Despite some doom and gloom predictions for brands in general (too expensive, too much media saturation), branded goods remain as hot as ever. Certain focused and well respected brands, often beacons of coolness and quality, are now cashing in by enriching other, more all-encompassing brands. The result: BRANDED BRANDS.

In plain English: BRANDED BRANDS means you will get a pizza from Pizzeria Uno on an American Airlines flight. And onboard perks offered by United Airlines include Starbucks Coffee, Mrs. Fields Cookies and even a McDonald’s ‘Friendly Skies Meal’, including the ubiquitous promo-toy.

When you check into your Westin Hotel, expect the beauty products to come from premium brand Aveda. Le Meridien adds to its appeal with luxurious Hermes toiletries. These days, lifestyle magazines even include this kind of information in their hotel reviews.

Cars aren’t immune either: Lexus proudly promotes their Mark Levinson audio systems. And when dining out, don’t be surprised to find Haagen-Dazs ice-cream on the menu of even upscale restaurants. It all points to consumers on the road increasingly wanting to find the brands they trust and enjoy at home (United Airlines’ in-board coffee approval shot up to 87% when it introduced Starbucks).

Up to marketers to decide whether they represent a brand that should be branded, or own a brand that puts the ‘branded’ into others! >> Email this trend to a friend.


MAY 2003 | For some more (and highly integrated) inspiration, check out how Heinz Ketchup finds its way, and its brand, into chips and crisps.

We look forward to the prospect of other non-IT brands joining this 'Intel Inside' strategy: how about Chiqita branding the bananas in Ben and Jerry's 'Chunky Monkey'?

And now, for the non-cash challenged amongst you: Aston Martin cars and exclusive Scottish audio systems manufacturer Linn have teamed up to ‘standardize' each Aston Martin Vanguish with a 6,500 GBP, 12 loudspeaker Linn Sound system. (source: FT). Well, we guess there are branded brands and BRANDED BRANDS! >> Email this trend to a friend.


AUGUST 2003 | Nike is (once again) actively promoting subsidiary Cole Haan Shoes, whose sandals, slip-ons and boots are 'powered by' NIKE AIR Technology. So after 'Heinz Inside' and 'NIKE Inside', what's next for ambitious and savvy BRANDED BRANDS meisters? >> Email this trend to a friend.



| Automotive brands love having other brands pop up in their mobile creations. Or at least that's what we've learned from relentlessly tracking our BRANDED BRANDS trend. Earlier this year, we highlighted Japanese car manufacturer Lexus proudly promoting Mark Levinson audio systems, and Aston Martin cars teaming up with exclusive Scottish audio systems manufacturer Linn to 'standardize' each Aston Martin Vanguish with a GBP 6,500, 12 loudspeaker Linn Sound system.

Well, there's more where that came from. Please add to your (inspirational) list:

Bentley and Breitling -- Breitling Professional Instruments (watches) have created a dashboard clock for the Bentley Continental GT. The Breitling clock is housed in the centre of the limo's wing-shaped fascia panel: it's the first time ever that a watch company has been able to claim a piece of a Bentley's passenger compartment.

Puma and Mini -- On a hipper, and slightly more affordable note: PUMA has styled a Mini (unsurprisingly christened the 'PUMA Mini Cooper S'), applying PUMA's air mesh footwear technology to the car's seats, 'injecting' more comfort and breathable shock absorption (like NIKE Air inside Cole Haan shoes!).
After the official launch in Frankfurt (source:, the PUMA Mini will go on an international tour which includes a visit to Puma flagship stores in London, New York, Santa Monica, Santa Barbara, San Francisco and Milan.

P.S. Returning the favors, there's also a new Bentley watch, manufactured by Breitling and inspired by Bentley's design and adorned with the coveted Bentley logo. You'll also be able to buy exclusive MINI driving shoes, based on Puma's motorsport shoe. So who's next!? Adidas and VW Beetle? What about Gucci or Prada for BMW's leather upholstery? Well-known brands of this world, unite and get creative ;-) >> Email this trend to a friend.


| Another more telling (and hopefully inspirational) example of how certain brands can enrich others: the Timex Speedpass Watch.

