors, including:

Four consumer trends we discussed at the Avinor Trend Seminar

While the first day was attended by nearly 100 staff and partners from a broad variety of functions, the second day was a workshop for a smaller group of around 20 senior staff who work on a daily basis with customer-facing innovation, research, insights and strategy. During the workshop, groups worked through our Consumer Trend Canvas tool using the previous day’s trends and were tasked with creating a tangible innovation idea. The winning idea would then be presented to the executive board in preparation for a four-week pilot.

Avinor Trend Seminar, Oslo Avinor Trend Seminar, Oslo

The winning team’s pitch targeted health-conscious yet impatient travelers who would like to be able to keep active while they wait for their flight, by offering at-gate exercise classes.

Ina Eldøy summed up the day:

"In a busy work day, there is often too little time to stop, reflect and remembering to see the world from the outside in. Very few are in business for themselves, and the opportunity to spend a day away from the office, focusing on those for whom we exist and our industry has been valuable to both our partners and ourselves. We now share a common ground, and a similar approach to how we in a continuously changing world will secure we deliver on basic human needs."

A big thank you to Ina and everyone at Avinor for making me feel so welcome, and we look forward to seeing how the next phase of Avinor’s innovation journey develops (pun intended!).


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