New Delhi is a city evolving at breathtaking speed. But what’s changing for the Indian consumer?


Our LOCAL LOVE series takes its first foray into the Indian subcontinent with this edition's Star Spotter, Pooja from Delhi, who takes us through the continued evolution and development, running in tandem with the growth of the CITYSUMER population across the region.

What is your favorite thing to do in your city?

The favorite two things of a true ‘Dilliwaala’ (Delhiite) at heart goes without saying are food and shopping. Delhi is a rich mix of cultures owing to its diverse population, and it is stimulating to see the widespread market options for clothes, spices, gadgets, books and anything you can imagine.

The city boasts of a large and varied set of wholesale markets, swarmed each single day with more shoppers and businessmen, hand in hand with the competitive mall-culture. My favorite: Sarojini Nagar. The streets are filled with export products and you never know what you might find there from Chanel reject pieces to Chanel rip-offs. It is the excitement that makes this market a must visit.

Kinari Bazaar

Delhi is famous for its lip-smacking spicy street food people lovingly call ‘Chaat’ in Old Delhi, where streets echo of its history and its heritage. Get the best chaat in Chandni Chowk - "The Paranthe Wali Gali" in particular has been known for ages for its delicious paranthas. With a lot of varieties to choose from, browse through the celebrity visit pictures on the wall and get an idea of how awesome the place is ;)

South Delhi is definitely the weekend party and fashion center. Hauz-Khas Village, endearingly known as HKV, is top of my list. Although word of warning - expect a full parking on weekends. With a residential village turned into a party hub, there is a new spot to try every month. My personal favorite? Hauz Khas Social.

Are there any specific consumer trends you’re seeing in your local area right now?

Delhi is in the throes of change. The growing Luxury market, for sure is one. It is the time when people are living on aspiration value as the Middle class is clearly rising to the tag of “buyers” of luxury products (at discounted prices of course ;). In addition to that, the striking upshoot in the number of working single females (pre-marriage or post-divorce) has enforced the brands to turn ways to tap them. It is a time when new markets are emerging quarterly and brands continuously strive to interest them. The city is also getting an ecological conscience as new policies consistently emerge to curb the pollution issue, and it is no longer a government issue but a personal issue for residents. The rise and RISE of social media and apps have led to an ever-aware CITYSUMER.

select city walk

What major changes are you most excited about over the next 5-10 years? And how do you think it will change the consumers in your city?

In the next ten years I think Delhi will have all the goodness of new without giving up its goodness of old. The city needs to surpass the Toxic Air and with upcoming smart-cities and other initiatives, we will Breathe J. With 4G technology still picking up at the capital, I can hope for a better wirelessly connected city which changes the way we communicate and basically live. I am quite excited about the completion of the Metro Railway network in 2021 and the growing demand of a more concentrated and diverse road public transport which will help us commute. The recent announcement of Madam Tussauds center at Delhi in 2017 has pumped up hope in me that all major entertainment attraction will follow its course - and Tomorrowland in Delhi will no longer be a hoax report (unlike in 2015) :D!

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