Viva la México! TrendWatching's Insight Network prepares to touch down in Mexico City

November 2016

As keen-eyed followers may be aware, tw:in – TrendWatching’s Insight Network – have recently been organizing casual meet-ups for our sharpest Spotters and subscribers based all round the world.

We’ve already hit Amsterdam, Lagos, Lisbon and Singpore, so it’s only right that we cover some new ground for the next edition. Enter tw:in meet-ups: the Mexico City edition!

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TrendWatching’s Insight Network has launched worldwide meet-ups for trend-hungry spotters! Here’s how the first one went down

October 2016

TrendWatching’s Insight Network has always been packed with inspiring members from around the globe. It help us see and understand what is going on in the most hidden and exciting corners of the world, making the members a crucial part of everything we do. It’s been growing at a rapid rate – meaning the combined intelligence of our network is greater than ever before…

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