How ambitious small companies can harness powerful big company tools


Room 485 is a young creative agency based in Moscow and Miami, specialising in communication & exposure projects, consumer engagement, brand identity and social media strategy for a range of influential international clients including Bacardi, Toyota, Ikea, Heineken, Unilever and Mondelez, creating campaigns for brands such as AXE, Kozel Beer and Rexona.

Introduced to TrendWatching by a longterm fan freelancing on one of their client projects, they signed up for our free publications for a few months before making the jump to Premium for greater granularity, cross-industry focus (given that their main client interests lie in food & beverage, automotive and retail) and in-depth reports.

Elena Kalinina, Room 485’s Creative Director, explains how their innovation and ideation process has evolved.

The Premium Service, we believed, was a way to achieve concrete results through helping us to creative innovative concepts and out-of-the-box solutions. The outcome? Mind-blowing!

Elena from Room 485

In addition to quantitative data, we now have in-depth content to help us win pitches and inspire creative work - as well as giving us a reason to keep in touch with our most important clients. We used to spend three days every month surfing the internet to find ideas. Now? We just login into Premium and creative a PPT deck in two hours.

It suits us because of the nature of our clients - they’re very demanding, and often give us very little notice for creative work! Premium gives us the trends we need to be tapping into, as well as innovation examples from many industries for us to be inspired by.

Our turnaround time has improved dramatically. We can now complete projects within two days - something that was simply impossible before!

We use the service in three ways:

  • Providing educational workshops for our creatives
  • Generating idea research and accessing support tools
  • Keeping our clients ahead of the curve with relevant industry updates

In our weekly creative meetings, we dive into the Innovations Database. A strategist picks a trend most relevant to the campaigns and clients we’re currently engaged with, and then highlights the best cases that reflect the trend.

Next, the brainstorm sessions commence to identify how the trend can be applied. Creatives divide themselves into groups and their task for the next meeting is to create a product, service, experience or solution that reflects the trend. The workshop-style environment forces us to be highly innovative on-demand - it forces the creatives out of their comfort zones and day-to-day pitching routine - and motivates them to think more openly about the task at hand.

Two trends we’ve recently adopted for projects



Inspired by INFORMAL INFO and recognizing the influence of fast, informal, absorbable communications that cut through all the digital noise of modern life (and, in turn, speaks the language of consumers), we created STICK’N’TREND: a quirky sticker book that we sent to clients.

How was it received? We secured a €10,000 business deal with one of the world’s largest alcohol manufacturers and distributors. Result!



Looking at BETTER BUSINESS, focusing on how consumers crave brands, business models and products that don’t have negative environmental or social impacts, we were able to apply the concept to a project we worked on for Cordiant - Russia’s largest tyre manufacturer.

They wanted to engage their store managers and mechanics around the country to have more open, honest dialogue with the company without having to offer any financial incentive. They’ve since launched a two-year project, consisting of an all-new digital platform and events (such as test-drives and round tables) to increase trust and transparency throughout the company.

All in all, we’ve used Premium in projects worth almost US$1 million.

In short? We would - and already do! - recommend the service to our clients and different industry representatives.

(But not to our competitors. It’s just too good :)


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