From visa issues to visual aides: TW on the road to Tokyo!


Life at TrendWatching's APAC office, as it seems to be every time we report back to the TW:Blog, has been crazy hectic over the last month!

P&G Workshop


Well, 17-18 May saw us in Tokyo for a 1.5-days workshop for P&G. Due to some visa complications, I could only fly out of Singapore on the (late!) evening of the 16th. I got out of Tokyo customs at 5:50am on Tuesday 17th, caught the 6:15am bus to the city, trudged my way through the pouring rain to our hotel for a quick shower, and then braved the Tokyo rush hour trains with Jo (TW:APAC's Client Service Director) to get to our workshop venue by 9am. Just arriving on time felt like such an accomplishment!

An ideation session in progress!

The workshop was for the fabric care team (they take care of brands like Downy and Lenor). Our workshop participants flew from all corners of the globe - Kobe, Cincinnati, Geneva, Singapore - to attend the three-day session of insights, inspiration and ideas for the future of fabric care.  

They loved the Trend Presentation, and by the second day they were so full of ideas they were extremely eager to go on and create their ideas. The ideas were all super cool, and the whole workshop gave Jo and I a great deal to think about for our future workshops - we're already brimming with innovative new things we can do to spice up our workshop offerings!

In Tokyo we also had time to meet Kei and Kuni, our local partners from Biotope  - they were really cool people, and we had a chance to talk trends as well as potential future partnerships. Amidst all the excitement, however, we forgot to take any photos! So you'll have to take our word for it when we say it was an enjoyable meet-up for all involved :)

One thing they did inform us, though, was that LinkedIn isn't that popular within Japanese business culture. We connected on Facebook instead - and thankfully our profile pictures on Facebook weren't too incriminating ;)


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