Speedpass is a payment system, pioneered by Exxon/Mobil, using an electronic system located in a petrol pump or shop register that communicates with a customer's 'transponder' device (built into their car or key chain, and now, into a watch).

The new Speedpass watch looks and functions just like a regular watch. However, inside the watchband is a miniature Speedpass radio frequency transponder that allows customers to instantly pay for purchases at over 7,500 Exxon and Mobil stations nationwide and at over 440 participating McDonalds' restaurants in Chicago and northwest Indiana.

To use it, simply point your Speedpass-enabled Timex watch at the part of the pump or register that says 'Place Speedpass Here', and voila -- no hassle, instant access to gasoline, food and merchandise by charging purchases to your credit card or checking card. No more reaching for your wallet, or fumbling with change. has never been a fan of James Bond-like gadgets posing as 'consumer goods of the future', but an easy-to-use payment system built into mundane have-to-wears like watches and phones deserves kudos. Time for Swatch or Nokia to jump in? >> Email this trend to a friend.


| We introduced our BRANDED BRANDS trend by highlighting how Aveda toiletries enhance the feeling of luxury in many hotels. As always, expect the world of business and marketing to take things one step (or many steps!) further: instead of soaps and shampoos, you will soon be able to completely immerse yourself in luxury brands like Bulgari and Cerruti when spending the night in a hotel. And to stick with hotels: if you're a parent, your children (and perhaps you as well) will love the upcoming Nickelodeon Hotel.

Marriott and Bulgari
Marriott's Luxury Group and Italian luxury goods/jeweler Bulgari are about to open a 58-room Bulgari hotel in Milan. Located in a former nunnery, it will sit adjacent to a lush private garden and is steps from countless wallet-exhausting designer boutiques. The USD 150 million joint venture is already eyeing a second property in Madrid, and is shooting for a chain of seven hotels by 2008. No word yet on whether guests will find a diamond-studded Bulgari Allegra necklace on their pillow after the maid is done.

Rezidor and Cerruti
Not to be outdone by Bulgari, Italian retail group Cerruti earlier this year signed a 15-year licensing deal with Rezidor Hospitality (Radisson SAS, Regent, Country Inn and Park Inn) to create a series of lifestyle hotels around the globe; starting with Vienna in early summer 2004, with Brussels and Dusseldorf probably next in line. Another 7 new hotels will see the light of day in the next 5 years. Prada to be next, together with Rem Koolhaas and The Four Seasons?

Holiday Inn and Nickelodeon
No doubt less luxurious, but probably more fun: Nickelodeon, the number-one kids brand, is partnering with Holiday Inn Hotels & Resorts to develop the first Nick-themed hotel, opening in Orlando, Fla. The hotel will be called the Nickelodeon Family Suites by Holiday Inn and is scheduled to open early 2005. Nickelodeon will convert the Holiday Inn Family Suites Resort, located near Orlando's major theme-park attractions, into a first-of-its kind Nick-themed environment. In a USD 20 million transformation, Nick will add its signature entertainment and style to the current hotel's 800 suites: Nick-decorated bedrooms for the kids, complete with bunk or twin beds and a TV and video-console system; poolside game areas and game room; wake-up calls from Nick stars and daily character breakfasts; a food court; and live entertainment featuring Nick characters and interactive stage entertainment.

Could be scary, could be fantastic; whatever the result, it's good target audience thinking, and an excellent example of two brands creating a new, innovative service!


Now, famous designers and lifestyle brands opening hotels isn't exactly new, from the Versace resort on Australia's Gold Coast to the Salvatore Ferragamo hotels in Florence, or the small-creature-friendly Disney hotels from Orlando to Paris, but those venues were designed and are more or less being operated by the (luxury) brands themselves. The matches described above, however, are true marriages of seasoned hospitality professionals and purveyors of luxury and entertainment, and could well set off a prolonged BRANDED BRANDS feast in the hospitality industry. >> Email this trend to a friend.

