On the Road... from Singapore to Mumbai (and back ;)


The first two weeks of February have been super busy over here in Asia-Pacific!

Last week we kicked off the month with a presentation for MediaCom in Singapore. As part of our Trusted Trend Partnership with MediaCom in the region, we agreed to work closely with them to ensure they get the most out of the Premium Service. So for the first session we had a presentation introducing them to Trend Dynamics and the new trends for 2016, as well as a general overview of the service as a whole.


The next day, I flew off to Mumbai for Customer Fest India. It’s a two-day conference for various C-suite execs from around India to discuss consumers, with topics like consumer loyalty, customer experience, big data and more. I conducted a Consumer Trend Canvas workshop at the Loyalty summit, and gave a Trend Presentation at the Customer Experience summit. 

At the end of the Trend Presentation, the part where we talk through our Trend Framework -  that contains the 16 mega-trends that define the future of business and consumerism at large - we tell participants: “Pick 5 mega trends, guess what each is about, and the first person to identify them all correctly wins a copy of our new book, Trend-Driven Innovation!” The giveaway was a huge hit on both occasions.


At the same time when I was in Mumbai, Jo (our Client Services Director for Asia Pacific) was in Singapore giving a Trend Presentation at CAEC - the China ASEAN Entrepreneurship Center - an agency designed to help SG businesses enter China and the ASEAN markets. There were five speakers who presented on a variety of topics on what entrepreneurs want most in 2016, and ours was, of course, on how to better understand consumers. 

After that, of course, we went straight into the Chinese New Year festivities. For me it involved non-stop feasting, lighting up firecrackers (to ward off bad luck and evil spirits, according to Chinese tradition, but to us it was just for fun) and hunting for angpow (red packets filled with money) from my relatives. 

Part of CNY festivity is wishing each other a series of four-character rhymes, each with different meanings like good luck / good health etc (in my family, the more rhymes you can spout off to your elders, the more angpow and $$$ you get). So, since Chinese New Year mood is still thick in the air, here’s us wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous year ahead - 









https://translate.google.com/ or http://www.digmandarin.com/108-chinese-new-year-greeting-phrases-sentences.html ;) ;)

(first person to identify all the greetings correctly wins a virtual angpow?)

Both Acacia and Jo are available for speaking engagements, workshops and ideation sessions throughout the APAC region.