See how Xiaomi, ING, Google, Insurify, 20th Century Fox and more are serving the new customer thirst for AUTONOMANIA!


The autonomous solutions that experts forecasted for 2030, 2040, and beyond? They're already here!

Yes, it's happening: automated and AI-fueled innovations are enveloping the lives of consumers, bringing with them new expectations of convenience, value and delight.

For brands, the message is clear: serve or get served!

Prefer the former? Then start by taking action on one or more of the five key trends in this new Trend Briefing, AUTONOMANIA:

  • Find out how chatbots, robots and more will prove to consumers that AUTONOMY > MONOTONY in 2017
  • Learn how artisanal makers will do battle with products that are smarter, more beautiful, just better, because they are AI DESIGNED
  • See how rising numbers will turn to AI to improve their SOC-AI-L SKILLS

... and much more! Dive in right here.

Featuring brands from all over the world already putting these trends into action, including Xiaomi, ING, Tate Gallery, 20th Century Fox, IntelligentX Brewing Company, Google, ZENTA, Vi, Insurify, and Ghostbot.

As always, we'd love to hear if you have any comments, questions, suggestions or spottings. Otherwise, good luck with launching your next wave of trend-driven innovations!


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