Buy the bed you just slept in


| BRANDED BRANDS are not only here to stay, but they're becoming more widely-spread, as well. So much for 'the brandless era' and other theoretical nonsense. We prefer to stick with what we spot around the world ;-). So without further ado, check out the latest and greatest in well-known brands that are walking down the aisle together:

Philips and Unilever: Perfective Iron
Steaming hot: Teaming up to bring the world a better (or in their own words 'revolutionary') ironing experience, Philips and Unilever are about to launch the 'Perfective' (Perfect and Active). It's all about a Philips iron incorporating a specially developed cartridge containing an anti-crease agent, provided by 'Robijn', one of Unilever's garment care brands.

Philips and Unilever's extensive market research has shown that when it comes to ironing, the consumer wants a perfect end result without having to spend too much time. WOW. TRENDWATCHING.COM likes to believe it could have concluded this research for them in a single afternoon. Anyway, what counts is the end-product, and that's where it DOES get promising: the iron releases a fine spray of anti-crease fluid over the item of clothing, which is then activated by the iron. Resulting, reportedly, in superior results.

The Perfective will first be launched in The Netherlands, where Philips is the market leader in traditional irons. Priced at EUR 99 (with cartridges costing EUR 3.99 a pop), Philips hopes to sell 300,000 irons in the first six months after launch (source: Volkskrant).

This roll-out closely mirrors the approach Philips and partner Sara Lee put in place for their hugely successful 'Senseo' coffee machine, yet another astute example of BRANDED BRANDING.

Which inspired us to round up some other BRANDED BRAND examples idly sitting in our database; some new, some 'seasoned'. Starting off with even more Philips Electronics cases:

Philips and Sara Lee: the aforementioned Senseo. A Philips coffee machine that uses Sara Lee coffee pads. Wildly popular in Europe. See our Springwise article for the full story.

Philips and Nivea: the Cool Skin, an electrical shaver that uses replaceable Nivea For Men cartridges, containing either shaving lotion or fresh gel.

Philips and Nike: psaplay, portable sport audio products, from headphones to digital audio players, ergonomically designed by Nike and manufactured by Philips.

Philips and IKEA: Instead of fake, plastic boxes posing for TV sets and DVD players, IKEA showrooms now boast real consumer electronics in their try-out living corners, kitchens and bedrooms. Provided by Philips, of course.

Adidas and Goodyear: cool sneakers with Goodyear rubber soles. After all, if Puma partners with Mini Cooper, and Nike Air with Cole Haan (see the gateway page for this trend for previous examples), why not claim leadership in burning superior rubber?

Audi, Bose and Recaro: Audi's snazzy TT Coupe comes with a built-in Bose music system, and seats from Recaro, the aircraft seating specialist.

McDonald's and M&Ms and Cadbury Dairy Milk and Smarties and ... <insert your local candy brand here>: the McFlurry!

Song and Kate & Jack Spade: Flight attendant uniforms and accessories: Song's female flight attendants are dressed by Kate Spade; male attendants wear Jack Spade. JetBlue relies on Stan Herman (who also did FedEx's new look). YSL clothed Quantas, CK worked on SAS Scandinavian Airlines, and Ralph Lauren did TWA, a long time ago (source: FoxNews).

Smart (itself a hybrid of Swatch watches and Mercedes Benz) and iMove: an exclusive iPod specially outfitted for car use, available in Europe. In the US, the same spiel was concocted by iPod and Volkswagen.

Acer and Ferrari: mainly a (very good) design job, though the specs claim that the AMD Athlon™ XP-M processor 2500+ was designed expressly for the Ferrari 3000, to give you Ferrari's 'speed and lead'.

Duracell, Oral-B, Braun and Disney: not two, but four brands coming together in this funky battery toothbrush! Each brand brings it own 'core competence': Duracell for battery life, Oral-B for brushing, Braun for electronics and Disney for design and entertainment.

