March 2010 | Instead of our usual text-based Trend Briefings, our March edition consisted of a light-hearted yet insight-heavy video edition, featuring consumers from all over the world speaking their minds on a variety of trend topics. After all, one consumer video sometimes says more than a 20-page Trend Briefing ;-) Enjoy!


1. The Next Big Thing

Even in a hyper-connected world, it’s still possible to see The Next Big Thing coming before the ‘masses’ do. Here's proof.

2. Car vs. Phone

If YOU had to choose between your car and your phone, which one would have to go?

3. Happynomics

Attention, marketing and business professionals: Never ever forget what makes consumers truly happy...

4. Who Cares?

According to consumers, these are the brands that truly care.

5. Blanding or Branding

Find out which companies are about to disappear in a sea of sameness. Scary? Yes. Inevitable? No.

6. The Future of Consumerism

Watch consumers share their thoughts on the future of consumerism. Hey, at least they have a point of view.

More about these videos

Over the years, we have occasionally (and very casually) ventured out in the streets of London, Lagos, Singapore, Toronto, Sydney, Sao Paulo, Amsterdam, New York and many other cities, to interview ‘consumers’, street-style (read: shaky, low-res, hand-held cams), capturing their excitement, disgust, surprise and advise on numerous topics and trends. Now, these individuals' views are obviously not telling by themselves, but their anecdotes can be a great way to bring trends to life. And the cumulative results, while being far from scientific, are hard to argue with.

P.S. Don't forget: this is something you can do yourself, too. You will be amazed the impact a consumer video can have on your colleagues, superiors, or clients, especially if your / their brand is being mentioned.

What to do with them

  • First and foremost: amuse yourself. Hopefully our videos show that you can address serious topics and trends while still having a bit of fun. Business in general doesn't always have to be so earnest anyway.
  • Tell your colleagues or superiors or clients to watch these vids. Especially those who still need a bit of convincing why being on top of consumer trends is so crucial to every aspect of their business.
  • Integrate them into a Consumer Trend Presentation (your own, or the one you've received if you're one of our Premium Service clients).

Want more?

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