Temporary tattoos, epidermal electronics & seamless solutions: How to integrate wellness into our everyday lives


MC10, a healthcare company whose mission is to redefine the boundaries between humans and electronics, featured in THE FUTURE OF BETTERMENT, April 2016's Global Trend Briefing. We managed to catch up with Rooz Ghaffari, the company's co-founder and VP of Technology, to discuss the unique technology behind My UV Patch - an adhesive patch that monitors UV rays, with smartphone-accessible results.

Roozbeh Ghaffari, MC10

What was the inspiration behind My UV Patch?

MY UV Patch represents several years of advanced research in the design and development of ultrathin, stretchable electronics, which we call ‘epidermal electronics’. We set out to create an entirely new class of a skin-mountable wearables in the format of a child’s temporary tattoo with sophisticated sensing and wireless capabilities. The My UV Patch embodies these key technical attributes and design principles, and has commercial utility in the skin health marketplace.

What have been the biggest challenges you’ve faced while both developing the idea and establishing yourselves within the market?

Developing new supply chains and leveraging existing ones were challenging endeavours for a small company like MC10. It takes time to build prototypes and transfer those prototypes to manufacturers with minimal hiccups — high yield and low cost constraints. Our partnerships with L’Oreal Inc. and PCH International have helped us establish this unique technology in the cosmetics/skin health marketplace with an existing customer base, which has quickly gravitated towards the vision of epidermal electronics. 


What is your top tip to other professionals who seek to better understand, and stay ahead of, consumers’ changing expectations?

The ever-changing landscape of consumer products is challenging for product companies to navigate around. We listen to the voice of the customer through our partnerships with leading brands. We try to keep the voice of the customer in mind throughout the research and phases of development. Often, the simpler solutions win and serve as the platform to develop further advanced versions of our core technology.

You’re featured in our briefing, falling under our IMPACT INDICATORS trend - covering instant and useful real-time feedback on health and wellness impacts. Where do you see this strand of consumer behavior and expectation heading?

As the digital health technology adoption curve continues to grow, consumer solutions in the wellness/wearable industries will continue to mature and the trend will move towards better comfort and enhanced signal quality. We will seek solutions that seamlessly integrate into our lives, unobtrusively, and with high signal fidelity.


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