JULY 2004 | Some trends keep on building and building. When we first reported on BRANDED BRANDS, this marketing strategy was still frowned upon. Now, of course, the number of peculiar bedfellows (make that brandfellows!) teaming up to deliver co-branded value innovation is increasing rapidly. From Holland to China, here's a quick round up of the latest and greatest BRANDED BRANDS trend examples (for a full list of examples, click here).

Heineken and Krups

We reported on the BeerTender in our other newsletter, SPRINGWISE New Business Ideas a few months ago. The concept comprises of a professional beer tap and proprietary, compact 4--litre Heineken kegs for the home, co-created by Heineken and Krups. This excellent BRANDED BRANDS example, reminiscent of the Philips/Sara Lee Senseo coffee machine, is a big success in its test market. In the first week after being launched in The Netherlands, Heineken sold 3,000 taps, and since then, according to a spokesperson for the company, sales have surpassed even Heineken's 'hype'scenario'. Heineken now plans to sell the appliance in other countries as well.

Sony and Tokyo Tower
Sony designed six branded apartments in the new Tokyo Times Tower. Each room in the Star Trek-like 60m2 apartment (blue lightning, minimalistic interior design, newest electronic Sony design) comes complete with cutting-edge entertainment, networking and home automation gear. Think discrete access control by changeable barcode, 5 video screens, plasma TV and 4 video projectors beaming images onto glass panels. Cost per apartment: EUR 505,789. Finishing date October 2004. Nice little touch: owners can mail the access bar code to their friends, giving them access to the appartment. (Source: House of

BMW and iPod
We already told you about Volkswagen Beetle and Smart Car joining forces with Apple’s iPod. Now make way for BMW teaming up with everybody’s object of desire du jour! Apple and BMW have co-created an adapter that enables iPod owners to plug the music player into a cable in the glove’s department, connecting it to the car’s stereo system. The music can then be controlled through buttons on the steering wheel. BMW’s 3 Series and Z4 Roadster are first, Mini Coopers will follow later this year. Should make for a nice ride.

Nike and Hummer
More automotive BRANDED BRANDS: Nike and Hummer are sharing a ride together in the new H3T. Nike's Sphere material was used in the H3T's seats: the lightweight material, used by Nike in specialized clothing, can cool or warm the body without mechanical means. It also conveys a technical aesthetic that looks perfectly at home in the H3T. The seats also are enhanced by Nike Epic backpacks, which are integrated into seat-back clamshells and released with elastic bungees.

Swarovski and VPhone
On a recent fact finding trip to Shanghai, TRENDWATCHING.COM spotted these Chinese commercials for a Korean/Austrian BRANDED BRANDS: South Korean mobile phone manufacturer VKPhone teaming up with Austrian Swarowski Crystal to create crystal encrusted handsets. The lines between fashion and telephony are blurring, and somehow TRENDWATCHING.COM feels this is just the beginning: in fact, there are very few brands that should NOT be partnering with the Nokias and VKPhones of this world. After all, the mobile phone IS the new car!


There's more to BRANDED BRANDS than meets the eye: for example, consider the phenomenon of what TRENDWATCHING.COM has dubbed LUXURY BRANDED BRAND SPACES: while BRANDED BRANDS may primarily seem to be about products, experiences are equally important. Especially for luxury brands: as we're moving towards an economy completely dominated by experiences and lifestyle, luxury brands now more than ever need to start delivering true experiences instead of straightforward products in straightforward outlets. And what better way to do so than to create BRANDED BRAND SPACES? Check out:

Marriott and Bulgari
We reported on this BRANDED BRAND SPACE initiative a while ago, when it was still 'in the works'. We're happy to let you know the first Bulgari-Marriott hotel in Italy has now finally opened its stylish 58 rooms for business, with room prices at the Milan hotel starting at EUR 600. Bulgari's next opening, by mid-2005, will be a luxury resort in Bali. More at

Chanel and the Alain Ducasse Group
Couture house Chanel and star chef Alain Ducasse will open a restaurant in Tokyo in December 2004. This BRANDED BRANDS SPACE will occupy the penthouse of the new Chanel building, which is under construction in Tokyo's Ginza district. A marriage of haute cuisine and haute couture, and an industry first, it promises to be both tasty and tasteful: in homage to the Chanel spirit, food will be addressed as a collection, and staff uniforms will be designed by Karl Lagerfeld.

