TW:IN Top Spots: 3 of the best recent innovations seen from around the world

November 2016

From our 3000+ strong network of trend-savvy professionals based everywhere from Boston to Bangkok, we receive hundreds of innovation submissions every month that highlight how certain trends are playing out in different locales. Each week, we publish our favorite example from the latest batch (no easy task, let me assure you!) as our Top Spot, shared on our site as well as our dedicated Facebook page. Here’s a round up of three of the best from October & November – enjoy :)

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Taking TrendWatching to the Masters

September 2016

As part of TrendWatching’s educational outreach, Victoria Foster – head of the TrendWatching Insight Network – leads sessions with students around the world that are exploring innovation in various contexts. Her next stop took her to Ravensbourne in Greenwich, London, as she helped students with a meaningful, tangible issue – the long-term health of the residents in a borough of one of Europe’s most polluted cities.

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How different will watching trends be in 2030? The answer, of course, lies with the Class of 2016 ;)

August 2016

Victoria Foster, the head of TrendWatching’s insight network, took up the position of Guest Lecturer of the Year at Fontys University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, bringing #TrendDrivenInnovation to their International Lifestyle Studies (ILS) program. The task for her students? Predicting what watching trends would be like in the future. Simple, right?

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Fashion, inspiration and an 'unlimited' budget: Embracing the Expectation Economy at the European Institute of Design

July 2016

When I say I work with trends, 90% of people instinctively assume I work as a fashion trend forecaster (until they see what I’m wearing that is!). Or, if not fashion, they think I look at what’s #trending on social media – as for many, they are the only ‘trends’ they are familiar with.

So when I visited the European Institute of Design (IED) in Barcelona to present consumer trends and our Trend-Driven Innovation methodology to a group of students enrolled on a short course on – you guessed it! – fashion trends, it was extremely refreshing to be around a group of students that were already well versed in trends of both natures.

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Translating trends into design dreams: Applying the Trend-Driven Innovation approach for bachelor studies.

June 2016

For design professionals and creatives across all industries, the information, insights and inspiration gained from watching and using trends is something they are well versed in. But, from our experience, for students studying design at university or art college this is an area often (if not always) missed off the curriculum. So when we were approached by one of our own Spotters, Daniela Querqui, who was leading the trends course at BGBA – Brüder Grimm Berufsakademie Hanau, a design university of cooperative education just outside of Frankfurt, Germany, we were super excited to be involved!

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Trend Spotting 101: Going back to basics at Sup de Pub and INSEEC

January 2016

TrendWatching’s wider educational programs see some of our analysts head to leading schools, colleges and universities around the country to debate and discuss our trend-driven methodology with students with a keen interest in innovation. Victoria Foster, head of TrendWatching’s Insight Network, headed to France to show the students a new way of trend-thinking (and how to turn it into trend-action!).

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