Introducing Life Creative: our post-event networking hub in Chicago!


After an action-packed day of trends, innovation and a ton of lightbulb moments, it’s natural to want to wind down. So, after the curtain falls on our Chicago Trend Event on November 10th - which sees speakers from Google to Mattel and Cotopaxi to Leo Burnett touch the stage with the insights set to shape YOUR 2017 - we’ve partnered with an extra special venue right around the way from Morgan Manufacturing: Life Creative.


So what is Life Creative?

In a nutshell: a creative campus that spans 70,000 sq feet, encompassing multiple meeting spaces, a maker factory, an enhanced experience center, event production facilities, multifaceted training rooms, and a co-working community where Chicago’s most innovative thinkers share resources and ideas in a positive, engaging environment.


Sounds great, but what sets them apart from the rest?

Recently, Life Creative started a new initiative to support people from low-income communities in Chicago by making a number of resources, personnel and numerous high tech machinery for manufacturing unique products available to those who otherwise wouldn’t have the means to access them.

The program will cover a free membership, the cost of the first prototype, and operating and marketing support; making Life Creative a one-stop-shop with all the production and distribution capabilities.


“This process will allow people to start their own companies without having to come up with a lot of seed money, find a location, buy equipment and build out an office space, all the challenges aspiring entrepreneurs face when they want to start a business,” says Sean Cannon, CEO of Life Creative. “For every new business we start, we create a greater number of jobs, new spending, taxes and even bring manufacturing back into the city.”

At Life Creative, innovation is a habit, brainstorming is a daily activity, and creativity embeds itself in everything we do - attributes we also strive towards here at TrendWatching. Life Creative is a unique and thought-provoking arena for corporate meetings, conferences, or fundraisers; and as a sandbox for innovators and influencers looking for a place to build and execute their ideas.

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So how do I attend?

Our networking drinks will be available exclusively to attendees of the Chicago event. Not got a ticket? Don’t panic - there’s still a handful left. But hurry - they won’t be around for much longer!

Snap them up right here.