5 things that'll help you supercharge your innovation strategy (from the people that know best!)


Get a sneak peek at how TW:Premium - our end-to-end innovation platform - helps over 1200+ of the world’s most future-focused organizations in over 60 countries supercharge their innovation efforts - featuring case studies from Rabobank, Mattel, Johnson & Johnson and more!

We’re well aware that the world of trends can be a minefield, and knowing which ones to work with, how best to adapt and apply them and mastering the art of moving from ideation to application is no easy feat. But as readers of our Free Publications and clients of TW:Premium tell us time and time again, with access to the right content and tools, zeroing in on the trends that will truly make an impact on your customers and your bottom line IS do-able. We all need a little help every now and again :)

On Wednesday, June 8th at 8 AM PDT // 11 AM EDT // 4 PM BST // 5 PM CEST I'll be hosting a webinar to showcase some of the most powerful features of TW:Premium, our online intelligence platform. In anticipation of the big day, here’s a snapshot of how current TW:Premium clients are working with trends to launch winning, customer-facing innovations that truly resonate.

1.Win new business and bring in more leads using trend content

Aside from adding value to client relationships and internal brainstorming, TW:Premium client and full-service creative agency 88 Brand Partners in Chicago uses the tool as ”a key driver to our agency’s lead generation program, allowing us to communicate to 4,500 new business prospects each month in core growth areas."


“We identify a few relevant trends and build upon them by finding industry and region-specific examples. We then take a look at work for current clients, see if any of our work supports specific trends and package this information in a brief, digestible email, linking back to our blog.” Read more.

88 Brand Partners - Blog

2. Put your personal stamp on your own trend presentation in record time

TrendWatching acts as the secret weapon behind many an internal trend report, as is the case with Mandy van Tilborg, Innovation Manager at Rabobank in The Netherlands who says, “I find that the searchable Innovations Database has many innovation examples per trend that I can easily download to create my own PPT decks for presentations and workshops. I've also used the content to create our own internal trend report."

Elena M. Garvey, a Strategy Director at American Express in New York also benefits from the time-saving elements of TW:Premium: “I love that you put the articles into PPT templates and that I can come away with a ready-to-go presentation. This makes my life so much easier."

Rabobank _ Amex - presentation

3. Create new and unexpected products, campaigns, or experiences by broadening your daily perspective

Many of our clients are experts within their industry, and we wouldn’t have it any other way :) TW:Premium’s perspective-broadening reports and tools come to the rescue when clients are looking for opportunities to innovate in new spaces, whether that’s a new region, a new industry, or both.

Take it from Judy Blessing, a Market Research Manager from Visteon in Germany, explaining how TW:Premium “allows us to look beyond our industry and seek inspiration from other industries that we don’t normally come across in our everyday working lives. Trends are usually interlinked as they focus on core elements of consumer behavior. In a busy role like mine, having an information source I can call on, with everything already put together, saves time and provides inspiration that we can use immediately!” Read more.


4. Kickstart your internal brainstorms with our guided tools in the Apply Toolkit

One thing we can all agree on, however, is that simply telling you about trends is useless unless you apply them back to your business. This is why TW:Premium doesn’t simply provide reports - instead, you can access a full suite of collaborative brainstorming tools to bring into your next pitch, innovation day, or to email colleagues with a helpful PPT template.

Rosana Neves, R&D Manager from Johnson & Johnson in Brazil uses the Apply Toolkit “to inspire people” by scheduling “monthly brainstorming sessions to come up with new products." Jo Willemyns, a Corporate Brand Manager, at Colruyt in Belgium uses TW:Premium in workshops and shares that “the information flow is of really high quality and the toolkits make it easy for us to apply the inspiration and share it within our organization. Well done!"


5. Prove to your clients and colleagues that getting a grasp on the world of trends can be EASY with TW:Premium

If we can help you realize just how straight-forward trend-lead thinking and concepting actually can be, we consider it a job well done.

Not yet convinced? Take it from Lucélia Oshiro Hashimoto from Natura in Brazil who finds the tool “interesting, concise and easy-to–use”, or Richard El Hachem, Head of Knowledge & Intelligence at Memac Ogilvy sharing how easy it is to “find simple ideas that are real game changers.”

Our client Johanna Stein, Snr Manager of Consumer Insights at Mattel cements this, saying that “the site and services are put together in an interesting, inspiring and easy-to-access format. I love the tone of voice, the clear overview and the vast amount of trends and cases available. Definitely the best trend resource out there currently."


Want to learn more and get a deeper look at how TW:Premium can help YOU solve your biggest business challenges and supercharge your innovation efforts? Join our webinar on Wednesday, June 8th at 8 AM PDT // 11 AM EDT // 4 PM BST // 5 PM CEST - sign up here!

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