Back to Naked: The resurgence of nudity as mainstream non-conformity


Pooja Solanki, one of our Star Spotters from tw:in, TrendWatching's Insight Network, got in touch with us recently about an emerging theme she'd seen around the world. It appears that, despite the best efforts of the more conservative sections of society (or perhaps even because of them ;) the freedom and liberation of stripping off in public - for a cause, of course - is making a resurgence.

But how? Over to Pooja to, ahem, reveal all...

After the #freethenipple movement took over social media last year, and Instagram accounts were filled with strategically placed photographs, something changed and it was the people's perception of nudity - in public. Handling nudity in the open and seeing semi-nude bodies which leave little to imagination triggered a chain that turned something very private into a more public and general concept for people. The acceptance of this idea, however, is what is intriguing: people striving to become artists and coming forward to embrace the natural form of human body.


One such chain of events started when London’s first nude restaurant named “Bunyadi” was announced. The restaurant is now open and the waiting list to eat there extends to several months. Shortly after, Japan got in on the act, with “The Amrita” set to follow in its bare footsteps. (Side thought - it's interesting to note that both restaurants have Indian names, though I don't think this could be an accepted idea in the country; it is most likely to cause a ban from even an announcement). Unsurprisingly, Paris - the world's most romantic city, no less - is the next spot for one to be announced, indicating a huge acceptance of this concept. 


The Nude Yoga Girl, 26, has more than 370,000 followers on Instagram thanks to her photos of phenomenal poses and now she stars in videos featured by Harper’s Bazaar Magazine where she performs her moves totally naked with strategic lighting and photgraphy to conceal her 'private parts'. The goal she says is to combine her passion for photography and yoga, but also to tell people to love their bodies. 

Art, being one of the fields where nudity occupies a special space, also seems to be influenced as the content turns more graphic and visual. The fact that Betty Tompkins, an artist whose series of work entitled ‘Fuck Paintings’ were banned all over the world in 1969, became revered in 2013 speaks volumes about a movement toward thinking more openly about sex, porn and art.

Mirror Box

Quite interestingly, nudity with a sexual bend is not accepted as widely. A street artist performed a nude act called ‘mirror box’ where the performer Milo Moire lets strangers touch her intimate parts in a mirror box on streets of Europe. Ms Moire was arrested amidst the show, the police arguing that her show didn't fall under art, but prostitution.

The announcement of the world's first sex theme park, “Eroticaland” - to open in Brazil by 2017 and complete with a nudist pool and slide, was also met with an outrage from locals in Brazil claiming they were concerned what kind of people it would attract to the area.


And yes, I don't know where Kim Kardashian falls in this list with her nude internet-breaking selfies ;), but here’s a list of activities you can do naked in public (without breaking the law). I've got a feeling that it will definitely have more options by the end of the year!


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