Getting into the mind of the masses: How FCB Brazil used simplicity and standardization to create their own PEER ARMY


This edition of our Featured Innovators series - a platform that allows us to catch up with some of the organizations that have appeared in our free Global Trend Briefings - sees us speak with Joanna Monteiro, Chief Creative Officer at FCB Brasil, who worked on HP's Print for Help campaign. The innovation was included in our PEER ARMIES briefing, a trend that that explores how brands can utilize networks of peers to create ultra-convenient new services, offer more authentic experiences, allow new kinds of product reviews, and more.

Joanna Monteiro, CCO at FCB Brazil

What was the inspiration behind Print for Help?

We wanted to come up with something different to approach the ePrint feature on HP printers. And we remembered Mães da Sé holds meetings in which the mothers show the posters of their missing children. And we thought we could use all HP printers as a network that would allow the posters to go beyond the mothers reach, automatically.

What have been the biggest challenges you’ve faced while both developing the idea and establishing yourselves within the market?

Setting up electronic devices can be quite painful. We needed to make it really simple. And it was: to join Print for Help, all you needed was to enter your printers email address and your zip code. We struggled coming up with the poster design, also, cause they were not standardised before we started working with the NGO. And we wanted to come up with a design that would be effective, but also wouldn’t spend a lot of ink while printing.

As for the market… working for FCB makes it a hell of a lot easier! The team is always pushing each other to do better work. Everyone is always eager to see what the next thing we are going to present is, and they keep waiting for at least one idea (at least!) that would have the “how are we going to do that” quality.

Print for Help - a modern day PEER ARMY - 2

What is your top tip to other professionals who seek to better understand, and stay ahead of, consumers’ changing expectations?

The thing is: we are all consumers. You would never go to a place expecting a shitty experience. So try and think how you, as a consumer, would like to be treated, spoken to… and then deliver something amazing.

You’re featured in our briefing covering PEER ARMIES. Where do you see this strand of consumer behavior and expectation heading?

People don’t feel like HAVING something, they feel like BEING ABLE TO DO something. You don’t buy music to have it, you buy to listen. Then why would you buy a CD if you can pay for a Spotify Premium account and have it all? Power has shifted. We are more connected.

What was your favorite recent innovation and why?

So many cool things are being done for the IBM Watson. Innovation is actually going where it has never been: creativity. It feels like algorithms are now part of the creative environment – the product itself is helping them developing the campaign.


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