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How we help

  • 1 Discover new opportunities

    Deep dive into the consumer trends you need to know now, and immediately start applying them to your business to solve a specific problem or simply build consumer-centric thinking.

  • 2 Create a clear strategy

    Build a strategy, grounded in consumer trends, to ensure your organization is fit for the future. Using our insights and the Consumer Trend Radar, you’ll walk away with a visual roadmap of your strategic plan.

  • 3 Generate winning ideas

    Move from trend insight to meaningful innovation, generating your next big idea using our tried-and-tested Consumer Trend Canvas and our interactive Trend-Driven Innovation Toolkit.

  • 4 Build a Trend-Driven culture

    Catalyze a creative culture, and empower your team to go further. Employing our method and tools, you’ll walk away empowered to lead your own innovation sessions, again and again.

Delivering workshops worldwide

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Some recent love

  • “A fundamental pillar of our success.”

    “We are surfing the Trend-Driven Innovation wave! The support we've received throughout this year and a half via workshops, custom deep dives and tailor made presentations has been a fundamental pillar of our success. We are launching new products born in the cradle of consumer trends.”

  • “Personalized and fully relevant.”

    “Luciana understood our needs and delivered a personalized and fully relevant session. We saw many new trends and, more than that, now we can work with the Consumer Trend Canvas and find new ways to apply the trends.”

  • “The positive feedback was overwhelming.”

    “The TrendWatching Workshop made a big impact, having brought over the best-in-class. Presenters were well prepared for the audience and setting, and the presentation was localized. The positive feedback was overwhelming. Most importantly, we achieved our aim of kickstarting the innovation process smoothly, professionally and with full buy-in and commitment from all marketing personnel.”

  • “Very exciting and powerful!”

    “Delia inspired all our marketers from around the world by showing them the latest global trends, how to recognize them, as well as guiding us through the streets of Berlin on a Trends Safari, to spot more trends. She did a great job and her interactive session was ranked as the best part of our full marketing convention by all participants. Very exciting and powerful!”

Our workshops deliver

  • 1 Relevant & customized content

    Every workshop is custom-created for you and your needs—featuring the trends and innovations that are most relevant.

  • 2 Trusted methodology

    Our tried and tested Trend-Driven Innovation method helps your team understand, and use, consumer trends to drive growth.

  • 3 Instant results

    You will walk away with compelling new insights and innovation ideas, grounded in what your consumers will want next.

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