Cotopaxi's 5 step guide to proving your business is about more than just the bottom line


On November 10th we held our Trends for 2017 event at Morgan Manufacturing in Chicago. It was, if you’ll allow us, a fantastic day. After a tumultuous start to the week where the status quo took a hit, it was an especially good day to get together and ask: what next? We had two expert panels, including one on the topic of Big Brand Redemption. It was a treat to have Lindsey Kneuven, Chief Impact Officer at Cotopaxi join us for that discussion. In spite of everything the group got to on the day, the audience were hungry for more.

Lindsey took the time to pull together a quick list of next steps and actions for any brands from the event (or even those of you who missed it) looking to have a more positive impact in the world. If you want to prove to consumers in 2017 that your business is about more than the bottom line, here are some action items to get started with:

  • Pledge 1% - Take the pledge and join a movement. You can choose from a menu of pledges (equity, time, product, profit). Once you take the pledge, you will receive a set of tools that help you execute against their commitment.
  • Tent Alliance  - For those with a special focus on refugee inclusion, check out the Tent Alliance and consider joining. Information about the group's purpose is available through the link.
  • Consider becoming a B Corporation. The community is incredibly active and supportive. Not only does the process help you refine your processes and achieve any accountability goals you may have around your social/environmental impact, but the network is super engaged and focused on advancing the integrated business movement.
  • Learn more about what B Team and others in the space are doing to advance the "4th sector".
  • What is cause marketing? Understand the basics, pitfalls & best practices. This source is just one of many, many resources out there but it provides a nice starting place and primer for those unfamiliar with the term.

Find out all about Cotopaxi’s focus on its impact here. As a gift for our community, Cotopaxi has given us a coupon to share (use the code: Trendwatching20 to receive 20% of all products until December 31st). Check out the Luzon Del Dia backpack, as featured in our 2017 Trend Report here.