In Ducasse's own words: "Fashion lives to the beat of the seasons, with its colors, materials and shapes. Our menu will play along this concept, which is so appropriate to food. Open all day long, the atmosphere will change hour by hour... as the city does, as the building does, as the mood of the clients who will visit it in turn throughout the day does."

Given the number of updates on this trend so far, and the range of industries involved, we expect you to be busy partnering with someone, *anyone*, by now!
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Coca Cola's brand space


MARCH 2005
| TRENDWATCHING.COM often gets asked about the longevity of our trends. While this varies per trend, we are comfortable with predicting extended popularity for BRANDED BRANDS. As demanding, experienced consumers increasingly hunt for 'best of the best', it is a no brainer for two or even three brands to team up and combine their respective core competences into something that is new AND desirable. So here's a spanking new list of novel and updated BRANDED BRANDS spottings, to inform AND inspire you:

Philips and everybody
Philips' already long list of BRANDED BRANDS innovations, from partnerships with Nike and IKEA to Unilever and Sara Lee, keeps growing: the company recently introduced the IntellliClean system: it's Philips Sonicare and Crest (P&G)'s take on an integrated power toothbrush and liquid toothpaste dispensing system. With prices ranging from USD 110 (EUR 88 /GBP 60) for the IntelliClean System and USD 17.99 for a brush head refill package, this BRANDED BRAND innovation is aimed at consumers looking for professional dental care in the home. The system dispenses liquid Crest toothpaste directly onto the brush head, and comes with a two-minute 'Smartimer' (to ensure users brush for the recommended 2-minute brushing time), a 'Quadpacer' signal every 30 seconds urging the user to move to another mouth quadrant, an 'Easy-Start' feature to allow for gentle increases in brushing power over the first 14 uses (helping users get accustomed to power toothbrushing), and 'Dual-Speed' control for high and low speed settings. What consumer product can NOT be professionalized?

And for those of you who remember the BeerTender, Heineken and Krups' BRANDED BRANDS inspired professional beer tap and proprietary, compact 4-litre Heineken kegs for the home: Philips decided to launch a competing system, working with Belgian INBEV (formerly Interbrew). The EUR 200 (USD 270/GBP 145) PerfectDraft appliance comes with a tap handle, internal cooling system, pump and a EUR 15 6-liter light metal keg filled with INBEV brands like Jupiler, Stella Artois and Diekirch.

Meanwhile, BeerTender is riding high on its initial success: Heineken stated that it has sold 1 million BeerTender kegs in the Netherlands since the appliance was introduced in March 2004. Heineken-owned Amstel and Brand beer kegs are now for sale as well. Surprisingly, the BeerTender is still not available outside The Netherlands and Switzerland: a risky strategy in this copycat economy ;-)

It's a small step from beer to coffee: Senseo, Philips and Sara Lee's BRANDED BRANDS coffee machine, is still going strong. After selling millions of machines in Europe (25% of all Dutch households now have one!), Senseo last year took on the US market, where it has sold 300,000 coffee makers since Spring 2004, and is now available in Australia as well. And while partner Sara Lee is still making hundreds of millions of dollars from selling standard Senseo coffee pads, there's a careful move towards NOUVEAU NICHE, too: Philips recently introduced the Silver Senseo, an aluminum edition selling for EUR 169 (USD 225 / GBP 120), versus EUR 69 for the MASS CLASS version. Sara Lee has also extended the range of its coffee pads, from the original 5 flavors (mild roast, regular, dark roast, decaf, mocha gourmet) to the more upscale City Sensations (Milano, Rio, Vienna, Sydney) and the Senseo Selection (Sunset Hills Kenya, Highland Spice Sumatra, Mountain Breeze Brazil). The new pods cost up to twice as much as the standard ones: BRANDED BRANDS meets MASSCLUSIVITY!

