The November 2007 edition of our Monthly Trend Briefing was somewhat 'different'.

We thought it would be fun, just for once, to mock overzealous marketers, crass consumerism and—above all—ourselves :-)

So we published 5 'trends', GENERATION Z, BLANDTASTIC, ECO-FATIGUE, PETS PASSE and TURQUOISE TRIUMPH, that were, well, FAKE. Over-the-top. Not to be believed.

Yet, satire thrives on nuggets of truth. And in an anything-goes world, what is fake today, could be real tomorrow. These 5 fake trends actually revealed quite a bit about the current state of marketing, of trend watching, of business, of society.

It was an inside joke for our loyal subscribers, however, if you missed out on it, and really want a copy of this one-time spoof publication, you can request one by emailing Michell Zappa, at michell@trendwatching.com.

For heaps and heaps of the real (and very serious) stuff, check out our current briefing, all previous briefings, or our extensive Annual Trend Reports.

Happy Spotting!