Meanwhile, virtually every other appliance manufacturer and coffee brand have jumped on this BRANDED BRANDS bandwagon: gourmet appliance maker Salton has its Melitta One:One coffee machine, a joint venture with German coffee company Melitta Group. Procter & Gamble, with coffee brands Folgers and Millstone, is shooting for a bigger platform, hawking its Home Café in collaboration with Applica, Krups, Sunbeam, and others. Nescafe's Nespresso has teamed up with several appliance makers, including Saeco International, Alessi and Miele. Going beyond coffee, Kraft now makes Kenco and Carte Noire (coffee), Suchard (hot chocolate) and Twinings (tea) branded discs for the Tassimo, a 'hot beverage system' manufactured by Braun. Last but not least, Bosch touts the Gustino, which will work with pods that are already available. Creative Destruction at its most invigorating!

� � � �

Apple inside, Swarovski outside
As an avid reader of TRENDWATCHING.COM, you will surely remember Crystalmini: the company that sells iPod minis adorned with 'one crystal per song, to represent every song you love'. In true BRANDED BRANDS fashion, the crystals are from Swarovski, the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of cut crystal. In fact, with their crystals now being used to add BLING to everything from MP3 players to cell phones, Swarovski decided to take these BRANDED BRANDS innovations into their own hands, by launching the Crystallized with Swarovski label.

The label is available in different forms. It can be a metal tag, a silver-colored paper tag or sticker on fashion items, jewelry, accessories, and home décor. Each label carries a specific number certified by Swarovski. Offering a DYI BRANDED BRANDS kit to multiple potential partners is definitely a brilliant move.

A similar BRANDED BRANDS platform approach is being rolled out for every 21st century consumer's favorite audio playmate: Apple's iPod. Following in the tracks of BMW and Mini Cooper, the rest of the automotive world is now also urging their customers to 'iPod their ride'. Companies teaming up with Apple to deliver iPod integration in 2005 include Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Nissan, Alfa Romeo and Ferrari.

� � � �

Hotels and BRANDED BRANDS are a match made in heaven: hoteliers know hospitality management (not to mention owning the actual venue), with partner brands providing best-of-the-best experiences and product placements. New and updated developments:

* Long in the making, Holiday Inn and Nickelodeon are about to open their first Nickelodeon Family Suites in a few months time. Any child's dream (and some parents' ultimate nightmare ;-), this all singing, all dancing family hotel will combine Holiday Inn's hospitality expertise with Nickelodeon's competence in entertainment. Think having breakfast with SpongeBob SquarePants, water slides and lots of noise.

* While Bulgari and Ritz-Carlton are still having fun with their first BRANDED BRANDS hotel in Milan, a second, all-villa resort will open in Bali in late 2005.

Can't develop an entire hotel with the Hiltons and Starwoods of this world? Why not start by co-creating a room?
* The two Californian THE BLOCK hotels located at Lake Tahoe and Big Bear, are the first ever snowboarder hotels (can you say NOUVEAU NICHE?). Rooms sport snowboard racks, pegs, boot dryers, and glove drying racks, as well as CD players, Xbox and PS2 game consoles. The real twist? The hotel's signature BRANDED BRANDS rooms, subliminally designed and equipped by the likes of DVS Shoe Company, Napster (shown above), Transworld Snowboarding Magazine, Flow Bindings, Zoo York, Spy Optic, Section Outerwear, Roxy Clothing, Jones Soda Co, Vivid Video and Marc Frank Montoya. Talk about new forms of brand experience!

Amsterdam-based The Winston is a youth-oriented hotel, with three BRANDED BRAND guestrooms, which were decorated by local artists and sponsored by Heineken beer (shown above, top) and Smirnoff vodka (shown above, bottom). Quite appropriate choices, given the hotel's location near the city's red light district. Other party brands to follow?

* Brighton's Hotel Pelirocco has gone all out on BRANDED BRAND rooms for quite a while now. Playstation took care of the hotel bar, Nokia facilitated the meeting room, and guest rooms were designed or sponsored by cool and cult brands and artists such as Rough Trade Records, Japanese fashion label Hysteric Glamour (above right), Absolut vodka, Asian Dub Foundation, and Brighton label Skint Records. Piece de resistance: the O2 Bubble Suite (above left), enabled by mobile communications network O2, features an 8ft circular bed with mirrored ceiling, a 42" plasma screen and a plunge bath.

Just as room toiletries went from non-descript to highly branded necessities (from Dove and Holiday Inn to Aveda and W Hotels), so are spas now joining the BRANDED BRANDS game: the following hospitality brands are teaming up with spa-experts to create the best of the best for 5 star guests:
* Givenchy spas can be found at One&Only resorts in Dubai, Mauritius, and Mexico, as well as at the Hotel Martinez in Cannes, where a 10,000-square-foot Givenchy Spa is located on the seventh floor of the hotel and contains eight treatments rooms.
* Banyan Tree Spa can be found at 14 Oberoi hotels in India (Oberoi Spa by Banyan Tree), the Sheraton Grande Laguna Phuket Resort & Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort, Miyazaki, Japan, and The Westin Shanghai.
* Six Senses operates its spas at the Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai, Hotel Arts in Barcelona, while The Imperial in New Delhi, the Ritz Carlton in Pehna Longa, Portugal, and the Mount Juliet Conrad in Ireland will follow later this year.
Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spas has three Red Door Resort Spas at the Westin La Paloma (Tucson), Marriot Hotel (Groton), and Seaview Marriot Resort (Galloway) and eleven Department Store Red Door Salons & Spas, located within Marshall Field's and Saks Fifth Avenue stores across the USA.

� � � �

Food, Drink and Fitness
* Starbucks Coffee Liqueur, a Jim Beam and Starbucks BRANDED BRAND, has just been launched nationwide in the US.

Earlier ingredient BRANDED BRAND strategies included Starbucks Ice Cream (with Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream) and Starbucks Frappuccino coffee drink (with Pepsi-Cola Company).

More alcoholic BRANDED BRANDS: Down Under, Tim Tam biscuit manufacturer Arnott's and Allied Domecq stirred up some controversy when they introduced Kahlua-flavoured Mint Slices and Tia Maria-tinged cookies last year. They didn't cave in, and neither did Häagen-Dazs, who teamed up with Bailey's Irish Cream to create Bailey's Irish Cream Limited Edition ice cream. These deals, as well as the Starbucks Liqueur, perfectly illustrate the essence of BRANDED BRANDS thinking: creative use of existing assets!

* The above spirits and luscious ice creams breed obese consumers; to the rescue comes Nike, yet another BRANDED BRANDS enthusiast (think NikeAir in Cole Haan shoes, or the Philips/Nike MP3 player): the company co-created Kinetic, a new lifestyle game, with Sony Playstation. Developed for Sony's EyeToy (which projects exercisers' image onto their own television screens, enabling them to physically interact with their virtual surroundings), the game offers a variety of exercises for players to choose from. Nike Motionworks' fitness training experts included moves and stances inspired by activities such as Tai Kwon Do, Modern Dance, Kick Boxing, Aerobics and Karate, while the game's Mind and Body Zone focuses on breathing, concentration and flexibility, taking inspirations from Yoga and Tai Chi. As lots of brands would love to partner with Nike, the real question here is whether Nike would be interested BRANDING YOUR BRAND!

If the above doesn't inspire you to go out and find yourself a BRANDED BRANDS partner to make more of their and your own assets and competences, we recommend you just wait for our next update, in which you will no doubt learn about your competition's new innovations, and how that's leaving you lonely and biting the dust ;-) >> Email this trend to a friend.